B&B Friday Update 2/5/10

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 2/5/10


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

An IV drip is shown while Sandy sits alone in bed watching Nick and Bridget embrace.

Nick apologizes again for not telling her. Bridget wants to know when Nick planned on telling her about the situation. She says the fact that he helped Sandy keep secrets hurts her. Bridget walks away and Nick turns to see Sandy sitting in bed.

Oliver and Whip are walking in the hall and Whip wonders how Hope is. Oliver puts two and two together and says he met a beautiful girl named Hope at the Coffeehouse. He can not believe that was going to happen to her. Whip says she will be fine.

Hope wakes up and is surprised to see Brooke and Ridge by her bed. Ridge tells her she is his daughter. Hope points out she is not his biologically. Ridge tells her it does not matter because she is his in every other way. Hope hugs Ridge and he adds they have to get well so they can go make fashion history. Hope and Brooke smile at the revelation. The Lieutenant walks in and says there is no update on Sandy yet. Brooke learns about this and says she must go see them. Ridge volunteers to stay with Hope.

Nick asks Bridget not to blame Sandy. Bridget can not believe he is siding with someone who asked him to lie to her. The doctor comes up and says she will tell them all about everything in Sandy’s room. The doctor says that the baby is fine but she will keep Sandy a little longer for monitoring. Sandy is relieved and Bridget asks to speak to Agnes alone. Nick leaves the room as Sandy reassures Bridget everything will be fine. Bridget asks how she can think everything will just be “fine” like that.

Ridge says he will check with the doctor. As he turns to leave Hope calls out “Dad?” Ridge turns and says he will always be there. When Ridge leaves the room Oliver comes in. Hope says his name and he is happy she does not have amnesia.

Brooke is thankful to Nick for saving Hope. She asks if she can see Sandy. Nick says she could but Bridget is in with her. Brooke asks how she is doing and Nick says Bridget is hurt.

Bridget scolds Sandy for betraying her friendship, for making her friend Sandy up and for asking her husband to keep secrets from her. She wants to know when this became so calculated and what Agnes’ angle is here. Sandy says Nick believed in her when no one else would and he gave her a new life. She did not want Bridget to judge her. Bridget says she does not get off that easily. Sandy cries while countering this was a victory. Hope is safe, Graham is in jail and the baby is fine. Bridget retorts she thanks God not Sandy for the baby being okay. Sandy asks how she can not appreciate Nick when he is a hero. Bridget tells Sandy she is not sure what kind of “fantasy ride” she is on but she and Nick are deeply in love. Bridget says she will “allow” her to stay on at Jackie M so she can be close to her baby but there will be no secret meetings with Nick. Bridget scornfully adds, “This is a business arrangement and nothing more.”

Oliver brings a teddy bear out of a bag and Hope says he looks like an Entertainment. Oliver is happy she remembered. Hope tells him to entertain her. Oliver starts to do descending stairs like Charlie Chaplin but gets his foot stuck in Hope’s bedpan. She laughs and says it is okay since she already used it. She laughs harder when Oliver looks shocked. She says she is joking as he sits down beside the bed. He asks if she is okay and she tells him she is okay. Hope says she is okay but she is tired. Oliver tells her once again he came to check on her. Hope places her hand on his and says as soon as she gets out of there he will be looking for her at the Coffee house. Oliver leaves and Hope sighs as she snuggles with her bear.

Sandy says Nick was supportive but she does not have designs on Nick. Bridget does not trust her and she knows she is a liar. Bridget does not like liars. Sandy says she is sorry but she is still carrying their baby. Bridget tells her she is an incubator until the baby is born but she will be all over what she eats. Sandy retorts that it is nice to know she cares/ Bridget looks at Sandy while she firmly states, “you’ll get a check when the baby is born and then you will be out of our lives forever.” Bridget walks away and Sandy has tears filling her eyes.

Nick comes into another room where Bridget is and she explains to Nick she made it very clear where they stand. Nick says he never should have kept it from her but he got caught up in what had happened to Sandy. Nick says he loves Bridget more than anything in the world and will do anything to help her get through this. Bridget says she does not know what he can do and leaves him alone in the room.

A curtain is pulled in Sandy’s room when Whip walks in. He says he heard the good news while Bridget was talking to her. Sandy says Bridget does not like her anymore. Brooke walks in and eavesdrops through the curtain. Sandy says she felt something for Nick and Whip guesses it is gratitude. Sandy says it was more than that and she is in love with Nick who is her Knight in Shining Armor. Brooke pulls the curtain back and Sandy asks how Hope is. Brooke explains she is recovering and then asks Whip to let her talk to Sandy alone. Whip leaves the room and Sandy thanks Brooke for being a friend. Brooke says she should not have done that; she overheard her talking to Whip and if she catches Sandy batting an eyelash at her daughter’s husband she will have to deal with her. Brooke glares at Sandy and says “You don’t want that. You really don’t want that.”

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