B&B Monday Update 1/18/10

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 1/18/10


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Taylor stands as Brooke can not believe that Ridge is saying it is over. Brooke never expected him to say it was over. Ridge says he can not take it anymore and she has pushed him too far.

Whip sits down and Sandy sits beside him. She is sorry she couldn’t tell him. Whip sees that she has gotten help and is able to open up about it. Sandy says it is all because of Nick. Whip repeats that Nick took her to the police station. Sandy smiles and says he has done more than that for her.

Sandy explains to Whip that when a man came up to her she would turn to stone and now she feels like she is healing. She is not even ruling out falling in love. Whip speculates she mat be falling for Nick. Sandy says she feels gratitude and that is all. Sandy asks what Whip is thinking. Nick is very much married and just because she is carrying his baby does not mean she will fall for him. “Don’t worry, I am not carrying out some deranged fantasy.” Nick comes into the room and asks if she is sure about that. He asks what they are talking about.

Katie tells Hope not to listen to what Steffy and Taylor have said. Hope claims she does not want this if it is a part of some vendetta.

Ridge tells Brooke Steffy’s idea was incredible. Brooke says Katie liked Hope’s idea better. Brooke tells Ridge he can not just give up. Ridge tries to convey that he is only there to protect his children’s legacy and if they do not have a significant role he does not want to be there.

Whip wishes Sandy could have come to him sooner. Nick says they have to find the link between the DNA. Sandy desperately wants to find the man that did this to her so he can not do it again.

Hope tells Katie if she wanted to play games she would be home with her computer. Katie asks if she wants to help the company. Hope says Steffy’s presentation “rocked.” Katie explained it already but she deducts that Hope wants to hear it again. Katie says the campaign is needed right now; their clients need hope and that is why she chose it. Hope says she will do it and Katie thinks that is great. She tells her to go find Madison. Steffy comes in and Katie says they are about to do a test shoot with Hope. Steffy tells her “good luck.” Katie tells her she is still the head of PR unless she does not want the job anymore. Steffy says she knows Katie wants her to quit.

Ridge knows Steffy’s campaign was well put together and since this is Hope’s first day it will be too much for Steffy. Brooke tells Ridge he was not there and he should look at the test shoot. Ridge looks at Taylor and so does Brooke. Her cellular goes off and she has to go to the test shoot. She kisses Ridge quickly and says they have not finished this conversation. After Brooke leaves Taylor sighs as she stares at Ridge.

Nick asks Whip if he remembers anything from the party. Whip remembers nothing and Sandy intervenes that Whip was shocked. Whip mentions Graham and Sandy says she does not know how to get to him now. Nick asks why it would be hard and Whip explains Graham Daros is now a big time photographer.

Graham sets up the shoot with Katie. He is shocked that Katie wanted him to still shoot for them. Hope walks in and Graham knows they are focusing on her. Brooke comes in and says she and Katie must talk. Brooke was happy at first but now has doubts. Hope begins to be photographed and does a wonderful job. Katie asks Brooke why she was nervous. Brooke is scared it has happened too soon. Katie watches and says she is their “Hope for the future.”

Taylor tells Ridge she thinks it was great that he stood up to Brooke. Steffy comes in and says Ridge has to do something. Her hypothesis is now that Katie has her sisters behind her she wants Steffy to teach Hope how to do her job. Ridge asks why Katie would hate Steffy and she pauses before she tells him it is because she is a Forrester. Ridge says he is worried about the situation as well. What Katie did is unfair and Ridge will not allow his children to be pushed to the side. Steffy clings to Ridge in a hug and she pouts on his shoulder.

Nick looks up Graham’s website and says he will talk to Nick since he is a fashion designer. Sandy does not think Graham will remember anything. Whip says it may lead them to the attacker. Sandy comes around to look at the picture of Graham. She remembers him taking her picture and she tells him she did not want to be a model. He tells her she could be. Sandy remembers the sound of the camera and the skeevy way he called her “baby.” Whip comes over to Sandy and asks if she is okay. Sandy is visibly shaken and Nick asks if Graham was the one. Sandy thinks she may just be in shock from remembering so much of the night but says she was drugged and does not remember the rest.

Graham tells Hope he will be seeing her soon. She is flattered as he goes on to say he was looking forward to shooting the Logan women but is really happy to give her all of his attention.

Katie asks Brooke if she did not like the test shoot. Brooke knew Hope would be a natural and it is everything Bill will want. Brooke says she knows how easy it is to be jealous and protect a marriage. Katie says she does have an ulterior motive. She explains that the models that are reaching out to the younger audience is hooking them or life and Hope would be wonderful to carry on that tradition for the Company. She knows Steffy and her family may not like it but she is CEO and she made a decision. Katie then apologizes if this causes problems for Brooke and Ridge. Brooke explains that she knows Katie is doing this for the company but Taylor is making this a battle of daughter versus daughter.

Taylor claims not to try to stir up anything but there was no competition between the presentations. She says Brooke was bias. Ridge says she is bias too. Taylor asks where that leaves him. Ridge points out Hope is his daughter as well. Taylor says everytime he and Brooke try it he is in the middle. Taylor says Brooke will back Katie and use the fact that Brooke will use that Ridge is Hope’s stepfather. Taylor says this is all about loyalty. Brooke is going to put her sisters and her daughters first. What this is doing to Ridge. Taylor says Brooke will use the stepfather card and Taylor is so sorry Ridge has to go through this. “You don’t deserve this. I’m just so sorry.” The two hug as Taylor clings Ridge’s back.

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