B&B Friday Update 1/29/10

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 1/29/10


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Katie stares at her photos as Ridge’s words come to haunt her that she is a “stain on the family name.”

Ridge and Brooke argue as Brooke asks why Deacon would even come up. Brooke says Hope does not see herself as a scandal. Ridge says Hope has no idea she was conceived while Deacon was married to Brooke’s daughter. Hope looks sick as she braces herself on the doorframe. Brooke agrees that it would ruin Hope as well as them if it came out.

Taylor sees Steffy come in and explains she has seen her father. Steffy chides that it is good she is supporting him because she is sure Brooke is not. Taylor also informs Steffy that she saw Katie and confronted her about her issues with Steffy. Steffy rolls her eyes as she asks what Katie has said.

Sandy looks at her phone when Whip walks in. Sandy jumps and then cgoes over to hug Whip. She says she is on edge because she is waiting on a call from Nick. She knows Whip won’t guess where Nick is. Nick is trying to get DNA. Whip wants to know whose DNA Nick is getting. Sandy says Graham as Whip is shocked.

Graham asks what they need him for. Graham asks about the line and Nick says he can not talk about it. Graham guesses he can’t until he is under contract. Nick smiles and says “not until I have you all locked up.”

Whip says Sandy did not think it was him. Sandy explains she is now not so sure. Whip is there an if it is not Graham then they rule him out. Sandy says Nick has been such an angel helping her. Sandy says Nick’s wife means everything and she is so happy she can give them the baby she is carrying. Whip tells her whatever happens she can count on him. He leaves and Sandy goes back to the desk and asks the laptop again if it was Graham. She thinks it was him.

Graham says with all due respect he needs to know what he will be doing. Nicl says he will be working with mostly women. Nick says photographers get lots of fringe benefits. He then offers another piece of gum saying that it does not last long. Nick would prefer gummi bears but they get stuck in his teeth. Graham is annoyed and says he hates gum. He spits it out in the wastebasket and wants to know what the details of the job are.

Taylor says Katie was shocked at her question. But she adds Katie wants Steffy to fill her in on the rest. Steffy says this all about the Logans. Stefffy says it will be a nightmare for Hope.

Brooke says she has not thought about th e mistake. Ridge says it does not matter to them but the “vbad seed” will be a free fall for the press. Hope stands outside the door listening to everything they say,.

Taylor sits beside Steffy and says this is a recipe for an emotional breakdown. They have shielded her life but can not shield her from this. Taylor does not understand about this. Steffy doesn’t get why they can’t see it.

Brooke says carrying Hope was a mistake and a nightmare. Ridge says she should not relive this. Hope shakes her head as Brooke talks about how “ashamed” she was throughout the whole pregnancy Hope opens the door and says she too feels so “ashamed” as well. Brooke is stunned.

Graham notes they have not even discussed fees. H si annoyed with Nick and the gum. Nick says he has gum to relax him and wonders what he does to relax. Graham says he works.. Graham’s phone rings and when he takes the call Nick pulls the gum out of the basket and calls Sandy. He tells her to meet him at the station. Sandy tells the laptop if he did this he will die.

Sandy waits in the lab for Nick. Nick brings in the gum and they wait as they take the gum to run the test Sandy turns to Nick and thanks him.

Steffy says she can try to keep the press away from Hope;. Taylor does not know if that will work and says this can be emotionally damaging.

Hope walks to Brooke and repeats that she is a “mistake.” Hope asks how long she has felt that way. Ridge says she heard everything about how she was a “stain” on the family. Hope knows the love they showered her with was guilt. She shows her the photos. She came to her to show her the gorgeous photos. She rips the photos and and says she is a “stain” and a “mistake.” Hope leaves and Brooke chases her to the door. Ridge tells her to let it go. Brooke turns, crying and asks what they have done to her.

Sandy asks how Nick did it. Nick says he was going to put the gum in Graham’s mouth if he had to shove it in. Sandy thinks if she was assaulted by Graham she knows she was not the first nor the last. Sandy says they have to get this guy.

Hope drives in her orange Mini Cooper and tells her phone to call Graham. He asks how she is and she says she needs a place to say. She asks if she can stay there. Graham says of course it is and smiles. He hangs up with her and calls Clyde. He says the parts is back on and he should tell the “Crew.” Graham hangs up and puts the phone to his nose.

Steffy almost feels bad for Hope. Taylor thinks this is terrible that Hope could become a scandal. She knows it could scar her. Steffy looks genuinely concerned.

Brooke thinks they should not have let her drive. Brooke calls Hope and she answers but says she can not talk. Brooke tells her to come back. Hope cries and asks for them to leave her alone. Ridge asks her to come home. Hope says she has heard it all. She is a stain. She swerves to miss a car blowing it’s horn. Brooke asks her to pull over. Brooke says Hope was an innocent baby and she was not the problem. Hope asks if knowing her mom felt guilty the whole time she was pregnant should make her feel better. Hope is crying and not watching the road. Brooke begs her to come home to her. Hope shakes her head and is greeted with the onslaught of a large truck and it’s horn. Hope screams and a crash is heard.

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