B&B Friday Update 1/22/10

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 1/22/10


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Brooke and Ridge sit on the couch and Ridge says he wants to go home and soak in the hot tub. He does not want to think about Katie or Bill; he only wants to concentrate on Brooke. Brooke stands and says they will have to delay those plans since her sisters are at their house for dinner.

Stephanie comes in and finds Taylor by the fireplace. She admits she saw Whip leaving the house and says it is great that Taylor has someone who cares about her. Taylor and Stephanie both know the Forresters are having issues because of the Logans.

At the coffeehouse Insomnia Graham shows Hope the proofs. Steffy strides in and accuses Hope of calling meetings.

Brooke tries to explain she was hoping to mend fences with her sisters. Ridge can not believe she is starting tonight. He is exasperated and says he can not do it. “I can’t do this Logan. Now you are asking too damn much.”

Hope claims is not a meeting; Graham is just giving her pointers. Steffy says she saw the proofs earlier. She says she will do everything in her power to help her out. Graham is stunned that she will do this after her idea got shot down. Steffy says that these things happen and goes to get herself a latte. Across the room Hope sees the DJ who smiles at her. The DJ is Oliver.

Taylor sits down with Stephanie and discusses Brooke and Ridge. She says she does not know how much more Ridge is supposed to take from Brooke.

Ridge is alone in the office and sees stationary that has Forrester linked with Spencer. He balls the piece of paper up.

Donna and Katie wonder where Brooke is. She comes through the door with Thai takeout. She tells them Ridge is at the office and Katie guesses he did not want to have dinner with her. Brooke says they should put all of it to the side, eat and maybe he will show up.

Brooke, Donna and Katie sit around the coffee table talking about Katie having a crush on some pop star. Katie denies it and asks for Brooke to back her but Brooke is not paying attention. Donna hands her the phone and says she should call Ridge and ask him to come over. Ridge answers at the office and asks if her sisters are there. She says they are. Brooke asks Ridge if he is there and if he is coming home.

Graham compares poses with Hope and talks about her wisdom for being so young. He says he thinks he may be in love and Steffy stares in disgust. Graham leaves and Steffy stays. Hope asks Steffy which photo she likes and she admits she likes them all. Oliver suddenly appears and says he can not imagine the camera not loving either of them.

Ridge is in his car. He turns off the ignition and talks to himself. He says he does not want to go into his own house and he can not go on this way.

Stephanie admits that she talked to Brooke. Taylor’s phone rings and Ridge asks Taylor to guess where he is. He tells her that Katie is not only taking over his life at the office but now she is taking over his home. He says he needs Taylor to help him make it stop. Taylor’s eyes widen hearing this statement.

Steffy asks Oliver if he is coming on to them. He admits they are knockouts. He says if they could tell all of their friends to come that would be great since his job depends on him “packing the place in.” Steffy leaves the table and Hope says she will tell her friends but they are all high school students. Oliver says as long as they show up and buy java he does not care. He gives her his business card and Hope reads “Oliver Jones, Entertainment Specialist.” He admits that it sounded better than “DJ/Karaoke” Hope laughs and tells him her name is Hope. He walks back over to the DJ booth and watches as Hope puts the number in her PDA.

Katie knows she is the last person Ridge wants to have dinner with. Brooke hopes he will get past it. Katie admits she does not know if they can get past it and she hates what this is doing to Brooke’s marriage. Donna stands, she wants them to get past family versus family. She confides quickly that is how Eric sees the situation. Brooke defends that Ridge is trying, she knows he is. She knows Taylor is whispering in his ear about how Steffy is being treated unfairly.

Taylor says she needs to talk to Ridge and asks Stephanie to go make tea. Taylor asks what is going crazy. Ridge says he can not go in his own house because of Katie. He knows Brooke does not see it as him being overly emotional. He wants to go strangle Katie. Taylor tells him he is not a violent man and not to do it. Taylor wants to know if he really thinks Katie is making daughter vs daughter. Taylor says he is freezing and the only thing he could do is to flee. He asks if he should go to a bar. Taylor tells him he can go there and be there with his children and his mother. She says they will all be there to help him through this.

Donna has wine and speculates Taylor is making it daughter vs daughter. Brooke says it may not be intentional but she is making it harder by being there. Katie asks about Taylor and Ridge and Brooke says she trusts her husband. Katie asks if it bothers her for Taylor to be waiting in the wings. Brooke is confident that Ridge will not go to Taylor this time.

Ridge comes into the house and Taylor is once again by the fireplace. She turns when she hears the door. Ridge thanks her for being on the other end of the phone. She informs him he was in luck because she ended her date early with Whip. He says he is sorry. She looks at him. He paces and says he is sorry it has taken him so long to see things clearly. Taylor is confused and says 20 minutes ago everything was a disaster. Ridge says that she calms him. He says he was fighting what he knew he had to do. “I made a mistake, Doc. I made the same mistake I have been making over and over for years.” He says everytime he goes to Brooke he wonders if it will work. He tells her Katie was not the only reason he did not want to go into the company. He says he is done. He says Brooke has everything anyway and she can have her sisters. He is leaving and he is done. Taylor points out the fact he says he is done and that clearly means he is not. Taylor does not want him to keep doing this with her. When he calls her Doc it reminds her of when they were married and when they were lovers. He walks over to Taylor and says he does very well understand what it means, “Doc.” Ridge grabs the sides of Taylor’s face. He looks at her and then they passionately kiss.

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