B&B Tuesday Update 1/26/10

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 1/26/10


Written By Kaylee
Pictures By Juanita

Ridge comes in and overhears Donna telling Thorne to find someone who does carry the fabric Katie wants. He walks in to see Katie questioning Eric’s designs. Ridge walks outside and remembers his father giving him the company before it was taken over by Bill.

Whip walks into Stephanie’s office and says he thinks it is a big risk focusing the campaign around Hope.

Katie walks in sees a photo of Hope on a huge board and sees Donna, Brooke, Hope, Steffy and Thomas waiting for her. Steffy hands her the first draft of PR and Taylor approaches the door just as Katie tells Steffy to take another stab at it. Ridge walks behind Taylor and asks what she is doing there. She thought he would need support but it seems Steffy does. Katie stands behind her desk and says she knows the campaign is short notice but it is no excuse for “shoddy work.” Taylor turns to see Ridge’s reaction.

Whip pours coffee and estimates that Ridge is reaching his limits. Stephanie notes it is Brooke and Ridge. Whip knows their history and how many times they have been married. He then asks how many times they have been divorced.

Katie walks around her desk and informs everyone that no on can possibly fail with this campaign. It can not go from “fantasy to farce.” She pronounces it “Hope for the Future.” She adds that the line is by “Hope Logan.” Ridge claims that if he can not support his children there is no point. He walks away. Katie says the Logan name will set it apart and she wants Hope to read the script even though Steffy did it last time. Steffy asks if she is hearing correctly; “you want me to write the script but you want Hope to read it?” Donna tries to explain that Steffy is associated with the Glamour line. Brooke points out Steffy had another copy of the script and asks Steffy to go get it. Hope says she is parched and will go with her. Brooke asks Steffy to bring Hope something back to drink when she returns. Steffy leaves the room and Thomas glares at the Logans.

Katie thinks everything is coming into place. Katie thinks this is because of everyone’s best efforts. Brooke says Steffy and Ridge will comes around. She says Hope for the Future gives them a singular purpose “to make this company great again.”

Taylor, Ridge, Thomas and Steffy are in Ridge’s office. Ridge does not care anymore and says the problem is Katie. “There has to be some way to get her out of there.” Thomas looks at Steffy knowingly.

Whip sits down and says he is not advocating a break up. Stephanie knows he wouldn’t since he is dating Taylor. Stephanie says Taylor and Ridge will always have a connection which is why they are having this discussion. He says there is another reason and shows Stephanie a dress he made Bridget design for Taylor. Stephanie is taken aback and watches as Whip describes the blue of her eyes and the dress’ characteristics with Taylor.

Taylor closes the door and says she did not plan on saying anything but she wonders if Ridge has talked to Brooke about not going in his own house last night. Ridge informs her this is all they talk about and he tells himself he will get over it. Ridge claims to walk through the halls and wonder what he is doing there. His troubles used to melt away when he came there but now he feels dread. He asks what will happen if he can’t stop feeling this way. Taylor tells him he will have to change something. Taylor’s cell phone dings and he asks if the text was about the kids. She tells him it was Whip and he wants her to see her. Ridge knows now it is true. Taylor confides that Whip is sweet and appreciates her which she needs. Ridge tells her to go to him because she will be depressed if she does not leave. Ridge calls her ‘Doc’ the same way he did in the fantasy. Taylor points out he is married; she is not his Doc anymore and would appreciate it if he did not call her that. Ridge says he understands but after she leaves he sighs.

Katie wonders if Brooke is beginning to doubt Hope. Brooke claims she is not doubting Hope, but it is a big campaign and Hope is young. She does not like the pressure. Katie asks if this is all about Hope. Katie says she has a lot riding on this too since she will be responsible for this if it fails. She says Hope wants to show the world what she is made of. Katie knows Hope is just like Brooke and thinks it will be a great way to bring the future to Forrester.

Ridge is staring at a picture of Hope as he remembers Taylor telling him something will have to change. Ridge is startled to see his mother standing over his shoulder. He knows now what Taylor and Stephanie discussed over breakfast since she was just there to check on him. Stephanie tells him Whip had Bridget design a dress for Taylor. Stephanie would not be surprised if Whip was not falling in love with Taylor.

Taylor walks in the office at Jackie M. to find Whip standing beside candlelight. He says there will be no games today and there will be no silly banter. Whip says that the banter is a way to distance himself from her. He wants to get to know her. He makes her stand and shows her the Jackie M bag. He tells her to look inside. She looks at it and says it is “gorgeous.” He says he had it made for her. “It’s one of a kind, just like you.” Taylor looks at Whip in shock.

Steffy asks where everyone is as she finds Hope in Katie’s empty office. Hope explains they all had meeting. Steffy hands her soda and Hope is sure Steffy’s writing is amazing. Hope opens the drink and it explodes al of the place. Steffy laughs. Hope stands and angrily accuses Steffy of doing that on purpose. Steffy claims she did not. Hope then says Steffy is jealous. Steffy wonders why she would be jealous; naming various reasons that include Katie choosing the line. Hope says it is because Ridge chose Hope’s family over Steffy’s. Steffy quickly retorts that Ridge is not Hope’s father.

Taylor walks out in the dress Whip had designed for her. It is a floor length blue gown that is draped over one shoulder. He is amazed. She notes the dress is amazing and he says she looks just like he thought she would. Whip is sincere as he confides that he did not create the dress to show her what he can do, but more for what she does for him. He says Ridge may never make up his mind but he has. He looks in her eyes and says “for me, you’re it.” They kiss before whip pulls away and says he is crazy about her. They kiss passionately before Whip dips Taylor while planting kisses on her.

Ridge repeats that Whip had a dress made for Taylor. Stephanie tells Ridge “to hell with the contract” he needs to leave, take the kids and if he does not go to Jackie M he should start his own business. Stephanie tells him as long as Katie is in charge it will be this way. Ridge defends Hope is a good girl and has not hurt anyone. Stephanie says Hope has not hurt him but the Logans are hurting him and his family. She claims the Logans are only loyal to Bill and that Ridge needs to get away from them all. She repeats “from all of them.”

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