B&B Tuesday Update 1/19/10

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 1/19/10


Written By Kaylee
Pictures By Juanita

Taylor and Ridge break away from their embrace and Taylor notes how hurt Ridge must be. He says he is still in shock and Taylor agrees that to be hit by the surprise of this is startling for anyone. Ridge thinks it is hard to believe Brooke would have planned this behind his back and Taylor agrees that Brooke would not do it but Katie would have done this. Ridge wonders why Taylor says this. Taylor speculates that Katie is the one making people side one way or the other. Ridge is not surprised since she took his position in the company. He wonders if Brooke knows how damaging it is for her to side with Katie.

Brooke and Katie converse on one side of the office as Donna gets off the phone and tells Hope the proofs should be there soon. Hope is worried how she will look but Donna reminds her how gorgeous she is. Excitement ensues. Katie tries to explain to Brooke this was a business decision. Brooke knows Ridge would side with his daughter just as she has to side with hers.

Jackie and Owen discuss walking on the beach while planting tiny kisses on each other’s faces. Stephanie walks in and says she has news. Jackie asks if Forrester is going to go with more of their Glamour Campaign and Stephanie says Steffy has created some sort of sequel. She announces she has realized Ridge only stays at the company for his children.

Owen is happy to hear Steffy is doing well with everything going on at the company. They all note how well Steffy has done professionally and then Stephanie adds that the Logans are not idiots; they knew giving Steffy the position would make Ridge cooperate.

Hope wonders what is taking so long. She fears she has broken the printer with her bad photographs. Brooke is there to tell her she is gorgeous. The receptionist brings in the package and Katie opens the packet.

Taylor reminds Ridge he does not like seeing his daughter pushed aside. Eric and Thorne come into Ridge’s office and are surprised to see Taylor. Taylor says she will leave Ridge tell them what went on. Taylor leaves and Ridge announces that Katie has gone with Hope’s new idea. Thorne and Eric are both in shock to hear Hope’s name. Steffy walks in and taunts “Hope for the future…Katie strikes again.”

Steffy informs everyone the Glamour line is history. Eric does not understand why Katie would go with inexperience. Steffy says it is the Logan sisters using Hope. Ridge says Brooke is proud of Hope. Thorne understands this while Eric does not understand how Brooke can be behind this. Ridge says Hope deserved a job but she is now going with the teeny bopper line. Eric comes over to Ridge and tells him to be careful; this could really come between Ridge and Brooke. Ridge does not want it to come to that.

Everyone in Katie’s office love the shots of Hope. Donna says that Steffy will have to get over it. Hope says that her dad also does not like the idea. Katie reminds her it is a way for the company to get to the next generation and it was a business decision.

Stephanie reminds Owen and Jackie they have a conference call with Italian Distributors. Taylor comes in and says she needs to talk to Stephanie in private. Owen says they were leaving. They leave the office and Taylor says Brooke is at it again. She jokes and tells Stephanie Hope has come up with a new line called “Hope for the future.”

Ridge holds a photo to his chest as Brooke comes in. Brooke asks if he has time to talk and he chides that since he is not designing Steffy’s line he has plenty of time. Ridge says he is not mad about Hope’s involvement. Brooke tells him not to be angry. She says she has seen the proofs and they are amazing. Ridge asks if she is going with the line. Brooke takes the time to remind Ridge she has always been there for his daughter and for once she needs to see what an opportunity this is for Hope.

Steffy is looking over proofs of Hope when Hope walks in and says hello. She brings her a coffee like she used to like it. Steffy tells her she does not have to get her coffee. Hope responds she is an intern. Steffy stands and says interns don’t come up with lines in their first year or on their first day. Hope says she has looked up to Steffy and she is not trying to steal her thunder. She asks if she can work with Steffy because she wants to work for the best. Steffy tells Hope she is sweet. Hope smiles before Steffy tells her she is also naïve.

Taylor tells Stephanie about the campaign and how the Logans discarded Steffy’s idea. Stephanie says the Logan girls are “so greedy” and that they always want more. Taylor says Ridge and Eric know that the Logans are running the company and there is nothing they can do. Stephanie says Brooke is stupid by asking her husband to choose.

Ridge stands and asks if Brooke wants him to stand behind a teenager. Brooke says Hope can reach a new demographic. Brooke asks Ridge not to make this about the Logans versus Forresters. Ridge says Katie initiated this war when she sat in the CEO chair from day one. He makes it clear Katie is his enemy. Brooke stands glaring as though she finally gets it.

Brooke says she and Ridge can work through this. Ridge states Katie treats him like a servant. Ridge says that Katie drew a new line when she fired Steffy. Brooke says Steffy did not get fired. Ridge says she could have when she pushed her aside. Brooke defends she would never let that happen. She tells him Hope’s campaign was better and he should stand behind it. Brooke leaves him alone and closes the door behind her.

Hope asks Steffy why they can’t get along. She adds they are on the same team. Steffy corrects Hope and tells her she is a Logan and Steffy is a Forrester. Hope asks if they must carry on some legacy of hating one another. Steffy purses her lips and says “I guess so.” She then walks away.

Taylor comes in to Ridge’s office and they sit on the couch. She confesses that she confided in Stephanie. Ridge is shocked but Taylor calms him when she tells him Stephanie is worried about his marriage. Ridge wonders what the hell Brooke is thinking. Taylor says Brooke is doing the same as they are doing for Steffy. Ridge smiles as he notes Taylor was the level headed one. Taylor says Ridge does not know how lucky he is to have someone like Stephanie; his mother always has his back.

Brooke is looking at papers on Katie’s desk when Stephanie comes in and says this office should be Ridge’s. Brooke guesses Taylor went running to Stephanie. Stephanie says she knows about the Hope for the future line. Brooke states that is confidential information. Stephanie tells her to relax that she is there as Ridge’s mother. Professionally it was an idiotic move to go with Hope’s line. Stephanie says the Logans are in the top spots. Stephanie points out Brooke chose her son over Ridge and it ruined them. Brooke says there is enough room for everyone. Brooke points out Stephanie never cared for Brooke with Ridge. Stephanie says she does not care about their marriage since Ridge thinks Brooke makes him happy. She says sometimes Brooke must sacrifice for Ridge and this is one of those times. Stephanie tells Brooke to think about it before she throws it all away.

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