B&B Monday Update 2/15/10

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 2/15/10


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Bill is on top of Steffy kissing her heavily when they both hear Katie walk in the door. Steffy jumps up and Bill yells to Katie he is coming. He pushes Steffy to the door and says she is to get in her car and drive away. He says it is over and she is to get out and stay out. Steffy waits until Bill leaves the room and then sees Katie’s engagement ring in their bedroom. Bill walks into the living room and says Katie is back “finally.”

Sandy brings figures to Nick and they both note the other is there late. Nick says the charts look great and Sandy turns but says it has been so weird. Nick guesses this has to do with Bridget finding out about Sandy’s past. Sandy corrects him that it is weird because she says she loved him.

Sandy feels so awkward now that she has told Nick the truth. She is sure other women have told him that they loved him inappropriately before. Nick begins to say that carrying someone else’s child is a big deal but is interrupted by Bridget. Bridget is not pleased to see them together and says she has made dinner plans. She demands that Agnes eat with them. She then grills Agnes about what she has eaten today and when she replies she had breakfast Bridget tells her she is eating for two. Bridget then becomes militant and demands to know if she has taken her medication today. When Sandy does not answer she asks again.

Bill asks if Katie has come to get her things. Katie stands and says of course not. She tells him she was late for a meeting and watches as Bill’s face falls in confusion. She admits she had bad timing but she had called the meeting herself and she knew they would be mad at her and now he is too. Bill walks to the chair with his back facing Katie as she walks towards him and tells him he is the most important person in her life. She hates this. Steffy is in their bedroom listening to the whole conversation. Bill confides that when Katie walks out it takes him to a place he does not like to go. Katie knows this makes him feel like a little boy whose father did not give a damn. She never wants to be that way. Bill hangs his face as Katie talks to his back. She says this is her problem. She is not excusing what happened and it does hurt her to hear about the secret rendezvous with Steffy but if they fight it gives Steffy power and she does not want to do that. Bill turns to look at Katie as she says to him that all is forgiven and she wants to move forward. Steffy listens and her face drops upon hearing this.

Bridget begins explaining why the medication is important. Sandy says the pills make her feel nauseas. Bridget drills into her that she needs the medication. Sandy says she only needs sleep and food. Sandy says she is going home to do both. Nick agrees with Bridget that the doctor prescribed the pills for a reason. Bridget gets in Sandy’s face and says she will take the pills. Nick looks a little concerned as he feels the tension in the room implode.

Steffy continues to listen as Bill tells Katie he does things when she leaves him that he is not proud of. Katie says once again she went to the office and then freely admits to Bill what has happened between Steffy and Bill is not okay with her. She knows she has made some mistakes but she loves him. She walks to him with tears in her eyes and says she loves him. She doesn’t want the mistakes to come in between them. She knows they will have disagreements but she will never give up on him or what they have. She prays he will do the same. She says sometimes she needs to hear it. He tells her she is the only woman he has ever truly loved and the one he wants to spend every day with. Steffy listens through the door as she hears the two in the living room. Katie kisses Bill as a tear rolls down her cheek. She begins to kiss his neck and asks him to make love to her, in their bed. Bill’s face is shattered as she says this.

Sandy agrees to take the pills when she gets home. Bridget says she will give Sandy the pills herself since she can’t be trusted. Sandy says she is not Bridget’s child. Bridget rebukes that she is acting like one. Nick pulls Bridget back and says they will go to the doctor tomorrow. Bridget says that is fine but Sandy will take the pills tonight. Sandy says Bridget is not her doctor but Bridget stops her and says she is the child’s mother and she will not allow it to be put in harms way. Sandy gives Bridget a challenging look when this is said.

Bill slowly carries Katie into their bedroom. He looks around to make sure the coast is clear before laying Katie on the bed and kissing her. The dish that held Katie’s engagement ring is empty.

At Taylor’s house Steffy is on the balcony when Thomas finds her. He asks what she is doing. Stefy tells him game time is over and now it is time they move in for the kill.

Katie lays on Bill’s chest when he tells her not to let him forget how incredible his wife is. She tells him she will remind him every day. Katie gets out of bed and puts on her robe. She asks Bill what he has done with her ring. Bill wonders if she is sure she left it there. Katie is emphatic as she recalls leaving the ring in the tray. Bill smiles and tells her not to worry, “we’ll find it.”

Sandy hands over the pills to Bridget and she hands her water and the pill and screams at her to take the pull now. Sandy takes the pill and asks if Bridget it satisfied. Bridget berates that she will not be satisfied until her baby is in her arms and Sandy is out of their lives. Sandy walks out of the room as Nick looks on.

Steffy makes a call to the family’s attorney and says she needs papers drawn up that involve Bill. They agree to meet tomorrow morning and Steffy asks him not to say anything. Thomas comes back outside and asks her if that was a call to Bill. Steffy says she will get the company back for her dad. Steffy pulls the engagement ring out of her bag. Thomas is worried but Steffy says he should get some rest because tomorrow will be a memorable day. Thomas warns her to be careful. Steffy says she always is. Thomas walks away and Steffy’s phone rings. She coyly says she is happy they are back together. Bill asks about the engagement ring and Steffy admits she has it. She then says she will meet him at his office tomorrow. Bill walks into the house as Katie is frantic about losing the engagement ring. Bill hugs her and tells her they will get the ring back. As he hugs her the camera shows a confident Steffy sitting on her balcony with the ring.

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