B&B Thursday Update 2/4/10

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 2/4/10


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Bridget repeats the name Graham Derros and says he is an international photographer. Bridget says Nick will be Hope’s hero all over again. Bridget then asks how this has to do with Sandy’s fall since she does not ever know Hope. Nick says he stayed with Hope and Sandy ran Graham down since she was with him when he found Hope. Bridget is confused and stares at Nick.

The doctor asks Hope how many fingers she is holding up. She guesses correctly but then asks if the doctor is moving them around. The doctor informs them all that the labs are back and while the drug is not legal in the U.S., any long term effects from one dose have not been reported. The doctor wants to keep her overnight. Ridge comes in with a can of juice and a straw. He asks if Hope may have some since she complained about the taste in her mouth. The doctor warns not to drink too much and leaves the room. Ridge jokingly asks Hope what she should ask to get the juice and Hope retorts “May I please have some juice Ridge?” Brooke and Ridge are both taken aback by the use of his first name and Ridge comments it has been a while since she called him that. Hope counters “it doesn’t matter anyway.”

Brooke tells Hope to slow down since she was supposed to “sip” it. Brooke thinks there will be time to talk about everything. Hope does not know if they will need to. Brooke tries to explain they were trying o protect her from other people’s ignorance. Hope says they have taught her something because no one else has ever talked about her that way.

Whip and Oliver are at the hospital and wonder if they are in the right place. Steffy sees Whip and asks what he is doing there. Whip points to Oliver and says he was dropping a friend off. Steffy walks away and Whip instructs Oliver to go ask the nurse about his sister. Oliver looks at Whip and asks “why me?” Whip says he is cuter with a look of indignation and watches as Oliver looks around.

Bridget says it was brave what Sandy did was brave but the baby was at risk. Bridget wants to know what Sandy planned on doing with Graham when she caught him. Sandy says she thought she might strange him. She explains that five years ago Graham did to her what he tried to do to Hope. Bridge sits on the bed and consoles Sandy as she cries.

Brooke ass if there is anything Hope wants to talk about. Hope says “gee, wonder what that could be.” She tells them the timing is so hard for her to wrap her head around. She can’t believe Bridget was married to Deacon. Brooke says she always loved her. Steffy barges in and frantically asks if Hope is okay. Steffy says the Lieutenant stopped by to get notes and Seffy feels responsible. Hope says it is not Steffy’s fault, it was hers. Brooke stops them both and says it was neither of their faults but the fault of Graham.

Sandy tries to defend Nick as Bridget stands up and asks how long he has known about the rape. He says he knew something was off and he pushed until she told him. Bridget goes to where Nick is sitting and asks him to explain how he could not come to her with this information. She tells him at this point in their lives she should not have to tell him to come to her with this. Nick says he did not know where to go with this; he had even gone to Brooke. Bridget is livid over the idea that her mother knew and she did not. She tells Nick she is appalled. A nurse comes into the room and tells “Ms. Jones” her brother is there. After the nurse leaves Bridget asks who Ms. Jones is. Sandy explains she changed her name because she did not want to be that weak person anymore. Bridget turns to Nick and asks how he could trust someone who was lying. She can not believe he knew all of this about the woman carrying their child and he did not tell her. Bridget looks at Nick and says she was a fool to ever trust him again. She leaves the room afterwards and Nick follows. Sandy cries in bed while taking deep breaths.

Nick comes into the waiting room and apologizes. Bridget asks if marriage too confining to him. Nick says he wanted to tell her. Bridget is appalled that Nick kept this because of Sand told. Nick says he did not know about all of this until after Sandy was pregnant. Bridget is still angry and gets in his face while pointing out he ran to her mother and they were the adults in the relationship. She wants to know where his loyalty was. Nick tries to explain that everyone thought she would understand in the end. Bridget wants to know what he was thinking about when he and Sandy played “crime fighters” because it wasn’t her nor their baby. She points out it is no wonder Sandy idolizes him. “This is Katie all over again.”

Ridge brings Brooke something to drink while they wait in the hallway. Ridge says Hope will be fine. Brooke wants to believe that and then looks in on Steffy and Hope in her room. Hope asks if she will have to testify and Steffy says hopefully they will have to not see him again. Steffy says contact should have been through her. She says it should not have been the situation where she felt comfortable talking to a stranger. Steffy says she has been a bitch and this was never about her,.

Whip hugs Sandy and asks about the baby. Sandy tells them Bridget is all over Nick about not protecting their child. Sandy says she apparently is an incubator for their baby. Whip is happy they caught the guy and Sandy explains he was about to do the same thing to Hope Logan when they stopped him. Sandy then tells Oliver to give her a hug. Oliver hugs her and exclaims that is over. He hugs Sandy as Whip looks on.

Brooke and Ridge come in the room and Steffy stands. Steffy says she should be fired for hiring Graham. Brooke goes to protest but Steffy smiles and says since it brought him back to the US she and Hope decided she deserves another chance. Brooke and Ridge laugh about this with the girls.

Oliver and Sandy says it is over. Oliver knows she won’t hide again. He wishes he could have been the one to find Graham and beat him up. He asks Sandy what she needs and she smiles as she gleefully tells him she has it. Sandy says “I’m alive” and then hugs Oliver.

Nick tells Bridget he is sorry and that he tried to do the right thing. Bridget does not understand how he could do this. She says he has been more married to Agnes, Sandy and her mother. Bridget says she does not need to be protected. Nick says “like hell you do.” She goes to protest but Nick stops her and explains that when he lost her and the child it was the hardest time in his life and even Sandy could see that their love was sacred. They all did not know how she would react if she knew their Surrogate had been raped. Nick tells her that he is scared as well. He is adamant that he loves her. He says he will understand her being mad and he will not blame her, but she is to never second guess that he is not sharing his life with her because she is the reason he lives. Bridget looks at him and while her eyes soften she tells him she is scared they will lose the baby. Nick pulls Bridget close to him, kisses her head and holds her. Sandy looks at the reunited couple through the glass in her room.

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