B&B Friday Update 2/19/10

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 2/19/10


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Taylor and Stephanie watch the Logan women have their photo shoot. Finally a break is presented and Brooke asks Stephanie what she thinks. Stephanie chides that they have made a mockery of the company. Katie tells her flatly that her time is over there and it is now their turn. They are the face of Forrester Creations.

Thomas shows a memo sent out by Katie regarding the revisions she has asked Eric and Ridge to make to Steffy. Steffy takes it in stride as she grins and says she has heard worse. Thomas then adds that all creative memos have to go through the CEO. Steffy asks wouldn’t he love it if things went back to the way they were. Thomas tells Steffy to get out of her dream world.

Steffy confides in Thomas that she was able to get Bill to sign an agreement for them to buy the company back. Thomas wonders how she did it and she explains that the ring was enough leverage to make it happen. Thomas thinks it was a stupid move because their dad will be enraged when he finds out how she got Bill to agree to this.

Ridge walks in and sees the Logan girls in the gowns. Brooke explains what has happened and Ridge asks about the normal creative team meeting. Katie responds that she thought they would put something together and then show everyone. Ridge’s phone rings and an excited Steffy asks where her mother and grandmother are. He answers, saying they are in the building. She says this is wonderful and she needs for them all to meet her in Thorne’s office. He asks if he should tell Brooke, Donna and Katie but Steffy is adamant that they don’t know. He asks what is going on and she excitedly tells him she will inform him when he gets there. Steffy hangs up the phone with a huge smile on her face.

Bill stands alone in Katie’s office when the Logan girls come in chatting and smiling. She says he missed the shoot but it went “Heavenly.” He says he has something to tell her and she asks Brooke and Donna to leave. Bill protests that they should stay. He bluntly announces he has sold the company. Bill explains that creatively Ridge and Eric are not invested in the company and he sees it from a personal and professional standpoint. He knows it is taking a toll on everyone’s marriages and he knows Katie asked for this on Christmas; he has kicked himself that he has not given this to her until now. Donna and Brooke are elated as they ask if he is selling the company to them. Bill corrects that he is selling the company to the Ridge Eric Sustainable Trust. Katie looks furious with her hands folded across her chest while Donna and Brooke smile brightly.

Stephanie leads the whole family into the office where Steffy waits. Ridge jokes that if she is leaving the company she has his blessing. Steffy tells the group she needs each of them to raise $15 million dollars. They laugh at Steffy when she announces Bill is selling the company. She says she set up a shell of a company called Ridge Eric Stephanie Taylor. She hands the agreement to her father and tells him to check out the last page. He sees the signature and Eric gasps as he realizes it is true.

Brooke asks what REST means. Bill says as long as they are willing to liquidate their assets they will work with their husbands again. The two women are so excited as he turns and goes over to Katie. She is furious and asks did she not do a good job. He says she did a wonderful job and he would be happy to appoint her CEO at any of his other companies. Katie does not understand how he could do this without speaking with her first. Bill contends that he thought this is what she wanted. She counters that she wanted this months ago. He quotes her saying it was lonely at the top and she responds that he told her to suck it up and she had. Katie turns her back to him as he tries to explain that her sisters are happy and he thought that is what she wanted. Katie then adds it is just so sudden. Brooke walks over to Bill and hugs him with a smile. Donna tells him he has come a long way and both women leave the married couple as they go to tell their husbands.

Eric, Taylor, Ridge and Stephanie continuously ask Steffy if she had to coax Bill into signing the documents and she claims she was at the right place and the right time. Eric wants to know why Bill would do this. Steffy wants to know why they are questioning this; they need to act now. Eric thought he had lost his soul but now she is telling him things have changed. Steffy asks Stephanie to come back. Stephanie says that she is no longer with the company and she is not sure how they would feel about her returning. Eric interrupts and says of course they want her; the company is not the company without Stephanie. Steffy asks Taylor and she says she thinks this is for someone else to invest in. Steffy tells her it will not be the same without her and she must do it. Taylor looks at Ridge and agrees. Ridge walks over to his daughter and says he is not sure how she did this but he is so thankful. He then asks what part in this company his wife would have.

Katie is on the opposite side of the office when Bill apologizes for upsetting her. She doesn’t understand because he said he would never sell. He says he is impulsive when he decides something is right. Katie wishes he would have discussed it with her. She knows his heart was in the right place. Bill looks at her with confidence and tells her it was. He walks over and looks at her as he tells her she will always have his heart. Bill hugs Katie as she still looks uneasy and he looks defeated.

Steffy says that the Logans can not own any part of the company because she never wants to see this happen again. Ridge asks when she became such a tycoon. Steffy says that she did what had to be done. Ridge says he is so proud of her as Stephanie and Taylor look at one another with pride. Ridge turns and asks Eric if he is ready to walk the company as owners again. Stephanie says Steffy has done the impossible and the memories of the company were never forgotten in Steffy’s mind. Steffy says they have to sign. Each person signs the document with Taylor adding her signature last. Stephanie and Taylor hug. Donna and Brooke come walking in smiling and jumping up and down. They ask if they have heard the news. Donna tells her “honeybear” it will be just like it was. Brooke is excited that they get to own the company. She asks Taylor and Stephanie to lose so the four of them can have their first board meeting. Stephanie tells them that in that case they should leave since they are the new owners. Brooke protests that this can not be true. Stephanie tells her it is. Just as Brooke had told Stephanie earlier she had her chance she can now say Brooke had her chance and this is now hers. Brooke recites that this was sold to Ridge Eric Sustainable Trust and Taylor corrects that it is Ridge Eric Stephanie Taylor. She shows the signatures to Brooke as she turns stunned and looks at Ridge.

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