B&B Wednesday Update 1/27/10

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 1/27/10


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Ridge thinks his mother is spending too much time with Taylor and informs her he has no plans to leave his wife. Stephanie points out that she is making him miserable.

Hope tells Steffy she knows Ridge is not her dad but he told her she could call him one. Steffy retorts that he was just being nice. Hope points out a father is more than just DNA. Steffy does not care if Hope calls Ridge her father. Hope dries off with a towel when her mother comes in and asks what is going on. Hope claims that everything is fine. She turns and asks “isn’t that right Steffy?”

Sandy is on the phone promising that she will be there the next time Oliver DJ’s. She tells him she loves him and happily gets off the phone. Nick wonders who it was that she was on the phone with and can not believe how happy she is. He has no idea about her brother and wonders who that was. Nick is shocked to learn Sandy has a brother. Sandy smiles and says she is full of surprises.

Sandy sits in Nick’s office and tells Nick about Oliver’s knowledge of her rape. Nick thinks that they should find the photographer and he can help them out.

Hope tries to explain that soda being all over her is no big deal. Graham comes in and says he was wondering if she would like to go shoot some photos. Hope gleefully accepts but Brooke asks about her homework. She tells her it is already done. He would like to take Hope to his studio and Steffy points out they normally shoot in the building. Graham understands that but his studio is much more intimate and has plans for Hope.

Stephanie tells Ridge that Taylor is also worried about Ridge and the Logans. She says if he is doing so well he should not have to call his former wife to discuss his current wife. Ridge admits he does not want to be at Forrester. Stephanie jokes that if Bill and Katie have a baby he will be CFO before he is out of kindergarten. She says you have to be a Logan to get anything around there. Ridge then tells Stephanie that he should not be turning his back on Hope. This is a great opportunity for her. Stephanie says he does not have to turn his back on everyone for Brooke’s “lovechild.”

Sandy and Nick see a message board where Graham has posted about the shoot for Forrester and how hot Hope is. Nick says they know he is in L.A.

Graham takes Hope to his apartment and says he has no idea if he will come home and find people there or not. He explains that while he is in Europe he could care less if there are people there or not. They walk in and find Lorie and Clyde. Lorie is a photographer and Clyde is a former model. Graham normally does not mind but everyone needs to leave so he can work. Everyone leaves and Hope tells him if they need to reschedule they can. Graham says he wants everyone to leave.

Ridge wants the company back. Stephanie tries to tell Ridge about how they have ruined the company. She reminds him that Brooke had Hope when she was married and says they are “glorified call girls/” Brooke stands outside the office door and pauses when she hears this. Ridge stands and defends that Stephanie can not talk about Brooke this way. Ridge does not care what she says about Donna or Katie but she can not say those things about Brooke. Brooke runs away from the door when she sees Ridge walking towards it. Stephanie tells Ridge that one of the Forrester men have to say that enough is enough. She wants him to see “Kate” is getting too comfortable in his chair. Ridge insists on getting some air and leaves the room. Brooke walks in and slams the door, all the while glaring at Stephanie.

Hope loves the loft and can see why Graham likes it so much. She can not get over how he lets people just use his apartment. Graham tells her to get used to it. He says he thinks she needs to loosen up and offers her a drink. Hope reminds him she is not 21 and he claims he “forgot” that he was not in Europe. He still thinks it will help her loosen up and Hope agrees to have some “if it will help.” Graham says a lot of people do not remember how they act after they drink so she is smart to not overdue it. He asks her not to tell her parents she had wine with him.

Brooke says Stephanie promised not to interfere. Stephanie admits she did promise that; that was when Brooke promised not to hurt Ridge. Stephanie wishes she had killed Brooke when she had the chance. Brooke contends that Stephanie would have dropped and given her CPR. Stephanie says it was easier when it was just her and not she and her sisters. Brooke wonders if Stephanie thought all of this time she would be a step ahead of her. Stephanie says Deacon’s daughter has her own campaign and it does have an impact on the image. Stephanie claims Brooke is closer now to bringing Ridge to a nervous breakdown than ever before. She wants Brooke to stop and think about what she is doing to him.

Graham is looking forward to working with Hope. He says he needs someone with all of the right qualities. He says she is a good girl but rebellious and he can see it in her eyes. He says the bad side will show in her photos. She asks if they should get started. Graham says he has been watching her; the way she stands the ways she sits. He has watched everything she has done. Graham’s phone rings and Nick is on the other line. Nick knows he is working for Forrester but would like to work with him. He would like to see where he works and how he interacts. Graham does everything he can to get off of the phone and says he will discuss it tomorrow. Nick hangs up the phone and says he has weird vibes and wants to know everything Sandy remembers about him. Sandy says Nick says he could not help because he did not know everyone there and then disappeared. Sandy wonders if Graham is the guy; she then pauses to think about all of the girls he could have “lured” up to his apartment. Graham pours more wine and looks at Hope. She catches it and asks what is going on. He says everything is “perfect.” She notes the “way you are looking at me” and he again says “everything is just perfect.” Hope looks suspicious as she stares straight ahead.

Brooke says Stephanie can think all she wants that she and Ridge to break up so Taylor can have him. Stephanie claims this has nothing to do with Taylor. She wants Brooke to convince Katie and Bill to let Ridge out of the contract. She says he is suffocating and Brooke is the only one who can get him out of this. Stephanie wants Brooke to talk to Katie about how to get the company back for Ridge. She tells Brooke if she doesn’t she will lose him for good this time. Stephanie turns before leaving and declares “I’ll see to it that you do.”

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