B&B Tuesday Update 2/9/10

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 2/9/10


Written By Kaylee
Pictures By Juanita

Bridget wakes up with Nick caressing the side of her cheek. He asks if there is a lot on her mind. He tells her she talked in her sleep a lot. She asks what she was saying. He snores and pretends she said that she loves her husband and forgives him for everything. He adds that she said she could kill her husband. He jokes it was uncomfortable to sleep with one eye open. She contends that no one could blame her. As her smile dissipates Nick asks if she is really okay.

Whip is hanging a banner while Pam reminds everyone had she had more time she could have really thrown a party. Balloons are all around when Sandy walks in. She can not believe this is all for her. She really feels like a part of a family and looks at Whip.

Nick is still in bed with Bridget when he realizes they have two more minutes to make out. Bridget looks away and Nick really wants to know what is bothering her. She tells him that she is worried about the baby. She is worried about Agnes.

Jackie asks Sandy how she is and Sandy says she is so grateful to have such love and support from everyone. Owen says it is no problem. Sandy thanks him again for letting her brother stay in his friend’s beach house. Sandy knows she has been guarded but she really feels like they are family now and she wants to share why she was in the hospital. Whip braces as Sandy tells the story of how she was raped. She says she could not face it until Nick but her life has changed because of him. Jackie looks a little concern. She glances at Owen then back to Sandy.

Bridget and Nick are now dressed for the day as Bridget admits she knows Nick was trying to help her. She loves him for it. She says if they can get through the next few months everything will be perfect.

Jackie and Owen all want to know about the situation. Owen is shocked Graham Derros was the one who raped her. Sandy says because of Nick she is free. She walks over to the buffet and Jackie follows. She says she is sorry for what she has been through. Owen raises a toast to Sandy. Bridget walks in and wants to know what is going on. She announces that the party is over. Sandy’s name is not Sandy it is Agnes and they will all call her Sandy from now on. She rips down the banner as a stunned group watches.

Jackie is confused by the name change. Owen says it will take time to get used to this. Whip says she likes to go by Aggie. Jackie says Whip and Sandy have been chummy. Whip goes to explain and as he does Taylor enters the room. He asks her to stay and tells everyone Agnes is a wonderful person. He knows Jackie will jump to conclusions but he adds he has known her for a really long time. Jackie speculates they were married. Whip jokes they were when they were nine. He admits they are cousins.

Sandy goes to Nick’s office and tells him she is sorry. She knows he respected her wishes and now she is in trouble with his wife. Bridget walks in and wants to know what she is doing there. “I thought I made it pretty clear for you to stay away from my husband.”

Sandy tries to apologize but Bridget attacks Sandy all over again. She says they should get a new contract with Agnes’ real name on it. Bridget then says Sandy had no right to go after her attacker while carrying her baby. Sandy tries to make her see that had she been through it like she had she would understand. Sandy then adds that no one wants to give them a healthier baby than she does.

Taylor and Whip are still at Jackie M. when Whip thanks her for the date. Taylor has been looking forward to it. Whip says he has been looking forward to it all week. She is curious where he is taking her. She wonders how he has time to make special plans for her. Whip knows Taylor puts everyone first and she deserves that too. He feels he is the man to do it for her. Whip wants to make Taylor feel special because she deserves it. Whip knows she had to share Ridge all of those years but she has all of him, even if she doesn’t want to.

Bridget tells Nick she will be in the Cutting Room and expects Sandy to be gone when she gets back. Nick confronts Sandy and wants to know why she would say she loved him. Sandy says when he came into her life she was isolated and now look at all that she has. She says she has peace and freedom and it is all because of him. Sandy says it is natural that she would have feelings for him. Nick says it does not answer his question. Sandy looks at him and asks if he wants to know if she loves him. “I do love you. Of course I do.” Nick is startled by Sandy’s openness.

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