B&B Monday Update 2/8/10

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 2/8/10


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Brooke looks at a stunned Sandy who asks if she is threatening her. Brooke claims she does not want to. Sandy says first it was her daughter and now it is Brooke. Brooke explains Bridget has been through things she knows nothing about. Sandy says Bridget and Brooke are both overreacting. Brooke understands Sandy watched her assailant be carted off to jail but she should know Nick only helped her because she is carrying the baby he will raise with Bridget.

Bridget wants to know Nick’s feelings for Sandy or Agnes. Nick declines to answer the question which makes Bridget insist he answer it.

Bridget is taken aback by Nick’s refusal to answer her question. She wants to know what kind of marriage they have if he keeps things from her. Nick says he will not answer that question because they are fine. Bridget contends if they were fine he would answer. Nick looks at her and says she does not want to know his honest answer to that question.

Brooke tries to convince Sandy what she is feeling for Nick is not love. Sandy wonders why Brooke thinks she is incapable of love. Sandy then follows up her statement by saying Nick loves his wife so there is no reason she nor Bridget should worry. Sandy then says if anyone should know what tonight means it would be Brooke; yet Brooke is making the night all about Bridget. Sandy reminds Brooke she and Nick saved Hope from getting raped and wants to know if Brooke even has a ‘thank you’ for her.

Bridget needs Nick to answer the question. Nick knows this is not about Sandy; this is about how he feels about Bridget. Nick contends that he reached out to Sandy because he wanted to make the pregnancy perfect for Bridget. He says tonight should not change any feelings she had because he would do anything to protect her and the baby. Bridget pauses for a moment looking into his eyes. Bridget finally says “the baby is okay.” Nick repeats that the baby is okay and so are they. Bridget clings to Nick and as they embrace her eyes shift back and forth.

Sandy wonders where all of the motherly concern is for Hope. Brooke then is furious that she rescued one daughter and wants to take the other’s life away. Brooke says she won’t stand for it and after the baby is born Sandy will be someone in their past. Sandy repeats that she is just the “incubator” and Brooke agrees. Brooke goes to leave but Sandy stops to ask if she plans on repeating what she has heard. Brooke informs Sandy she refuses to keep anymore secrets from her daughter.

Nick finds the Doctor who reiterates that all is well with the baby. Nick is happy to hear this because he does not want anything to go wrong with the pregnancy.

Brooke finds a pensive Bridget who shuns her mother when she sees her. Brooke tries to convey to Bridget that it was a secret and she was trying to help. Bridget says her loyalty should be to her and not Sandy. Brooke then says Agnes has been through an emotional ordeal and she is pregnant. Bridget knows this and that is why she is there. She says the woman she chose is a complete stranger. Brooke then tells Bridget that while it may not be mutual Sandy has fallen for Nick. Bridget asks if she has done something to make Brooke think this. Brooke tells Bridget that Sandy said aloud that she loves Nick. Bridget’s mouth drops in shock.

Bridget asks Brooke why Sandy would tell her she was in love with Nick. Brooke explains she overheard her talking to Whip. Bridget wonders why she would be talking to Whip. Brooke then tells Bridget Sandy and Whip are cousins. Bridget can’t believe they kept another secret from her. Brooke tells Bridget is missing the point that they may have issues because Sandy’s feelings for Nick have been elevated now that she thinks of him as her hero. Bridget says she will handle this.

Bridget walks to the room and overhears the doctor releasing Sandy. Bridget waits outside and then enters after the doctor has left. Sandy announces that the baby is healthy and Bridget says she overheard. She tells Sandy she better make sure she keeps the baby healthy. Sandy says of course she will. Bridget then lashes out while coyly glaring at Sandy assuming that the only reason she would keep the baby safe is because it is Nick’s. Sandy counters she is keeping the baby healthy so she can give it to the both of them. Sandy then adds that Brooke took what she heard out of context. Bridget tells her she did not and that she now knows how bad it really is.

Nick walks to the waiting area and sees Brooke. He asks where Bridget is and Brooke tells him the whole story of overhearing Sandy and Whip’s conversation. Nick knows Brooke would not tell Bridget and when she admits she did he knows nothing good will come of this.

In Sandy’s room Bridget continues to attack Sandy. She wants to know how her mother possibly could have taken that she was in love with Nick out of context. Sandy finally says to her that she does not want to be their enemy but if she and Brooke persist she will have no choice. This does not derail Bridget from attacking Sandy once more. Sandy says she has been released and she wants to go home because she is exhausted. As Sandy steps forward Bridget blocks her way. She says they are not finished with their conversation yet.

Nick thinks this is bad. He says he never crossed the line with Sandy. Brooke asks if he is sure. Nick is sure. Brooke says he has to end all communication with Sandy now. Nick says he knows Bridget feels betrayed but he has not betrayed her. He tells her to go to Hope; it has been a long night. Brooke leaves him and Nick sighs.

Bridget wants to know why Agnes feels like she is in love with Nick. Agnes says she feels alive. She knows that she will walk out of there tonight knowing her rapist is behind bars. She says that Nick was able to help her feel anything other than fear for a man. Bridget says she should not deny they fact that she wanted Nick to keep secrets from her so she would have secrets and intimacy with him. She makes it clear that after the baby is born Agnes is out of their lives. “You are a liar and a traitor. Nick would never be with a woman like that.” Bridget is in Sandy’s face now. Sandy wipes away tears and through the glass sees Nick staring.

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