B&B Thursday Update 1/28/10

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 1/28/10


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Brooke comes into Katie’s office and closes the door behind her. Katie rambles about how great Hope is while Brooke wants to know which family Hope is going to be great for; the Logans or the Forresters. She says that Katie’s vendetta against Steffy has made her husband miserable.

Taylor comes into Ridge’s office and asks if he read the presentation that Steffy wrote. She thinks Steffy has too much talent in her little pinky than all of the Logans combined. Ridge wonders when Katie became so vindictive. He wonders aloud what his daughter ever did to her.

Nick paces as Sandy wonders what the chances are that the photographer is her rapist. Nick says she can’t be sure but he is now working for Forrester. Sandy claims she is not sure but Nick insists they have one lead and they have to go see him.

Graham shoots Hope in his studio and he tells her to feel everything and let herself be “open.” Hope laughs and smiles as Graham continues to capture her on film.

Sandy says after she spoke to Graham he promised he knew nothing about it. Nick says they don’t know if he is innocent or not but they have a chance to find out since he is in town.

Hope continues to take photos with Graham. Hope says she wants to do a good job. Graham says she should have more wine. Hope says she does not need the wine and she feels like she can do it on her own. Graham sits her back down and says she has it all; beauty, attitude and she is the hope fore the future.

Taylor notices Katie means she will humiliate Steffy. They both agree that Steffy has done nothing to Katie. Ridge says Steffy’s problem is hat she was not born a Logan. Taylor says that it will be Hope who has to know she is an illegitimate child – because it will come out to the public.

Katie says she is over the whole Steffy and Bill kissing thing. Brooke pleads they should travel now. Katie says Bill is not selling the company back. Brooke knows Katie can not run the company when Katie will not respect the Forresters. Brooke says Katie should step down as CEO and give it to Ridge.

Sandy asks Nick what their plan is. Nick wants to go alone/ He says he may recognize Sandy and it could be dangerous. Nick is going to try to get some DNA but has no clue how to go about it.

Graham, says Hope should see the photos he just took of her. She thinks he says that to all of her models. Hope can not believe the photos are of her. Graham tells her to stick with him. He kisses her on both cheeks and gives her his card. He tells her to call him if she needs him. Hope claims this is the greatest day of her life and she can not wait to show her parents.

Ridge knows once the press gets this it will be bad for Hope. Taylor knows Hope’s entire past will be brought out and Hope will be mortified. Ridge does not know if Hope knows her whole past. Taylor pleads that he should speak with Brooke. Ridge tells her he had already talked to Brooke and she was not getting it.

Katie tells Brooke that Eric and Ridge did not do well with while running the company. Brooke needs Katie to back off and points out she and Bill bought their success. Katie is a little offended and thinks maybe she should tell Ridge about his sweet Steffy and how she lured her husband up to Big Bear. Brooke grits her teeth and says Katie can not do that. They have to make peace. Brooke is adamant that she will not lose her husband again.

Graham is alone when Nick shows up at his door. Nick says he is happy he is there. He asks if Graham is running from the law. Graham says he can afford to run around. Nick plays naive as Graham apologizes but explains his shoot ran long and he is exhausted.

Katie is sitting at her desk typing when Taylor asks if she can talk to her. “I see Steffy sent in the cavalry.” Taylor says Steffy as been trying to be a team player but Katie is making it impossible. She wants to know what Katie has against Steffy. Katie tries to warn Taylor that she does not want to go there but Taylor insists she does.

Brooke walks into Ridge’s office and says Katie may never talk to her again but she took a stand for Ridge. Ridge asks if it is against the Logan code. Brooke tries to convey how much she loves him and says she will build sand heats. Ridge comes around to her and Brooke looks in his eyes. She says whatever he lost she did not go anywhere and he did not lose her. Ridge looks around and asks if she feel that. Brooke says she does not know. Ridge thinks they have turned a corner. Brooke thinks Steffy should be treated better. Ridge explains he talked to Taylor. Ridge says Taylor knows what they are asking Hope to do could ruin her life.

Sandy looks at the laptop with Graham’s picture and asks was he the one. She asks if he watched as she fell helplessly to the ground. She wishes she could remember.

Graham is sorry but he really does not have time. Nick walks to the door and slams his hands on the wall. Nick says he is there because he too likes to take pictures and would like Graham to look at his portfolio. Nick nervously starts putting gum in his mouth and asks Graham if he wants a piece. Graham declines but Nick says Graham smells like a gin mill and should have some. Graham takes a piece and asks if Nick is happy. Nick replies with his mouth full of gum “very.”

Taylor explains that Steffy has not been the same and she wants to know if Katie sees Steffy as a rival. Katie knows Taylor thinks her daughter is perfect but the campaign is best for the company. Taylor insinuates if they do not take Hope out of the spotlight her past will come out; not only ruining Hope but bringing the Logan family with her.

Brooke wants to know why Taylor is stirring up trouble. Ridge says she is not and Ridge defends he loves all of his daughters. Hope comes around the corner as Brooke and Ridge argue about Deacon. Ridge says it will all be fair game for people at school and the press. Brooke contends Hope can not just let go of her dreams. Ridge says he is doing this to protect her; they will call Brooke a tramp and will be even worse to Hope. Hope walks to the empty receptionist’s desk in the hall where she hears Ridge say over and over again, “Hope is a stain on the family name.”

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