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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 1/14/10


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Ridge walks away as Steffy apologizes. Taylor tells her not to apologize. Brooke points out Steffy has a higher job than an internship. Steffy says this is her place and wonders when Hope wanted to get into fashion. Brooke admits it was recent and Taylor accuses Brooke of fueling it on. Brooke does not understand why her daughter has to be deprived of this opportunity. She looks towards the door and sees Hope. Brooke begins to try to explain but Hope interrupts. She says she can tell Steffy has issues with her working there and her father is stuck in the middle.

Katie looks at the Press Release on the computer regarding Steffy’s position there. Donna walks in and sees the look on Katie’s face. She concludes this has to be about what they have done. Katie tells her it is about Steffy Forrester and what she has and continues to do.

Jackie fills Owen in on the faux line of Forrester. Owen is disgusted at the plan. They both agree it was a really stupid plan. Jackie says it does not get more delicious than this.

Jackie tells the story of how Katie and Dollar Bill squished the plans. Owen wonders about Steffy.

Donna can’t believe Steffy kissed him twice before their wedding. Katie tells Donna she saw her ogling her husband and she knows what a girl like Steffy Forrester thinks.

Hope knows this has to be hard on their dad. Hope says Ridge is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t. She pleads her case with Steffy. That one day Steffy, Hope, RJ and Thomas would be working in the company. She asks her to not see her as a Logan or Brooke’s daughter but as a person who is not a threat.

Steffy says she owes everything to her dad. She knows there are not chances like this; to work with the most respected in the business. Hope asks if she can stay. Steffy looks at Ridge as Taylor asks if she is sure she is okay with this. Steffy makes Ridge promise nothing will change. Ridge walks over to her and says nothing will change what they have. Steffy throws her arms around her father as Hope looks on.

Jackie sits on Owen’s lap as the peruse the Internet for tidbits. Someone leaked the “Dare” video Ridge, Eric, Rick and Steffy shot. Owen and Jackie satiate the fact that their plan has been foiled.

Steffy wishes she could get the company back for Ridge. She notes Katie is not wanting to budge out of the chair. She says aloud that if something changed within their marriage she may not want it. Ridge wonders what could go wrong.

Donna speculates that Bill may have led Steffy on. Katie does not want Donna to place the blame on Bill. Katie concludes that Steffy’s behavior has to stop. She is trying to get back at the Logan women and she must put a stop to it.

At Jackie M Owen paces and wonders about Katie feeling betrayed. He says Steffy was trying to be loyal to her family. Owen reminds Jackie that family means everything to him. Jackie says it is nice to be reminded and the two discuss dinner with champagne. Jackie whispers that Owen should check in on Steffy.

Steffy hangs up the phone and Brooke thanks her. Steffy says she is not doing this for the company as long as they are not running it. Brooke says she does not understand Steffy’s actions lately. Steffy looks and Taylor comes to her defense that the Logans have taken what should be Ridge’s.

Donna says she is sorry. Katie admits she is beginning to wonder if this can work with Steffy working there. Hope asks if she is interrupting. Katie and Donna welcome with her open arms. Hope admits that Steffy has issues with her being there but she thinks they have worked them out. Katie stands back and smiles. Hope tells them to point her to the copy room. Katie has a better idea. She tells Hope to come up with her own ideas for a new campaign. She notes Bill is going for the youth demographic and has “hope for the future of Forrester.” Hope says it is quite catchy and Donna looks on knowing what Katie is thinking. Katie says she will help her with the presentation. Hope asks her Aunt Katie if she really thinks she can do it. Katie says she knows she can, “I’m counting on it.” Donna looks on with a smile.

Brooke is not happy that Taylor says Katie stole Ridge’s position. Steffy goes on a rant about how Katie slept her way to the top. Brooke says Katie defended them. Steffy acts as though Katie is the only thing standing between Ridge and the CEO position. Brooke then says it is almost as though Steffy… She trails off and Taylor asks if she is accusing her daughter of something. Brooke stares Steffy down for the moment and with their eyes focused on the other Brooke backs down from saying anything about Bill. She says she thanks Steffy for doing a good thing for her daughter today but she wants them to remember there is only one side and they all have the singular purpose of seeing Ridge where he belongs as CEO.

Katie ushers Hope out of the door and Donna smiles as she says Katie came up with a great campaign. Katie is adamant that Hope came up with that campaign on her own. Donna smiles and asks what about Steffy. Katie asks what about her. Donna knows Katie will go with Hope over Steffy. Katie says she will move the company forward. She says Hope will come up with a presentation and Steffy already had a shot at being the spokesperson and she turned it down. Katie is fierce as she says Steffy has to go. She picks up a picture of her wedding day. She claims to love Bill more than she ever thought possible and Steffy does not respect that. Katie says Steffy must go.

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