B&B Friday Update 2/12/10

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 2/12/10


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Steffy knows Bill is tempted. Bill takes a step towards her and tells her not to play a high stakes game with him. She says it is not a game. She wants the company and he asks what is in it for him. He asks why he would turn his life upside down for her. He tells her he has had many offers; she is dealing with a man, not a boy. Bill thinks Steffy has bitten off more than she can chew by coming to his house. Steffy says she is not there to play games and whatever happens Katie has herself to blame.

Katie does not understand this and Brooke tries to calm her down. Katie says she feels like there are three people in her marriage and her husband pretends not to see it.

Taylor and Whip continue to kiss and she breaks away and admits he does it well. He tells her he could do more with her permission. She says if they are going to continue to kiss she has no problem but if he has trouble controlling himself maybe they should have dessert. He says he has no problem with self control except when it comes to her. He mentions Ridge and she closes his lips together with her fingers. She says she does not want to hear that name again. They continue to passionately kiss.

Ridge lights candles in their bedroom and says all he needs now is his Logan.

Brooke is trying to calm Katie down. Katie says she is tempted to go tell Ridge and let him put a stop to it. Brooke says Ridge will be angry with Bill and it will makes things worse. Brooke says Steffy is not a threat and Katie should go home. Katie realizes she left her ring at home. Brooke says on Steffy’s best day she could not compete with Katie.

Bill notes that Steffy does not care about his wife. She claims she would like for Katie to keep the promises she has made to Bill. Bill circles around the room and says she could care less if Katie left him. He knows if Katie were there Steffy would be out in the cold. Steffy says she cares and Katie should understand how leaving him and abandoning him is not giving him the respect he deserves. Steffy will not stop talking and an aggravated Bill passionately kisses Steffy.

Whip backs away from Taylor after kissing her while his hands still cup her face. He asks if something is wrong. He guesses she is going to say that he is a great kisser but this isn’t going to work out. Taylor instructs him not to put words in her mouth. She has not met anyone as down to earth but she wants to make sure they do this right. Whip surmises she wants to take things slow. Taylor admits that he is special to her. Whip recounts Brooke and Jackie. He says he goes after the wrong women and he knows he has found the right woman. He admits his heart is beating in his chest and he is about to do something new. He pulls out a harmonica and she laughs. Whip throws the harmonica to the side and continues to kiss Taylor.

Brooke walks into the bedroom and sees candles everyone. Ridge walks in behind her in pajama bottoms and no shirt with two glasses of wine. She asks how he knew she needed this. He admits this is what he needed. Brooke brings up all of the problems they have had with Forrester and the rift that it caused between them. Brooke notes that this is just like what she told Katie; all marriages go through problems. Ridge is shocked to hear Katie and Bill are having marital problems and he finally understands why Katie looked so distracted.

Steffy and Bill continue to kiss when Steffy backs away momentarily and tells him he married the wrong woman. He asks who the right woman is. Steffy says it is someone who does not walk out on him. She says they are doing what they are doing. She pauses before turning and walking into his bedroom. Bill stands contemplating what is about to happen.

Taylor is wrapped in a blanket by the fire as Whip plays with her hands. He leans down and kisses her hand and then all the way up her arm. A very slow love scene ensures between the two.

Brooke sits on the bed fully clothed and asks Ridge if he would like more wine. Ridge knows Brooke is dodging his question. Ridge speculates Katie may have asked Brooke to keep her secret but he fears that Katie will get hurt. He points out Bill has always been a player and now it would be difficult for him to change.

Katie sits at her desk and sees the picture. She remembers the words Bill spoke to her after they got married.

Steffy is in the bedroom when Bill follows her. She wants to negotiate but Bill says they negotiate afterwards. Bill calls her bluff and asks what she is going to do now. She states she has already told him what she wanted. She asks if she is going to have to take it. Bill pulls her into him and seductively says “if you think you can take it, take it.”

Whip spoons with Taylor while the fire still burns. He kisses her shoulder as she notes “so much for being cautious.” Whip says he didn’t expect it but he is glad it happened. Taylor smiles and says she is too. Whip asks if she is just saying that. Taylor turns to him and says he makes her feel so special. She thanks him for the perfect evening and then rolls on top of him. Taylor admits he may be very good for her.

Ridge pulls a flower off of Brooke’s pillow as Brooke sits on the bed in her robe. Brooke says she does want to see Katie happy. Brooke turns and says it is just like him wanting to see Steffy happy. Ridge worries about Steffy because she is so headstrong.

Steffy asks if they have a deal and Bill says he does not give until he gets. Steffy teases that maybe she should leave. Bill pulls her tightly to him and says she has lit the fire and “now it is going to burn.” Bill rips her shirt and falls to the bed with her. Katie comes in the door and announces she is home. She looks towards the bedroom and calls Bill’s name. Hearing it Bill turns his head while still atop Steffy.

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