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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 1/21/10


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Brooke pulls away from Ridge’s hug and says it does not have to be family against family. Ridge tells her that Katie and Bill are against everyone else and he needs to know she is on his side.

Whip looks at a photo with Ridge in it before Taylor comes into her living room and clears her throat. She tells Whip he can learn more about a woman by going through her pantry or tasting her coffee. They sit on the couch and Whip notes the coffee is great. He asks if her roommate is home. Taylor laughs as Whip ponders the fact Stephanie used to be her mother in law. Taylor contends Stephanie is her best friend. Taylor says she enjoys Whip’s friendship over the past few weeks. Whip would like to be more than friends and Taylor responds that they will see. Whip asks if Steffy is working late and Taylor confirms that she is. Whip tells her he would like to play a game where she is the patient and he is the doctor.

Steffy almost yells in Bill’s ear that in her opinion that her line is a success and the other line has not even been well thought out. Katie says the line is the direction they want to go in and walks over to the desk. Steffy asks Bill if he really wants to place his company in the hands of a high school girl.

Bill sits in the chair and agrees that Steffy’s logic is right; the Glamour line was successful and he is sure the next line would produce another successful line. Steffy confidently reiterates that he knows she will. Bill says that is why he has no doubts she will take the new Hope line far. That is the line he intends to go with. Katie smiles at this revelation.

Whip asks Taylor to not think of grade school doctor and patient. He asks her to lay down on the couch. Taylor lays on the couch and Whip grabs a noteoad and sits in a chair. He starts out using an accent. He asks how she is feeling. She says she feels silly. Taylor then seriously asks if he really wants to know what she is thinking. Whip drops the accent and admits he does. Taylor says she is thinking about Ridge and his situation right now.

Brooke tells Ridge she is always on his side. Ridge says his goal is to go up against Bill and her sister. Brooke asks if he has forgotten the Dare campaign and how she behind her sister’s back for him. Ridge is sorry she had to go through that. Brooke places her hand on his ear and says she would do anything for him. Ridge then brings up their children being against one another. He says they were ruined before when something like this happened and he does not know how to prevent this situation from happening again.

Steffy asks if he is choosing Hope’s line over hers. Bill says he is trusting his CEO to run Forrester as she sees fit. Steffy counters that Katie is bias towards her. Katie snaps “don’t be a child” and kisses Bill. She then walks back around to stand beside Steffy in front of the desk.

Taylor confides that Steffy means everything to her. She says Ridge loves her more than anything. Whip understands her line was not chosen and wonders how Ridge will react. Taylor notes Ridge would leave if not for the contract or his children. She says he now claws for a little bit of respect. Whip says he would not want to go up against Bill Spencer. Taylor informs him Bill is not the problem but the Logan sisters. She says Ridge is going up against his own wife included. Whip asks if that is encouraging, “seeing as how you are still in love with Ridge?”

Ridge says Steffy should have not have been put aside. She should have won over Hope. Brooke says Steffy had her shot and now Hope has hers. Brooke asks Ridge to stand behind Hope. Ridge wonders if Katie would do this intentionally, if his daughter did something to hurt her first.

Donna answers the door at her home and Katie walks through asking if Brooke is there yet. Katie says she is looking forward to dinner because she feels like she could scream. Donna wonders if she is still mad about them. Katie says it is not that. She is fighting for the company but now she is also fighting for her marriage.

Steffy walks into the office and goes to grab her portfolio. She sees Hope’s campaign head shot and begins to cry. As she turns to leave she runs into Bill. She tells him it may be a shocker that she has a soft side but he does not have to worry, he will not see it again.

Katie is livid as she explains to Donna how she wanted to strangle Steffy. Donna hopes Bill told her off. Katie tells Donna about how Steffy pitched the campaign while talking about passion. Katie wanted to scream she was standing right there while she tried to seduce her husband. Donna asks who Bill went with and Katie says he went with her but Steffy really thought he would side with her. Donna says it is as if Steffy thinks she has a hold over Bill.

Steffy says Bill will have to answer to the Board after this campaign flops. Bill tells her she will have a chance again. Steffy says her dad may leave the company contract or no contract; he is only there because of her. Bill tells her she did not lose her place there. Steffy does not understand how he has done this and tells him he should give her a company. She tells him he has seen what she could do with a PR Department and he should imagine what she could do with a whole company.

Brooke wonders what Ridge knows. He says Katie was Steffy’s biggest supporter and then something happened and the tables turned. Brooke says she may have believed in Hope’s presentation more than Steffy’s. Ridge would like to accept that there is no big conspiracy but he can’t. Brooke says she understands he has issues with the Logans but she hopes it is not “all of the Logans.” Brooke leans in as she and Ridge kiss passionately on the couch.

Taylor gets off of the sofa and says is tired; she needs to get up in the morning. Whip understands and he says he is sorry, he knows talking about Ridge is emotionally tolling on her. She begins to say Ridge deserves more as Whip interrupts her and says she does to. He knows someone personally who would like to give her that. They hug and then Whip kisses her. Taylor smiles as they pull away.

Ridge can’t stand what work has become for him. It used to be a second home. He says he somehow has to get the company back from Bill. Brooke says they will but he has to remember all that is hidden in the walls. She unbuttons his shirt and says there are memories to remember and ones to create. The two continue to kiss.

Bill laughs and leans on the desk. Steffy leans only inches away from him and says there would be money in it. She tells him all he would have to do is put her dad as CEO and et rid of the Logans “all of them.” Bill jokes he will give a lot of mental thought to that one. Steffy stares intently into his eyes and says it is her dream.

Ridge and Brooke are unclothed while laying on the couch. He says he can not stop thinking about his daughter’s dreams. He says he did not begin this war but he will finish it.

Bill is mesmerized by Steffy speaking about how the company is in her family’s soul.

Brooke says there does not have to be a war. Ridge says after Steffy’s sisters death she was struggling to find her place and she was finding it there. Brooke asks to not let it divide them. Ridge says he does not want to hurt her but he is taking the company back. “This is a war I am going to win.”

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