B&B Monday Update 1/25/10

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 1/25/10


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Brooke looks around and wonders where Ridge is.

At Taylor’s house Ridge is kissing Taylor but the phone rings. Taylor looks into the fire as Stephanie answers the phone. Stephanie says she will tell Taylor he is not coming over. Taylor had been fantasizing about Ridge the whole time.

Hope is at the coffeehouse still when Steffy comes over and tells her she needs to be more subtle when she is checking the guy out. Steffy asks if Hope got his number and she tells her he is “Oliver Jones, Entertainment Specialist.” They laugh as Steffy notes he is older than Hope. Hope responds that all of the interesting boys are older than she is. It seems they both like older men and Hope thinks it is because they become interesting 10 years too early for boys. Hope wants to know if Steffy is mad and Steffy says she is not. She knows there are people who want her to be mad at her but she is not. Hope knows Steffy knows what she is doing and she says Katie shocked her when she chose her idea. Hope says if the line is a success it will be because Steffy makes it that way.

Oliver knocks on the door and Sandy realizes how late it is. He walks over to her and reads the title of her book about Fashion Design. Sandy tries to explain that she will have to know this “stuff” if this is to be her business. Oliver asks if this will be her business; if so it is better than the business of having other people’s babies. She says they are nice people but he wants her to remember a life of her own. Oliver reminds her that life of her own is the one he is a part of and that is what brought him home.

Taylor asks Stephanie if Ridge wanted her to call him back. Stephanie notes Ridge is not going in his own home; he called Taylor and Stephanie did not tell him to do that. Taylor knows Ridge chose Brooke and he is stuck with her.

Ridge comes in the house as Brooke is walking down the stairs. He is disgusted that he had to wait in the driveway but he refuses to be nice to them outside of work. Brooke is shocked as she realizes he is saying he does not want her sisters in his house.

Sandy asks how it went. Oliver says it was weird; everyone liked him. He observed CJ, the owner was not paying attention to anything. Sandy informs him his mom used to own Jackie M. Oliver says they have money to burn then. Oliver loves how his sister is back. He thinks back to how he used to beg Sandy to leave the trailer but she wouldn’t. He asks if they found the man. He wanted to find the attacker. He says he let her down. Sandy tells her he is has been the only man she can count on other than Nick. Oliver thought there may be a new man. Sandy explains Nick is the baby’s father. Even Oliver knows Nick will be in her life after the baby is born.

Hope comes home and Brooke offers her take out Thai food. Hope turns her nose and asks “you got take out Thai food?” Ridge tells her Brooke had company. Hope turns them down and says she had dinner with Steffy. They are both shocked. She says hey worked everything out and they are a team now.

Steffy comes home and says Hope is going to be just fine. Stephanie wonders about the rumors she will be reporting to Hope. Steffy says she is the head of PR and even though Katie wants to her out but she will do her job. Taylor is still against Hope and her line while Steffy seems to take the adult approach saying every workplace has its drama and this is no different. She says it may be a hit or a miss but “Forrester Creations goes on.” Stephanie retorts that Forrester will go on but wonders if Ridge will.

Ridge jokes with Hope as she does her homework. She is trying to finish Spanish when she announces to her family she is getting married again. Brooke and Ridge jokes with her teenage fantasies of marriage; asking if he is a Vampire or a Prince. Hope says the wedding is in Switzerland and he is a musician. She quickly corrects he is in the “musical field.” Brooke asks how long she has known him and Hope declares that she doesn’t know him, but she knows his name is Oliver. Ridge tells her she has 45 minutes to finish homework and tells her good night. Brooke is all smiles as she tells her to have a good night as well. Hope sits on the couch thinking.

Oliver can’t believe Whip works there; no wonder she changed her name. Sandy says to stop Whip is their cousin. Oliver claims Whip is a huge dork. Sandy stands and tells him she loves Whip dearly. She has told him everything and he has been very supportive. Oliver asks if they can go to the unpleasant subject of the guy. He asks about the police looking the guy. Sandy says the DNA did not match but Nick thinks they may catch him.

Graham walks up to a waiter looking for a pretty blonde that was there earlier. The waiter tells him to look around.

Stephanie does not want Steffy to think this is her fault. Taylor tells Stephanie not to..but Stephanie defends that Steffy has seen Brooke tease her father all of her life; that is all she does.

Brooke comes in a nightgown and does not know how to have a home where sisters are not allowed. Ridge says that he does not know how to have a home that is not home to him. Brooke surmises they are back to the place where words do not mean anything. Ridge pulls Brooke to him for a hug while he runs his fingers through her hair.

Steffy asks Taylor if she is coming to bed. Taylor says “soon.” Steffy thinks Stephanie does not know where to stop; her father’s marriage is his business. Taylor agrees, but not before Steffy says sometimes she feels like sometimes she should leave the door open because her dad is coming home. She then excuses herself to bed and Taylor tells her to have “sweet dreams.”

Oliver has made Sandy a book with photos of all of the places he has been. She notices he did not get out of the car in one of the pictures. He says he did not have time and she jokes around with him that he did not experience the places. She smiles at him as they playfully laugh about his gift.

Hope answers the phone to hear Graham on the other end. He asks how impulsive she is because he has an idea. He wants to take her to a night shoot in alleys and all of the places they do not go. Hope says she can not go out right now. She has school and she just can’t. Graham apologizes and says he will see her at Forrester before hanging up the phone.

Taylor looks at the moon and remembers Steffy saying not to lock the door since dad will come home. Taylor comes inside of the house and locks the door.

Brooke has candles lit when Ridge climbs in bed and kisses her. Brooke says they can get through everything but they do. They may not be able to talk about things but through their bodies they can connect. “No matter what happens this will always be home. Wherever you and I are together; this is home.” Ridge and Brooke continue to have a love scene while Saxophone plays in the background.

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