B&B Thursday Update 2/18/10

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 2/18/10


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Katie continues to talk on the phone while Steffy threatens Bill that she will show Katie the ring if he does not take the deal. Bill pleads that he has ideas but Steffy says she is going to show Katie the ring and hangs up. Bill quickly walks out of his office after the call has ended.

Stephanie looks at the deep scar on Ridge’s palm and realizes his pain as he speaks about losing the company. Taylor and Stephanie both think Ridge can not think about this and maintain his health.

Donna and Brooke go into a room where a camera set up. A backdrop of white marble with a few columns stand as Brooke explains Katie was serious about her campaign idea. Donna asks who will model and Brooke says she knows three women who have done it in the past. Donna giggles as she gives Brooke a high five.

Ridge explains that he knows the Logan sisters are excited right now but he can not get into it. Stephanie thinks this is natural since they own the company. Ridge corrects Stephanie that Bill owns the company, not the Logans. Taylor chimes in that he gave the company to the Logans and they make all the decisions.

Katie looks up from her desk to take note that Steffy is still there. Steffy closes the door and says they were not finished. Katie chides that she fired Steffy and she does not know what else she needs to know. Katie adds if she wants to work she should go to Jackie M since her grandmother works there. Steffy tells Katie not to underestimate her and Katie looks up to echo the same line back to her. Steffy knows this is not work related since she has performed all of the tasks assigned. Katie walks to her and tells her this is personally related and she can fire her because she is the CEO. She says she will have security clean out Steffy’s desk. Steffy responds that her grandfather and father made the company and she refuses to go anywhere. Katie walks over to the phone and calls the secretary, Madison. Madison comes to the door and Katie tells her to call Security. Bill comes in and Steffy turns and grins as she says he has perfect timing since she had something to give Katie. Bill stares at both women with worry.

Bill steps between the two women and asks what is going on. Katie says she has fired Steffy. It is impossible to work with her now and adds that Steffy’s behavior has been inapporoproate. Bill adds that it has which shocks Steffy. Katie says if she has something to give it to her now. Bill thinks she should give it a rest. She asks if she has “seriously” been fired and Bill answers that she has. Katie says “thank God” and leaves to prep for a shoot but wants Bill to make sure security escorts her out. Katie leaves the room and Steffy closes the door then smiles as she realizes REST meant her company and he has decided to sell the company back.

Katie tells Donna and Brooke that Bill supported her decision to fire her. Bill turns to Steffy and reminds her blackmail is a crime. He says he should be furious but he is recognizes himself in her. Steffy is determined to get the company back. Bill tells her there is an alternative and she should listen because it will be good for her father and grandfather.

Katie tells Brooke she will take the heat for this and she should blame her when she tells Ridge. In the meantime they will become goddesses.

Ridge sits down and thinks about his children. Stephanie says it is painful to see how this impacts Steffy and Thomas. Taylor says Steffy would do anything to get the company back if she could.

Bill has thought about another building for Forrester Creations that Eric and Ridge will create it and own it. Steffy asks if Katie will be in charge of them. Bill replies that everyone must answer to someone. Steffy knows that is not how it used to be and she will get it back for them. Bill tells her she will not take this to Katie because she would have to tell Ridge she tried to seduce his enemy. Bill and Steffy both know that this will push Ridge over the edge. Steffy says her father will understand why and Bill may want to hire a bodyguard. Katie will never understand and he should hire another bodyguard. Bill says it will be her word against his and Katie will believe him. Steffy says the fact that she has Katie’s engagement ring that she got while in his bedroom will give her the credibility she needs.

Katie, Donna and Brooke are dressed in white Grecian goddess gowns and as the photographer is snapping Katie stops and asks if she likes what she is getting. She turns to Brooke and knows she is worried about Ridge but it is showing. She says if Steffy had stayed she would come onto Bill even more and Ridge would know. Brooke agrees and the girls laugh as they think about how they can not let the campaign down. A photo shoot follows with group and individual shots. Stephanie and Taylor walks in and asks what is going on. Brooke says a photo shoot is going on. Brooke calls them sore losers and Katie tells Stephanie to get out of the way of the shoot.

Steffy admits that she listened to the whole conversation in his bedroom. Bill says he should have had her in Mergers and Acquisitions and not PR. Bill realizes Steffy is doing this for her family. He tells her Katie wanted him to give the company back over Christmas and he didn’t do it. Steffy says this should be easy. Bill tells her Katie has become attaches to the CEO spot and is doing a great job. Steffy tells him to buy Katie a house or a yacht and she will be fine. Bill asks where the contract is. Steffy turns it to the last page for him to sign so that they can be done. Bill walks over and accepts the document. He says REST aloud. He then says that they won’t be able to come up with the money without Brooke and Donna’s assets. He says he will have his attorneys look at it. She says no, he has to sign now. Bill says that she will give him back the ring and she will never say a word because if she does he will bring hell with him and she will not be safe. He says men have tried to bring him down and half of him wants to strangle her and the other half.. his voice trails off as he signs the document. She hands him the ring and walks out. She holds the document in her hands and says “now the Logans will finally be gone.”

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