B&B Thursday Update 2/11/10

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 2/11/10


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Steffy listens outside while Katie and Bill continue to fight. Bill turns Katie towards him and Katie declares that Steffy Forrester is threatening their marriage.

Ridge cleans the glass from the award into a dust pan while Brooke asks again if he needs his hand checked out. Ridge says he is fine as long as he has Brooke. He notices the blood on Katie’s desk and thinks it is “symbolic.” Brooke takes his hand and says they must get it bandaged. Ridge runs his free hand through her hair and almost whispers that he loves Brooke.

Taylor sits down at the table with Whip who tells her the night will get better.

Taylor eats the food Whip has prepared and asks if he has a chef hiding. She thinks the steak is perfectly done. He tells her they are his favorite as well. It means they are a perfect match. Whip toasts to Taylor and to himself for sweeping her off her feet.

Hope walks in and sees Brooke bandaging Ridge’s hand. She asks what happens but Ridge assures her he is fine. He tells her they need to discuss the Hope Campaign and wants her to be prepared for her life story to come out. Hope asks if it is really her that they are worried about or if Brooke is worried about her past coming into the limelight.

Bill is tired of arguing over a few kisses and thinks Katie is looking for trouble. Katie thinks trouble has found him already. He still blames her for the night she walked out and says the last kiss never would have happened had she not walked out on him. Bill told her not to do and she did. Katie is livid when she finds this out and she wants to know exactly what happened that night. Steffy continues to intently watch from the deck.

Whip brings Ridge up as they continue to eat. He knows Ridge is the father of her children and is important to her. Taylor says Ridge does sneak into her mind. Whip asks if her thoughts are PG; Taylor quickly changes the subject. Whip thinks they are alike and does not want her to avoid it. Whip wants to know why she thinks about him. He asks if it is because he is a great designer or because he has great hair. Taylor confesses she fantasizes that Ridge shows up and tells her he made a huge mistake and that he still loves her. Taylor looks up and sees Whip staring at her. She can not believe she just said those things after he made her dinner. Taylor stands and claims Whip deserves more.

Hope knows that her life story is also Brooke’s and wonders about Brooke worrying about her or her faults coming out. Brooke and Ridge explain that they love Hope and Brooke does not regret her. She says that they are concerned about everything she has been through with Graham and the campaign may add stress. They ask if they are pushing her too hard or if she wants to do this.

Katie and Bill continue to argue. She wants to know if more than a kiss happened and Bill claims it was a kiss goodbye. Katie is emphatic when speaking about Steffy and her lack of respect for her as well as their marriage. She wants Bill to stay away from her and says she should not have to ask him. He should understand where she is coming from. Bill is outraged that she is questioning his commitment to her. Katie says there is nothing more to talk about. Katie goes to leave and Bill does not understand how she can walk out again. Katie says she has to go and Bill says he can not deal with it this way. Katie leaves, Bill walks towards the fireplace and Steffy rises to stand upright on the deck.

Taylor thinks she sounds like a broken record. Whip stands as well and tells her to relax. He is convinced one day if she sticks with him she will not think about Ridge. Taylor kisses him and calls him “Jonesey” before saying he has terrible survival skills. Whip likes the term of endearment and she asks if anyone else has called him that. He is flattered by the nickname and is happy she has made it up for him.

Hope knows she can make the campaign work. Ridge vows that the campaign will be a success. Hope asks if they can take things slow. Ridge does not see the harm in taking a few weeks. Hope asks Brooke to check with Katie. Hope says she has homework and Ridge offers a ride home. Hope says she will meet him in the parking lot. She leaves and he asks Brooke if she is okay with this. She says she is. Brooke and Ridge hug when Katie walks in. Ridge leaves to take Hope home and tells Katie she missed the meeting. Brooke rambles on about the campaign. Brooke mentions Steffy and Katie says Steffy is going to ruin her marriage.

Steffy skips through the door and mockingly asks where Katie went this time. He asks what she is doing there and she says she is looking for a beer. Bill is visibly upset as Steffy has a theory that Katie was mad because Steffy brought him lunch. Bill chides she was not being innocent when she brought him lunch and he doubts there is anything innocent about her. Steffy looks at him and says she is coming on to him and not running away from him. Bill looks at her and says Katie will be back and when she does come back he does not want Steffy there. Steffy brings up the fact that twice now Katie has walked out on him when she knows it rips him apart. Steffy wonders how Katie can be considered a good wife when she does these things to him.

Whip brings a rose over to Taylor who is sitting by a fire. She wonders where the cracks are because he is so good to her. She wonders if this is like an ad campaign. Whip tells her any man in the world would cherish her and that is what he intends to do. Whip stares intently and admits he is not Ridge but he pledges himself to Taylor. She says she will hold him to that. Taylor leans in and begins to kiss Whip.

Brooke asks what has happened and Katie explains about the lunch in addition to the second kiss the night of the storm. Brooke’s mouth drops as Katie wonders if they had something so special they had to have a “goodbye kiss” to seal the deal. Brooke is shocked as Katie admits she knew Steffy would not back off but she also thought her husband could resist.

Bill tells Steffy he wants her to go. Steffy asks if he still wants to be alone after Katie walked out again. Steffy says she is there again for him when Katie is not. She tells him she wants the company back for her family. She tells him to leave his wife, sell the company back and she will make it worth it. He asks if she is putting herself on the negotiating table. She tells him there is another world for him out there and she can show it to him. Steffy looks at Bill intently and says “I just won’t take no for an answer.”

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