B&B Tuesday Update 2/16/10

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 2/16/10


Written By Kaylee
Pictures By Juanita

Bill watches Katie sleep and remembers ripping Steffy’s blouse and pushing her to the bed. He recalls the conversation about the missing ring and then stares back at Katie who is still peacefully sleeping.

Steffy is at work and watches as Eric and Ridge tailor an evening gown on a tall model. She walks in and apologizes to everyone for being late. Steffy did not expect for everyone to be downstairs but they say Katie wanted to see the designs for the Hope Campaign this morning. Eric is not sure what to think of the rush since the campaign has been paused for a few weeks. Eric and Ridge explain they are making adjustments that Katie wanted to the dress. Thorne speaks up and wants to know why Katie is telling them what to do when she is not a designer. Ridge cringes at the idea that they are now Spencer employees.

Bill rubs Katie’s legs until she wakes. She asks how long he has been watching her. He says he has been watching her for a while. She realizes what time it is and says she has to go since she called the meeting. Bill chides that the Forresters are not going anywhere. She kisses him and asks if he has anything big going on today and he replies that there is one thing and he hopes it will not be too difficult. Katie gets off of the bed to get dressed.

The Forresters are all dismayed that Katie is not there and Ridge asks where she is. Ridge notes that Katie has to approve the designs before they can go into production.

Katie comes into the office and apologizes for being late. Steffy asks if she has a late night but Katie’s attention is drawn to the blonde model in a bright red floor length gown. She looks the dress over and thinks the dress would be flirty and fun if it were shortened. Ridge and Eric gasp as Katie asks to see the sketch. While Ridge fetches the drawing Katie tells Steffy she needs to see her in her office later. Katie thinks it needs work. Eric asks what they want them to do. Katie looks at the sketch and announces that she thought Brooke said they wanted to work with her. Ridge flatly tells Katie there is no ‘we’ since it is only Bill and Katie; the Forresters are just hired help.

Bill goes into his office and has a seat when Justin walks in. He notes that Bill missed two conference calls. Bill tells him to call Dubai and set the meeting up for tomorrow. Justin wonders if everything is alright with Katie and then informs Bill they can still get Dubai back on the phone today. Bill says he has something more important to take care of and to reschedule for tomorrow.

Eric is walking in the hallways with his attorney and as Steffy sits with her Blackberry she overhears that there is no way out of the contract. The attorney leaves and Steffy approaches Eric. She confides it was difficult to see Katie mark on his designs. Eric takes her into Katie’s office and says this room was taken over by Bill and his money games but to him it contains their family history. Flashbacks of the Forresters through the years at fashion shows and at work in general are shown. Stefft puts her head on Eric’s shoulder and assures her grandfather they will get Forrester Creations back.

Steffy is runs towards the elevator as she sees the attorney getting on. She asks if he forgot about the meeting and he says he was about to track her down. Steffy pushes the emergency stop button.

Ridge is with his sketch when Katie tells him she is not against him but he has not given her anything to approve. Thorne is a little shocked by this and then Eric walks in. Katie explains to them all that she is the CEO and they need to get over it and accept it.

Steffy instructs the attorney to draw up the papers within the hour and she will tell him where to deliver them. She explains this is the most important thing he will ever do for her gamily and he has to word them exactly as she has instructed. They both get off of the elevator.

Justin tells Bill they have been friends for a long time and if there is something he needs to talk about he is there. Bill tells him he does not need to talk. Steffy comes into the office and Bill announces Justin was just leaving. Steffy says Bill should erase the text he sent her telling her to go there. He says it is already done. Steffy stands while Bill relaxes in his chair and she says “I guess that’s that.” He says that he and Katie are married and it is important to him. He wants to put what happened behind them. Steffy says that would be easy for him. Bill knows if she tells everything that happened it will be bad. Steffy responds that she likes him better when he did not run. She knows he must have blackmailed the bankers in order to get the company. Bill thinks blackmail is a strong word. He asks Steffy what she wants from him. She smiles coyly and tells him he already knows the answer to that.

Bill stands from his desk and tells Steffy she is not getting the company back. Steffy does not want to play him but she wants the company back. She wants justice. She knows he did not get the company fair and square. He notes the Forresters were late with their payment and Steffy adds “by thirty minutes.” Bill asks her if she really thinks he will just give her the company back. She asks him to sell the company back to her for what he paid plus 10%. Bill sarcastically says she just has that kind of money lying around. Steffy asks Bill to excuse her for a second. She asks the attorney to come in. He hands her the papers and she dismisses him before handing it over to Bill. He sees it is a sales agreement between Spencer Publications and a company called REST which Steffy has set up. It stands for Ridge Eric Sustainable Trust. She wants her grandfather and father put back in charge. Bill sits down and says it is heartwarming but he is not selling. Steffy says he gives her something then she gives him something. He gets to hold onto his marriage and make a profit. Bill says she is in over her head. Steffy knows Bill is curious about Katie’s engagement ring. He asks where it is. Steffy jokes “Billy have a little imagination.” She says she will go to Katie and tell her she found the ring after Bill was forcing himself upon her. Bill tells Steffy what she is doing is blackmail. Steffy says it is good business. She rants on that Bill thinks women are the weaker sex but she is using what she has over him. She then smugly makes a gun sign and says “gotcha.”

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