B&B Tuesday Update 2/2/10

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 2/2/10


Written By Kaylee
Pictures By Juanita

Brooke is calling Hope’s friends asking if Hope is there. Ridge is on a different cell phone calling her local hang outs. Ridge notes it is getting late and Brooke says knows something is wrong.

Graham puts the drug vile in his pocket and says he has his own Sleeping Beauty. He lays behind Hope and while kissing her shoulder whispers “you’re all mine.”

Bridge is looking at a picture of she and Nick when Whip comes in the room and says they are still in their honeymoon phase. Whip asks where Nick is and Bridget admits that he left her a message but she does not know where he is.

Sandy and Nick wait impatiently as Sandy claims she needs to know so this does not happen to another person.

Hope rolls over and groggily says the room is spinning and she needs a phone. She is incoherent and falls back asleep. Graham says her life is about to change forever and leans down and licks her face.

Brooke gets off the phone with Donna and wonders if this is payback for her wrong deeds. Ridge says she needs to let this go. Brooke knows how long it took Bridget to forgive her and does not want Hope to not forgive. Ridge says they need time and it will work out.

Bridget says there will be another picture on the desk soon. She is excited for the new baby but wonders what Sandy is hiding. She has seen that there is pain behind her eyes.

The Lab Technician hears a beep and says Graham is a match for the DNA. He calls Lieutenant Baker but Sandy is out of the door with Nick running after her.

Hope sits up and says she has to go home. She pleads with Graham that he can help her. Graham lays her back on the bed where she lies in a comatose. Graham tells her the fun is just beginning and kisses her while she is unaware.

Graham starts to peel away Hope’s clothes and says there is no rush and he will enjoy every second of this night. He says she was “super shy” but he could see how much she wanted him. He claims she is so perfect as he looks her over.

Bridget ponders what Sandy is hiding when Oliver comes in and is looking for Sandy. He meets Bridget and Bridget goes on and on about how lucky they are to have Sandy in their lives. Bridget has to go but is delighted to have met Oliver. Before she leaves she tells him she wishes she knew Sandy before because even then they would have been friends. Oliver can see why Sandy likes Bridget and Whip adds that Bridget is a really nice person. Oliver claims Sandy is a ditz when it comes to time; she was supposed to meet him a half an hour ago.

Nick drives furiously and asks Sandy if she is okay. She thinks it is eerie that they are going to the place that it all happened. Nick says it is time to get Graham and accelerates speed.

Ridge speculates Hope is just upset. Brooke wants to know why Hope is not answering her phone.

Graham has situated himself over Hope and says she is a good girl and there is “no fuss.” Nick is on the elevator and tells Sandy to stay behind him. Graham wipes the lip gloss off of Hope’s mouth and says she does not need it because she is poor. He says she needs to keep quiet. He then tantrums telling her to shut up and that women talk too much. Graham has Hope on the bed in her bra and pants with candles around her. Nick bangs on the door and says he has a lucrative contract from Jackie M. Graham covers Hope up and goes to the door. He says it is not a good time but as he does so Nick kicks in the door. He sees Hope and runs to her. Graham sees Sandy and runs out of the door. Sandy runs after him telling him to stop.

Graham takes the stairs with Sandy behind him. Nick is on the bed and tells Hope to stay in there. Lieutenant Baker comes in with a policeman and Nick tells them to take care of Hope since she has been drugged and that they need to call Brooke Logan since that is her daughter. Nick runs after Sandy and the policeman makes the call to Brooke. A nervous Brooke puts the policeman on speaker phone and he explains to Brooke and Ridge that Hope has been drugged and is at a photographer’s loft. Brooke furiously says that he better not have touched one hair on her head. The policeman tells them they are at 32 Green Street and Ridge and Brooke are on their way.

Oliver sits on the couch and converses with Whip about Sandy and how she is the victim of the rapist. Whip promises someday he will pay. Graham runs up several flights of stairs and Sandy quickly follows him to the roof. Nick is now fast approaching and as Sandy follows Graham in the dark he turns and asks who the hell she is. Sandy says he is a coward and that five years ago he did the same things to her. Graham claims he does not know her. Sandy says he will go to jail. Graham says he was only trying to help the girl downstairs; someone put drugs in her drink and he was helping. Sandy calls him on his lie and Graham finally says she has “nothing” on him. Sandy shakes her head and tells him he is wrong; she has his DNA. Graham stares in shock at an emotionally strong Sandy.

Brooke and Ridge are with Hope while she lays on a gurney. Brooke runs to her and begs her to wake up. Ridge says they are there and no one will hurt her. Brooke wants to know if she was raped. The paramedic says Sandy and Nick got there just in time. Ridge wants to know where the guy is. He tells them Graham ran and Nick ran after him. Ridge says he wants five minutes alone with him when they find him.

Sandy and Graham, are in a confrontation and she says she will tell everyone what happened to her and he should memorize her face. Graham grabs her by the neck and screams for her to “shut up.” Graham throws Sandy to the concrete ground and she is physically shaken. Graham shakes his head and chants “well, well, well looks like you are all mine, once again.”

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