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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 1/15/10


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Ridge asks Stephanie if she is worried about him. Stephanie says everyone in town is talking about the Dare coup and wonders how he is doing. Ridge hopes they can turn it around. He says Steffy is presenting her new ad campaign and really needs something to go right for her today.

Brooke, Donna and Katie watch as Steffy reveals “Hollywood Glamour: The After Party.” Katie concludes she wants to go with the Glamour theme. Steffy says Glamour was successful and it will give them lots of turnaround. Hope comes in and apologizes for being late. Katie tells her to come in and asks Steffy if there is more of her presentation.

Sandy comes to see Whip at work. Whip asks what he can do for Sandy and she instructs him to forgive her for treating him so badly.

Whip tells her not to be sorry; she was going through something. Sandy says she should not have taken it out on him. Whip asks how she is and she tells him she is better. She wants to tell Whip why she is so distant towards him. Whip asks if it has something to do with a guy.

A man walks through Forrester dressed in a leather jacket and the receptionist is awe struck as she tells him Steffy is still in her meeting. She tells him he can wait. Taylor approaches and asks the receptionist if Steffy is done yet. The man asks Taylor if he knows Steffy and she informs him she is his mother. He asks if she had Steffy when she was twelve and Taylor announces she likes “this man.” He introduces himself as Graham and the two shake hands with smiles on their faces.

Steffy continues with her presentation and says she would like to roll the campaign out in time for the Oscars. Donna and Brooke say it was a good job but Katie has a question. She says they had cocktail dresses in the last line and wonders how this will differ from that.

Sandy talks about the party they both attended and how she was given a drink after Whip was gone. She says she was drugged. She begins to cry and says she was messed up when she woke up. Whip comes to her and wants to know his name. Sandy cries and as a very angry Whip wipes her tears away he wants to know they caught the guy. Sandy says they have not.

Ridge says that the kids want their legacy. Stephanie says they are entitled to it and Ridge agrees they will have it. Stephanie wonders how they can do that when the Logans are taking over.

Katie says this looks like a “retrend.” Steffy says these dresses will be marketed to the younger audience. Katie points out it is all over the media that Forrester was doing something different and daring. She thinks this line is an extension and that is how it will be seen. Donna and Brooke see Katie’s point. Steffy says this will be aimed towards the younger audience with a new print ad etc. Katie asks how she will accomplish that. Steffy confidently tells them they have to meet someone. She picks up Katie’s phone and asks for Graham. Taylor comes in with Graham. They wonder what Taylor is doing there and she says she was outside of the office and Graham offered for her to come in. Donna recognizes him and says he did great work at the film festival. He tells the group he has expanded and would love to work with the biggest fashion house. He knows they are in a meeting and excuses himself. Steffy adds he is great for this and Bill will love him. Katie looks and says “great. Hope you’re up.” Steffy is stunned and asks what she is up for. Hope moves the presentation boards out of the way as Katie explains Hope has an idea for a campaign is going to present. Steffy steps to the side in disbelief.

Whip says he could have helped if Sandy had told him. Sandy tries to explain she could not look at any man for a long time. He walks to her and hugs her. He says it kills him that he could not help her. She tells him Nick is helping now and she now realizes there are so many women who are waiting for answers. Whip says he needs her to talk to him about the party and who was there.

Ridge tries to explain that Brooke wants to see him as CEO. Stephanie brings up Marcus and Rick are there and she wants to make sure Taylor’s children are not passed over. Ridge says they will one day run the company. Stephanie says Taylor is doing very well. She catches him off guard as she confides Taylor is seeing someone.

Hope begins her presentation as Taylor and Steffy stand side by side in disbelief. Hope conveys her presentation is a little too simple. She says kids have to worry about college and what will happen next. She says kids do not have a lot of money but the money they do have is spent on clothes. She reveals a black board that says “Make A Statement” in very plain red letters with no graphics behind them. Steffy looks disgusted as Donna and Brooke smile. Hope says the new line is “Hope. Hope for the Future.” Hope reveals a board with a headshot of herself with the words “Hope for the Future.” Steffy interrupts and asks if she is naming the line after herself. Hope says she is naming it after a concept; her generation needs hope for the future. Steffy has a scowl on her face and says they can not seriously be considering this. Donna says it is unique. Katie says she loves it and she will go with it. Hope almost blurts it was Katie’s idea but Katie stands and interrupts before she gets the words out. Steffy asks what about the Glamour line. Katie says Steffy’s concept is a little stale but Steffy will work with Hope closely to market the line. Taylor asks how they will accomplish this concept; she wants to know if it will come with three ring binders. Brooke stands beside Hope and says her husband will design a fabulous line around the concept. Steffy stops and asks “Is this really a good line Katie; or is there something else going on here.” Katie looks at Brooke, an eyebrow rises and she smiles sweetly.

Ridge is in disbelief as he learns Taylor is involved with Whip Jones. Ridge says he has too much going on to worry about Taylor. Stephanie asks if Ridge is really happy. Ridge says his children make him happy. He reminds her of Steffy’s success with Glamour and now she has a sequel. Stephanie must get back to her office for a meeting but tells Ridge to not trust anyone. Ridge says she taught him that a long time ago.

Sandy tells Whip he does not have to get involved with this since the police and Nick are on this. She pleads with him not to stress Bridget out with this. Whip remembers the photographer and searches through his memory for the name. He finally lands on Graham. Sandy says he has made it big since then and announces his name is Graham Daros.

Graham stands with Steffy as she explains that they did not go with her idea. She apologizes for wasting his time. She consoles they may want him to shoot Hope. He says he hates to say it but Hope is a beautiful girl but he hates this for Steffy. Graham walks away and Steffy begins to talk to herself. She says Katie has it out for her and she must put her in her place.

Taylor is with Brooke alone in the office and says Brooke needs to talk to Katie about the campaign. Steffy has so much success with Glamour. Brooke says it is now Hope’s time and Steffy will have other chances. Taylor reminds Brooke to think of her marriage and what this will do to Ridge. She proclaims the only reason Ridge is there is because of his children and Steffy was completely passed over for Hope. Brooke says it did not happen that way; Taylor contends she was there and it did. Brooke tells her this was business and Ridge will see that. Taylor assumes Ridge will walk from the company and from Brooke. Brooke says Taylor is so transparent and is using their children. Ridge comes in and asks what is going on. Taylor asks if Brooke wants to tell him. Brooke says they are going in a different direction from the Hollywood campaign. Ridge asks if it was Steffy’s idea. Brooke says no it was Hope’s idea. Ridge says they passed over his daughter for an intern. He resolves he helped Steffy with that campaign and the Logan sisters have gone to far. He says this time she has gone too far. Brooke asks what he is saying and he looks at her and says “I’m telling you its over.”

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