B&B Wednesday Update 2/3/10

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 2/3/10


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Nick runs on the roof as Graham tells Sandy he owns her.

Brooke and Ridge are with Hope as she is wheeled into an examining room at the Hospital. The doctor comes in and ants a tox screen. Brooke thinks she is so still and the Doctor says sometimes people do not wake up for 7 hours. Brooke is concerned that she will not wake up. The Doctor puts her on a heart monitor and asks about her medical history. Brooke says her daughter is healthy and innocent. She prays she did not have to go through what Brooke did.

Ridge comes out of the hospital room and sees the policeman he spoke with earlier. He asks how Hope is and Ridge informs him the doctor is examining her. Ridge blames himself for Hope overhearing everything. The man says whatever else happens it is apparent yet. He asks if he has heard from the Lieutenant who apparently is his father; he informs Ridge they have not caught the man yet.

Nick frantically screams Sandy’s name.

Bridget is playing with her phone when Whip taunts that it had to be the twelfth text message she has sent. Bridget says she will text until she hears from him.

Graham screams at Sandy to shut up; that she is not doing this to him. Sandy is helpless on the ground and then kicks Graham in the testicles. When he falls to the ground, Sandy gets up and grabs a steel pipe lying on the roof. As she stands above Graham Nick comes around the corner.

The Lieutenant comes up to the roof and tells Sandy this will not be necessary. Graham, says he is innocent as he is arrested. Sandy runs to Nick and then turns with tears in her eyes and a smile on her face as she watches him being arrested. When the Lieutenant leaves Sandy hugs Nick.

Brooke strokes Hope’s hair when Ridge comes into the room. Brooke looks at him and says with tars in her eyes that Hope was not raped. The Lieutenant’s son comes in as Brooke and Ridge are hugging and informs them that Graham has been arrested.

Oliver says his sister is not answering her phone either. Bridget knows Sandy should be so happy Oliver is there. Bridget tells Oliver the story of how they lost the baby,. She adds she wishes she could do something for Sandy that would mean as much.

Sandy smiles as Nick tells her it is over. She turns to him and says Nick changed her life by believing in her. She hugs him again and presses her face into his shoulder. Nick stands there but is a little uncomfortable. Sandy has sharp pains and pulls back as Nick insists on taking her to the hospital.

Bridget and Oliver sit on the couch as Whip checks his phone. They discuss Sandy carrying their baby. Bridget says she read her profile through the Agency but they had a lot in common. Bridget values Sandy’s honesty y more than anything. She says she is trusting Sandy with her baby’s life.

Nick comes in and informs the nurse he is not Sandy’s husband but they need to page their Doctor.

Brooke explains to Ridge that Sandy came to Brooke because she had been through the same thing. They can not believe Sandy was attacked by the same man. Brooke is thankful for Nick going to the loft when he did. Ridge is appalled that a “big name” photographer is really a low life. He says the guy better stayed locked up. Brooke says they were lucky; “Hope is safe thanks to Nick and Sandy.” Brooke tells Ridge Sandy did not want Bridget to know because she did not want to complicate the pregnancy. Ridge adds that the pregnancy os is complicated now.

Sandy is in pain as Nick paces asking for the doctor. The doctor comes in and asks how this happened and how severe the pain is. She says medication could slow the baby’s heart and Sandy says it is fine. The doctor excuses herself and calls Nick after. As Nick turns to leave Sandy thinks maybe they should not tell Bridget. Nick turns to her and says he has kept too much from Bridget already and she has to know about this.

Bridget continues to worry about Nick when her phone rings. Within a half ring Bridget picks up and Nick tells her to come to the hospital. Bridget guesses this is about the baby and wants to know what happened. Nick tells her to just get there.

Brooke tells Hope she is praying she would wake up just like when Hope was a baby. Brooke pleads with Hope to open her eyes. She begins to cry as she tries to convey that there is so much she wants to say to her. Brooke rubs her hand along Hope’s cheek and then walks away as Ridge comes in with coffee.

Ridge goes over to the window where Brooke is and turns to see her stirring. Hope wakes up and Brooke and Ridge run to her. They tell her it will be okay. Hope wants to know what happened since she does not remember. Hope says she went to Graham’s and he gave her wine. Brooke thinks they should talk about this when the “drugs wear off.” Ridge explains that Graham put drugs in her wine. Brooke adds he is in custody and he is an evil man. Ridge and Brooke apologize to Hope for what they said and they tell her they did not mean it. Hope does not say anything as Brooke professes that she loves Hope. She tells her she is wanted and loved. Hope inhales deeply as Brooke sheds tears.

Nick is met with Bridget wanting to know what has happened. She asks if Sandy is with the doctor and Bridget says she was called away. Bridget hugs Nick before walking into the exam room where Sandy is. Sandy says she is so sorry. Bridget wants to know why she is sorry. She asks if she has kept anything from her. The Doctor says the baby is viable since there is a heartbeat but the next few hours will be important. Bridge overheard that Sandy fell and as soon as the doctor leaves Bridget questions how it happened. Andy looks at Nick and Bridget studies them both and wants to know why Sandy fell.

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