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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 1/20/10


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Ridge comes into Stephanie’s office and notes how peaceful it is. Stephanie explains there are no Logans there and that is why there is no conflict. Ridge does not disagree and notes things are out of hand. Stephanie asks how Steffy is and Ridge says she is crushed. Ridge claims he is working on getting the Company back. Stephanie tells him he can come work with her and be a partner at Jackie M.

Katie jokes they should put a bell on Stephanie’s neck so they know when she is there. Brooke laughs a little as Katie points out she is not happy about Stephanie knowing their about their campaign. She makes sure Katie knows Taylor ran and told. Brooke says Stephanie came there to give her marital advice and was trying to help. Brooke says all hubands and wives have disagreements and Katie adds “even the newly married ones.”

Bill is looking over papers and thinks about the night he and Steffy kissed during the thunderstorm. Justin comes in and asks if Bill is alright since he has added a signature in the paperwork. Bill apologizes and says he has a lot on his mind. Justin notes the sabotage by the Forresters is getting to him and Bill says it is just one. Justin guesses it is Steffy.

Katie is shocked Stephanie was on Brooke’s side for once. Brooke defends that she makes Ridge happy and Stephanie knows this. Katie says even wolves support their young. Brooke says she is not just supporting her daughter with this. Katie asks about Brooke and Ridge. Brooke says Stephanie should keep her advice; “there is not room for three in a marriage.” Brooke leaves the room leaving Katie to ponder the statement.

Ridge tells Stephanie he wants Steffy to run the company with her last name; it is her birth rite. Ridge reminds Stephanie of his contract and says that he appreciates the offer but he will be okay. Stephanie informs Ridge she went and saw Brooke. Stephanie tells him to relax nothing has happened but she did give him some advice. Ridge says he does not like Bill and Bill will be upset with his wife when he finds out she has dumped the campaign.

Bill sits on the desk and explains to Justin he had a fight with Katie and she walked out. He expected her to come back but instead Steffy showed up. Bill says Steffy is “firey when provoked.” Justin speculates Steffy charmed Bill. He reminds Bill Steffy is Ridge’s daughter. Justin says Steffy has gotten under Bill’s skin.

Steffy comes in and Katie says she is glad she is there. Steffy asks if Katie expected her to quit after she chose Hope’s campaign. Katie tells her both campaigns were good but they have already done Steffy’s. Steffy asks Katie if she is that much of a threat to her.

Katie stands from her seat and is in shock since she helped Steffy get her start. Steffy points out she gave her a great campaign. Brooke says she paid her back by this betrayal and she needs her to pay it back. She tells her she needs her to be a team player now. Katie also points out Hope’s campaign is good and she needs to get behind it. Katie sits down again as Steffy chides that she will do it but Katie can stop pretending this is about business.

Justin is going to plan a trip to New York because he does not want to be around when Ridge finds out Bill has the hots for Steffy. Justin asks what Bill will do and he says nothing. Steffy will continue to work there and nothing will happen. Justin reminds him that empires have fallen because of a kiss.

A very handsome, young man in a leather jacket comes into Stephanie’s office. She tells him he must want Model Casting which is down the hall. He says he is looking for Sandy Sommers. Stephanie asks who he is and how he got through Security. He tells Stephanie he has to “bounce” but as he turns to leave Sandy stops him and tells him not to go anywhere.

Steffy comes into the office where Bill is and he notes he was just thinking about her. He quickly interjects he was thinking about her campaign. Steffy is livid and overemotional as she says his wife has blocked her campaign. Katie stands at the door then walks over to Bill. She tells Steffy to stop wasting Bill’s time since he has a plane to catch. Katie reiterates the Glamour line is out and they are moving in a new direction.

Ridge paces back and forth when Brooke comes in and says she hates fighting. Ridge admits he does too but he can not hide his feelings. He says it was not just a company it was a legacy. When Steffy was born he knew she was the next generation of the company and now she has been pushed to the side. Ridge says he can not take it anymore nor will he stand one more of Katie’s speeches about how Bill saved the company. He sees the coffee cup has the logo with Spencer Publications written below and throws it against the wall. Brooke stands in shock.

Sandy says it has been too long and gleefully introduces her little brother Oliver to Stephanie. He says Sandy looks happy and healthy. Sandy pokes out her stomach and Oliver asks how before correcting and asking who the father is. Sandy says he is married and she loves his wife as well. Oliver needs her to explain. Stephanie stands and says she will get some scotch since this will take a while.

Ridge paces again and says they are all personal punching bags for Katie and Bill. Brooke says they are trying to make it work. Ridge wants to know if that is the case why is Katie pushing Steffy to the side. Brooke pauses and says they have their differences. Ridge says he spends all of his time thinking of ways to take the company back. When he was a kid he had a dream and her sister nor Bill will take it away.

Bill asks about the change in campaign. Katie points out the obvious that the need to progress since the Dare campaign rumors are out there. She says they need Hope and everyone is talking about hope and change; thinking outside of the box. She even notes the green movement. Steffy asks if they are copying Jackie M. Katie says they are not copying them but they need to know the wave of the future. She tells him the campaign will bring a younger audience to them. Bill asks about models and Katie says they have Brooke’s daughter Hope; who also came up with the idea. Bill says it sounds good and he will meet with Hope. Katie is smiling as she walks to the desk. Her smile disappears and is transferred to Steffy’s smug face when Bill says he is not ready to let go of the Glamour line yet.

Oliver and Sandy sit in Stephanie’s office as Sandy tells Oliver the reasons why she is having the baby. She tells him to pick his jaw off of the floor. Stephanie says Sandy is giving Bridget so much. Sandy says this is so odd she feels like Bridget is the one who gave her a gift. A very excited Sandy says that she was feeling so sorry for herself because her life had taken a wrong direction until she met Bridget and Nick. She says she will cross her fingers and Oliver adds “hope for the best.” Sandy explains to Stephanie they said that all of the time when they were kids. Oliver points out Sandy never met a tree she could not climb or a bully she could not take. He tells Sandy he is very proud of her for doing this.

Bill says Katie makes good points but he would like to hear Steffy’s point of view. Steffy says that sometimes you want something without knowing why you want it. She walks closer to Bill and says their customers need something that they have to have. Bill adds that it is like a drug. Katie watches the two and comes over to him and says everyone needs hope. Hope to be a better person, to do the right things and she thinks he should back Hope as the campaign. Steffy says he should stick with a winner and back her line. Katie asks what it will be and Bill is stuck in between the two.

Brooke sees the hatred in his eyes when he says Katie’s name. Ridge says there is a right and wrong and Bill Spencer should not run their company and neither should the Logans. Brooke says they are on the same side and they should not let anything come between them. Ridge tells her the lines have been drawn. Brooke tries to paint a picture of unity; Ridge says it is a dream and no matter how she wants to see it there is still a battle of her family versus his. Brooke looks at him with tears in her eyes as she contemplates what he has said.

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