B&B Wednesday Update 2/17/10

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 2/17/10


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Bill picks up the paperwork from the attorney and asks Steffy if she really expected him to go along with it. Steffy walks over to Bill and says he knows what she wants and he is going to give it to her. Bill asks what he would get in return and she leans down and says “these lips sealed.” She asks if he would like to choose his company or his wife? Bill smirks at the question.

Donna and Brooke sit in Katie’s office and during conversation tell Katie she was a little hard on Eric and Ridge. Donna asks Brooke how Hope is. Katie knows Hope time to recover and so she has come up with a line for the interim called ‘Goddess.’ Both Donna and Brooke love the idea. Brooke goes to call Steffy but Katie warns that Steffy will be too busy cleaning out her office since she is firing her.

Ridge looks over his design sketches when Taylor walks in with a flower. She says she brought him a gift to cheer him up. Ridge says that anything in that office comes there to die. He notes Taylor is “glowing” and asks if it is Whip that has done this to her.

Taylor plays with her earrings. Ridge knows Taylor likes him and Taylor corrects that they are past the stages of like. He asks if it is that serious and she says she has not given him closet space yet but she can see it in his future. Taylor tells Ridge to be happy for her. He says that is all he has ever wanted. Taylor quickly changes the subject by asking where Steffy is. She notes Steffy has become “irreplaceable” at work. Ridge grins.

Donna and Brooke protest Katie’s decision. They think it is a bad idea that will crush Ridge. Katie contends that Steffy is after her husband and the sooner she moves on the better. Katie then adds “I hope it’s not too late.”

Bill touches Steffy’s mouth before forcefully grabbing her arm and pushes her into the desk. He tells her she is irritating him. “Score one for the Forresters.” Bill states that he loves Katie. Steffy tells him he can have his Logan. He can take her on an extended honeymoon around the world but she protects her family and she wants him to sell the company back to her. His marriage will be untarnished and she will get what she has always wanted. Steffy sits in Bill’s chair and adds that she wants to get the company back and save her dad.

Ridge thinks the walls are closing in around him. Taylor says it will not always be like that. He tells her Steffy says the same thing and she has conviction it will happen. He wonders where she gets that from and he will give her credit for not giving up on her dreams.

Donna and Brooke thought Bill and Katie were on the right track and Brooke wonders what good will come from her firing Steffy. Katie knows Steffy will not back down. She points out she has watched Brooke and Donna fight with Stephanie for years over their marriages. Donna admits Katie has a point. Katie says it will stop and she will stop it today. She is the one with the ring on her finger. Katie looks down and panics. Brooke notices she hasn’t found her ring yet. Katie says it will turn up.

Bill chides as he sits on the edge of his desk. He says Steffy is sitting in the grown up chair; it is just like when a little girl wears her daddy’s shoes, they are just too big. He says she has his attention by stealing the ring. Steffy says Bill wanted her last night and she knows it. Bill reminds her that he told her not to overestimate herself. Him almost sleeping with her was more about his anger towards his wife than his lust for her. Bill wonders how Ridge will react when he finds out Steffy almost slept with his enemy. Steffy says she was doing it for him and he will understand when she gives him back the company. Bill asks if it is all business and Steffy walks over to face him. She thinks he is an attractive man but she wants the company. Bill is adamant that he is back with his wife and the company is not a consolation prize. Steffy tells Bill he has no alternative but to sign the papers. Otherwise his marriage is up for grabs.

Steffy holds the pen as Bill explains her father can not afford the company. Steffy says not to worry about that. Bill justifies that when he bought the company he did it with business tactics not personal ones. He puts his hands in his pockets and sits down at his desk. Steffy leans on the desk beside him and tells him not to refuse her. She says he has to sign. Bill looks at her and says “Sorry sweetheart, this is where the fantasy ends.” Steffy leaves stating it is a good thing Katie asked to see her. Bill rubs her face as Steffy leaves.

Ridge confides in Taylor about the smashing of the award and how he had a panic attack. Taylor says he has to do something. He wants to be there for his children but wonders how much good he can do if every moment there eats him alive.

Bill pours himself a drink when Justin comes in talking about last quarter. Justin closes the door and Bill cuts him off. He explains he was alone with Steffy and things got heated. Justin tells him to start at the beginning. He confides Katie walked out and he overreacted and now he needs help with damage control. Justin asks how big the damage is and Bill takes a large gulp of his drink.

Brooke says this not like Katie. Katie says she has given Steffy opportunities but this is going to end today. The door opens and Donna calls Steffy’s name to alert them she is there. Katie says the timing is perfect and asks Donna and Brooke to excuse them. Katie looks confident as she adds, “we have issues to discuss.”

Justin asks Bill if he is sleeping with Ridge’s daughter. Bill says he did not but it was close. Justin says they should keep quiet. Bill explains Steffy wants him to sell the company back. Justin can’t believe Bill is going to let Steffy blackmail him. Bill finishes his drink before noting that he can not lose Katie. He needs to deal with the Steffy situation so that does not happen.

Katie says she knows about the kisses and the lunch as well as the beach house visit. Steffy walks in and says she is not forcing herself on Bill. Katie knows Bill may like the demands since he is a man but the wife does not like that so much. Katie walks over and says Steffy has no future at the company. Steffy looks at Katie with a smug smile and asks if she is firing her. Katie asks Steffy if she blames her. She goes on to tell Steffy she has crossed the line over and over again and as she talks music plays in the background Steffy peruses through her bag. Katie tells her to find a new playmate. Katie’s phone rings and she answers it. It is a business call but Steffy finds her phone vibrating and pulls the phone and the ring out of the bag. Steffy steps into the hallway and Bill asks if she is with Katie. She says she has his ring and she is going to show it to Katie. Bill goes to say something but Steffy cuts him off and demands that he make the decision about the company. Steffy is serious as she repeats into the phone “now Bill.”

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