B&B Monday Update 2/1/10

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 2/1/10


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Brooke says she loves Hope and she has since the moment she knew she was pregnant. She begs her to come home. Hope swerves and we hear a truck’s horn. Hope screams as lights encompass the car.

The Lab Technician says it could take a while but he is thankful for Nick’s investigative skills since Graham’s DNA is all over the gum.

We see a close up of Graham’s mouth as he invites numerous friends over. He lays back and tells one of them to bring as many friends as he wants. He adds that they should see the gorgeous girl he has.

Steffy lets a stack of Press Kit photos of Hope slam onto Katie’s desk. Katie says she guesses this means Steffy is on board. Steffy knows Katie wants her gone but it will not happen.

Brooke looks worried as her phone rings. Hope says she is okay but she ran off the road. Brooke begs her to let her come get her. Brooke says they need to talk and Hope admits she is not ready to talk. She hangs up on her mother.

Nick calls and leaves a voicemail for Bridget that he will explain later but he is busy. Sandy confides that if it turns out to be Graham “he is going down.”

Katie gets up from her desk and says if she wanted Steffy gone she would have fired her. As Katie stands with her back to Steffy, Steffy rambles reasons why Katie could never fire her. She says her dad and grandfather would leave and Katie is trying to push her out. Katie writes something down as she says it was a business decision. Steffy knows this has a ton to do with what happened between her and Bill and does not know why Katie feels insecure since her marriage seems secure. Steffy then goes on to tell her she talked to her mom and the paternity of Hope could blow up in everyone’s faces. Rick walks in and has something for Katie. He could not help but notice Graham is the photographer. He claims that while working at International Graham had the reputation of being a total creep. Katie and Steffy look at one another with concern.

Graham welcomes friends into his apartment and wonders where Hope is. He calls and asks where Hope is. She says she swirved off the road and is still coming over. Grhama smiles and says “I’ll be waiting.”

Nick hands Sandy some tea and she admits she needs something stronger. He says there is no way since she is pregnant. Sandy admits since she has been pregnant she feels differently. She confides that if they do not find the attacker she will be okay. Nick says he has no choice but to tell Bridget. Sandy makes a plea for him to not do that but Nick knows Bridget is a loving woman and will understand.

Rick says Graham is supposedly the best. Steffy adds that is why she tracked him down but before she can continue Katie interrupts, “maybe that wasn’t such a good idea.” Steffy wants to know everything Rick knows about Graham. He says there is talk out of NY, Milan and Paris that Graham does not treat the models well.

Graham welcomes sketchy looking friends in who ask where the girl he has been talking about is. Graham says she is on her way and should be there soon.

Brooke wants Hope to come back to her now. Ridge tells her to give Hope some space and she will be back.

Hope arrives and sees all of the people at Graham’s apartment. She insists she will go but he says she needs to be around people. He takes her coat and introduces her. He grabs her purse and turns her phone off. He then pours her some wine and adds a vile of white powder to it while no one is looking.

Ridge tells Brooke that Hope will realize the harsh words were not their feelings her but what they think they press would say. Brooke says she just wants to hold her. Ridge knows everything they said was out of love and in time Hope will realize that. Brooke hugs Ridge as a tear runs down her cheek.

Steffy wants to know what everyone says. Rick says the models talk and warn one another that he does not keep things professional. Katie says they will investigate. Steffy is adamant that she will check it out and will warn Hope to not keep her guard up.

Hope sits as Graham tries to give her wine. She says she is okay but he feeds her a story about how it is his favorite wine and he brought it back with him. He has a glass and they toast.

Sandy talks about her disbelief that Graham is the one but she does not count anything out. She knows she would be in the same place if Nick had not taught her that her life was worth it. Sandy thinks Nick may have helped thousands by finding the unopened rape kits. Nick informs Sandy he still has to tell Bridget about this; he plans on telling her tonight.

Hope is groggy and feels as though she needs to rest. She thinks she had too much wine. Graham tells the two guys sitting there Hope is a model for Forrester. They walk away as Graham claims she “is a handful.” He tells her she is not sick; she is having the time of her life. Flirting with the guys, dancing and dressing sexy. Blurred vision can not focus on Graham and a few guys come over and egg her on to do a shot. The shot glass rolls out of her hand as they chant her name.

Everyone has left and it is only Graham and Hope in the apartment. She groggily sits as Graham says she was “getting wild.” Hope feels weird and wants to go lay down. Graham helps her up and the phone is on the table.

Brooke notes that Hope’s phone is still off. Ridge says Hope is smart and will not do anything dangerous. He thinks she is at a girlfriend’s house. Brooke thinks she really screwed up this time. Ridge knows Hope loves her and nothing will ever change that.

Sandy says she has waited years and now she is in the lab waiting. She admits she always thought she would be sleeping with baseball bats and now she is ready to face her attacker. Nick tells her she is a tough woman and she needed someone to push her along. Sandy wants to make sure Graham never touches another woman.

Graham tries to convince Hope that she hit on all of his friends. He plays with her hair and asks her to tell him why she is there. She confides her family said she was a stain on the family name. Graham is so happy she is there and he will never hurt her like that. He tells her in the morning she won’t remember it. He lays her down and tells her to relax. He plays with her hair and repeats “it will be like nothing ever happened.”

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