B&B Wednesday Update 1/13/10

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 1/13/10


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Ridge hands the sketches of the Dare line to Hope and says she can do the honors. She puts them in the trashcan. She can not believe that he designed a crappy line to try to get the company back. Brooke explains Hope had an interest in the company and now is interning there. Ridge asks why she didn’t tell him first and Brooke says she had to go through management. Ridge hugs Hope and says the company is all about family. Steffy walks in and says Hope is looking “fierce.” Hope tells her she loves her hair. Ridge announces Hope is apart of the company now. Steffy’s smile quickly dissipates.

Thomas comes home and is met by Taylor. She thought he was at work but he explains he needed a break. He notes it feels like a prison; working for the enemy. Thomas tries to explain the Dare Campaign was desperation and it is killing his dad. Taylor asks for a hug. Thomas remembers when he was a kid a hug from his mom made everything bad go away. They sit on the coffee table and Thomas says he never thought he would see Taylor without his dad. Thomas says Ridge seems miserable because of the Logan sisters. Taylor refuses to do “Brooke basing” with Thomas. He confides Steffy needs a hug. He is not sure what is going on with her but he is worried.

Thomas stands up and they converse about Steffy’s headstrong and bad choices with men. Taylor asks if she is seeing Rick. Thomas says Steffy is misguided about everything. He tells Taylor about Steffy’s tantrum. Taylor asks if Steffy made bad enough choices to get her fired. Taylor says she was going to go shopping but instead she will have lunch with her daughter. Thomas asks his mom to get Steffy to talk to her. He tells her she has a lot going on and needs someone.

Hope knows she will be doing lots of coffee runs and wonders if she can start drinking it now. Ridge says she will be too busy running the copy machine. Standing beside her mother, Hope has the exact shade of hair color. Brooke beams as she looks at Hope. Steffy asks about high school and Brooke says she is in a work study. Steffy then says cheerleading and football games are the best parts. Hope asks Steffy if she was a cheerleader and she admits she was not. Brooke says it is only her first day but she knows Hope will be a “star” at the Company. Ridge says he has stuff to work on with Steffy. Brooke is happy to show Hope around the building. Hope hugs Ridge and says she will see him at dinner. After the two women leave the room Steffy is disgusted. She tells her dad she had fake a smile and says they can not do this.

Steffy walks over to the desk and Ridge asks if she and Hope have a problem. Steffy says she is tired of sharing him. The office is the only place she has father daughter time. Ridge says they are still strong. Steffy says after they leave work there are so many people in between them. Taylor comes into the office. Steffy tells her to talk to her dad. Taylor says she is there to ask her to lunch. Steffy announces Hope has an internship her dad did not know about. Taylor concludes the Logan sisters must have done this without his knowledge..”some things never change.”

Hope asks her mother how she liker her work outfit. Brooke notes the jacket is hers. Hope says she wanted people to think she was serious. Hope wonders if she does not like it and Brooke says she remembers when Hope used to play dress up. Hope sits at the table with water. Hope thanks her mother for the chance and Brooke contends they will thank her by the end of the week. Hope says Steffy will not thank her and she feels that she was not happy to see Hope there.

Steffy says her dad should note all of the Logans there. Taylor tries to draw attention to the fact that Hope will be going away to college soon and that Steffy is the head of PR. Steffy says Logans keep popping up everywhere. Taylor agrees that Steffy has a point there. Steffy compares the situation to a clown car; when you open the door all of these clowns come out. She tells Ridge he should close the clown car door. Ridge looks at Taylor for help. Taylor says Ridge is in a difficult position. Ridge thanks her but not before Taylor says that even Thomas feels he is being edged out. Ridge acts as though this is the first he has heard of this. Steffy says “they didn’t name me Stephanie Forrester for nothing. I am standing up for myself.” She says she will fight this.

Hope leans on Katie’s desk and feels empathetic for Steffy and the fact that she monopolizes all of Ridge’s time. Hope notes all she has to do is talk to Ridge at breakfast. Brooke comes over to her and is happy to hear her daughter talk this way. Brooke says Steffy is going through a lot. Hope says Steffy has a rite; “we have dad.”

Steffy sits Indian style on the couch with Ridge and Taylor on either side of her. Steffy remembers the fort they built in the dining room table. She says they built that together and they had their own language. She says she felt like she had him to herself. She feels that way at the office and begs him not to take the feeling away. Ridge says Hope has her heart set on this. Taylor points out Hope is not a threat to Steffy. Steffy wants Ridge to call a publication or some other company to have Hope intern there. Steffy says Ridge is her real father and he is not Hope. Steffy says Ridge should talk to Brooke and he can tell her to find Hope another place. She says she feels like she is losing him all over again. Like an eight year old who wants a cookie, Steffy puts her pouty face on and leans on Ridge’s shoulder.

Brooke stands over Hope while they look over designs. Hope says she would wear these clothes. She notes the dress is $11,000. Brooke says Steffy helped a lot with the company. Brooke lets it slip that Steffy has tested her bounds with everyone. Upon finding out Steffy was mean to her mother she says Steffy should go work for her grandmother. Hope wonders if they can trade her jacket for a bullet proof vests. Brooke says Hope needs to go to the cutting room and she will talk to Ridge.

Taylor and Steffy attack Ridge; they say they have lost the company and their legacy is gone. Steffy wonders how long it will be until they are squeezed out of the company. Ridge says things are different and he never thought he would work for someone he loathed. Taylor says Ridge can fix this. Brooke stands at the door and hears Taylor and Steffy tell Ridge the Logans are pushing the Forresters out. Taylor says there is a reason Steffy feels left out. Brooke comes in and Brooke can not believe Taylor is passing on the Logan Forrester vendetta to the next generation. Taylor tells Brooke she should not eavesdrop and Ridge needs to stand up for herself. Steffy tells Brooke to leave it is a family conversation. Brooke contends if it is about Hope she needs to be there. Steffy walks up to her father and tells him to stand up to them. On one side of ridge Steffy stands accusing “Dad!” and on the other Brooke stands there aghast “Ridge?”

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