B&B Wednesday Update 2/10/10

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 2/10/10


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Sandy nervously plays with her shirt and pockets and Nick is trying to clarify that she thinks she is in love with him. Sandy walks closer to Nick and pronounces that she knows she is in love with him.

Ridge is sitting at a desk and sees stationary that reads they are a “Division of Spencer Publications.” He throws it in the trash as Steffy comes in. He apologizes but Steffy tells him not to worry. While this arrangement makes him sick he vows to come through for Steffy and Hope. Steffy kisses him on the cheek and thinks maybe it is time she helped him. Steffy walks out of the room leaving Ridge wondering.

Whip and Taylor walk to his place. Taylor comments how wonderful the patio is and he explains Jackie and Owen live downstairs before entering his apartment.

Steffy comes into Bill’s office and brings a bag of food. She has it on good authority he skipped lunch today. Bill knows it is too late to eat lunch and will not be hungry for dinner. Steffy tells him to relax; Katie is not cooking since she is too busy telling her family what to do. Bill looks at the sandwich and sees that it is exactly how he likes it. He is impressed Steffy researched what he liked. Bill says he appreciates the sandwich and the professionalism she is showing by going along with the Hope Campaign, “I respect that.”

Sandy says Nick helped her so much by letting her be in love with life again. She has found peace and serenity. Nick is happy to see it. Sandy says this how she used to be and he should get used to it because she is never going back into her shell.

Steffy asks Bill what he really thinks of the campaign. Steffy jokes that if she were Bill she would be worried if Katie was doing it to punish her. Bill says if she were he she would not be worrying about little girls. Steffy gets up and says she is biding her time until he gives her the company. She then asserts that that is what happened when he fell for Katie, he gave her the company. She thinks he will do the same for her. As Steffy pours water she looks at the door and sees Donna Steffy starts blinking and says “ow my eye.” She walks over to Bill and looks at her eye as Donna sees everything. She can’t believe it and walks away. As soon as Steffy sees the coast is clear she stands and says that he liked kissing her. She knows he did and she bets he has fantasized about her. She knows she could snap her fingers and rule him around. Bill says she will be able to do that with some guy but that guy will never be him.

Whip is wearing a red apron that says ‘kiss the cook’ as Taylor stands beside a table with candlelight and roses. Taylor asks if she can help and when he will not allow it she admits that he is a nice change. The way he takes care of her and not the other way around.

Ridge tells Katie, Donna and Brooke to come get him when they are ready. After Ridge leaves Hope calls Brooke and so she leaves. Donna is happy Brooke has left since she wants to tell her what she saw. She tells him Steffy was touching Bill’s cheek and she was coming on to him. Katie calls Steffy a bitch and tells Donna to have the meeting without her. She is taking care of Steffy once and for all.

Steffy jokes with Bill if he gives her one ride on the jet he will file divorce papers. Bill laughs and notes how confident Steffy is. Steffy knows that is one of the things he loves about her. Katie calls and Bill has her on speakerphone. She tells him to meet her at home. He has important meetings and she replies he can make up and excuse and then ends the call. Steffy looks at Bill and says his wife has said jump and now he has to say how high. Bill jokes Steffy has become irritating quickly. Steffy laughs, grabs her sandwich bag and leaves his office.

Sandy explains herself to Nick and tells him she has not made a move on him yet. Nick knows this and says it is a good thing since he would never cheat on his wife.

Taylor says Ridge would only do dinner for her when someone else cooked it. She would have a wait staff and a meal for her but she wanted something real.

Sandy tells Nick she has no intention of interfering in his marriage. He says they have nothing else to say then. Sandy walks to the door and turns as she says she has seen a side of Bridget she never expected to see. She recalls how they saved her half sister. Nick says they both are worried about the baby and if she had known everything they had been through she would understand. Sandy asks Nick to talk to her. She knows that there is nothing for either of them to worry about since their marriage is so solid. She gives a smile and walks out the door.

Ridge is in the office when he sees a crystal award. He picks it up and repeats “Forrester Creations, a division of Spencer Publications.” Ridge takes the award and slams it on the desk. It shatters everywhere and he as he looks around his voice repeats “Spencer Publications.” He sees the logo on everything and rubs his face in his hands. As he does this, blood appears in streaks on the side of his face. Brooke comes in and sees Ridge surrounded by the remains and the blood on his face. She walks over to him and hugs him while telling him she is there for him.

Bill comes home to see Katie sitting in the dark. He asks what she is doing and what is wrong. She asks how lunch is. Bill says Steffy brought in some sandwiches. Katie is in a knee length tight black dress and she stands from the chair as she asks if Bill had requested Steffy bring him lunch. Bill maintains that she had heard he did not have lunch and she came by. Bill is upset he canceled his meeting for this. Katie does not understand how he does not get that she is upset when a woman they both know wants him weasels her way into his office. Bill claims he is not vulnerable so it did not make a difference. Outside Steffy goes to knock but sees the two and hides on the patio hearing the argument. Katie contends she should have fired her when she had the chance. Bill insists that Katie is letting her personal life interfere with her business life. She wonders how different things would be if the roles were reversed. Outside Steffy speaks to herself. She knows they are fighting about her and she can use this. Steffy looks confident yet surprised as she states “I’m going to get the company back.”

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