B&B Tuesday Update 1/12/10

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 1/12/10


Written By Kaylee
Pictures By Juanita

Katie and Bill continue to kiss when Bill breaks away. Katie notes that things are not completely back to normal. Bill wishes she had not walked out. Katie walks over and says she knows he will never sleep alone again.

Steffy tells Thomas she does not like Bill. Ridge comes in with Brooke and they plan on being united in front of Eric. Eric, Donna and Rick come n afterwards and they all know Bill “kicked them around a bit” but he is confident they will get the upper hand again. Donna says Katie and Bill had a huge fight. Rick asks what happened and Brooke tells everyone Katie slept on her couch.

Nick and Sandy are in the doctor’s office waiting on Bridget. Sandy pleads with Nick not to tell Bridget anything.

Sandy tries to explain she does not want the awful past to taint the experience for Bridget. She explains everything is going so well and as a woman Bridget will have the happiness overshadowed by what happened to Sandy. Bridget comes into the exam room with the physician and hugs Sandy.

Ridge claims that if Bill cared about his marriage he would have handed the company over; he is Dollar Bill and not like that. Bill and Katie walk in the office. Ridge states he thought they were meeting in Katie’s office. Bill tells them playtime is over and he wants to see the “real” line by the end of the week. Eric asks if he is sure he is not firing them. Bill says there would be no fun in that and Katie has convinced him to put the whole incident behind them. Katie stands beside Bill quietly as Bill shoots Steffy a glace. She glances back.

Rick asks Bill if they are moving on and forgetting it happened. Katie says she knows they can not forget it. Donna wonders what he will do. They ask Bill about the things he said and Bill says he may have gone overboard. Katie says there are no angels and they should forgive and move on. Eric asks if forgiveness is her answer. Katie asks him if he has a better solution. Bill says he owns the company and it will “never ever” be back in their hands. Bill and Steffy continuously shoot glances back and forth and Thomas picks up on them.

Rick cannot believe Katie wants to “forgive and forget.” Brooke says they need a new plan that does not involve hurting her sister.

Katie is not happy with how things went and looks overall disappointed and worried. Bill says things can not go back to normal magically and she will need a “referee.”

On the rooftop Steffy is followed by Thomas. He says she is lucky her father nor Katie caught the looks. Steffy says there is nothing there and Thomas points out she keeps running to him. He has to ask, “are you sure there is nothing going on between the two of you?”

Rick is frustrated and Eric says their hands are tied. Rick says the clients and press are expecting a line. Ridge notes Bill has them where he wants them.

Thomas and Steffy are in the hall and Thomas says they should “fight fire with fire.” He drags her into Katie’s office and says she is the only one with pull when it comes to Bill. Steffy notes Bill is back with Katie. Thomas concludes Steffy has something on Bill. Thomas says he does not know how long their dad can go on without it. He tells Steffy she and Bill have something there and she should not shut the door on it yet.

At the doctor’s office they ask Sandy if she has had any issues with the pregnancy. According to Sandy there has been no nausea etc, and the baby is healthy. Bridget tries to explain how the ultrasound will feel. She says she will let the doctor continue. Sandy says she has been fatigued. The doctor says it is a good sign and turns on the machine. She hears and sees it and asks if that is “our” baby. Bridget cries as she sees the heartbeat. An emotional Sandy grabs Bridget’s hand and smiles and then reaches for Nick’s. Holding both of their hands she says it is a joy to give them this life “because it is exactly what you have given me.”

Bill sits on the edge of Katie’s desk on the phone and says Katie is not there. Steffy walks in and Bill hangs up. Steffy says it was impressive how he handled things. Steffy walks to him; within inches of him and says she has told him time and again he should not be surprised, “I’m cool.” Bill says he knows and Steffy grins.

Nick and Bridget look at a photo of the sonogram and say it looks great. Nick asks why she was nervous. He asks her to name one bad thing since they have been married. Bridget begs him not to say that. Nick says he is a sailor and more superstitious than anyone. He says this is their reward for their hardships. Bridget puts her arms around his neck in elation.

Katie stands in the office with Donna and Brooke. She asks if it is that bad working for Bill. She thought they could make it work and she still thinks they can. She says they are her sisters and she never wants to feel deceit or betrayal from her sisters or her husband. Ridge opens the door; Katie and Donna leave. Brooke thinks things will be okay with Katie. Ridge says they will get the company back and Bill will not touch his family.

Steffy is happy Katie and Bill are doing well. Bill gets up and Steffy follows until she is inches away from him. She notes he is wearing his necklace. Bill says if he is going into a war zone he should wear it. Steffy says it is who he is and mentions that maybe she should get a sword necklace; they can duel. Bill kind of laughs at it. Katie comes to the doorway which is partially opened. She sees Steffy staring into Bill’s eyes as she smiles. Katie watches as Steffy caresses Bill’s face with her hand.

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