B&B Monday Update 1/11/10

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 1/11/10


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Flashes of the night before visit Katie as she wakes on Brooke’s couch. Katie wakes up saying Bill’s name and that she must get home to him. Brooke says she should stay for breakfast. Katie thanks Brooke for the couch as she declines the breakfast offer. Brooke hopes Katie can forgive she and Donna and Katie says she can not talk about this. After Katie leaves and Ridge comes to Brooke and says he would like to deck Bill Spencer for the things he said. Brooke vows to be supportive of Katie’s marriage but worries about what Bill is capable of.

Thomas wonders where Steffy was last night. She confides that she went to see Bill.

Bill puts on his sword necklace again when Katie comes in. She looks as though she has cried all night and says she is sorry she left last night. Bill coldly says he is too.

Thomas hopes Steffy gave Bill a piece of her mind. He asks if she had a run in with Katie since she was so “steamed” about the situation. Steffy says Katie was not there. Thomas then implores Steffy to tell him what Bill did to her.

Katie tries to explain to Bill that yesterday was the worst day of her life. She knows she shouldn’t have walked out. Katie notices Bill is wearing his necklace and he tells her he thought it was time to put it back on. Katie begs Bill not to put up the walls it took her so long to break down. She wishes she could taking walking out back. Bill says no matter what they wish “what happened happened.” Katie says that is what love is. Doing something and forgiving the other. Tears fill her eyes as she claims she hated last night and wanted to come home but knew she should not drive. She thought he would understand. She says they should remember their vows and not let anything come between their strong love for one another.

Hope comes downstairs asking for breakfast and wondering why her Aunt Katie slept on the couch. She knows they are all not happy working for Bill and wonders why they don’t leave. Ridge tells her if it weren’t for the non-compete clause he would be working for someone else.

Katie tells Bill she didn’t like what was being said or how he acted and she was frightened she would say something she could not take back so she left. Bill says the Katie he knows does not run away. Katie claims she wanted to come home but she had been drinking wine. She cries as she softly tells Bill she thought it was wrong that they both slept alone.

Thomas wants to know what happened. Steffy says Katie walked out on him but not for good since he was her meal ticket. She confides they kissed. Thomas asks why she keeps doing this. Steffy does not know; she says there is something about Bill. Thomas concludes if Bill likes Steffy they can use it.

Hope asks Ridge why he doesn’t retire. She points out he does not have to be old to retire, just rich. Ridge tells her Forrester is theirs by birthright. Hope says Bill could just have a heart attack and die; that way Katie can move in and buy her a car since Brooke won’t. Brooke tells her they do not wish death on Bill. Ridge finds Hope’s attitude “infectious” and wishes his other daughter could be that way. Hope asks if Steffy attacked Brooke. Ridge says Steffy was out of line. Hope chides that Steffy is Taylor’s daughter and thinks she can do no wrong. Hope then says that Steffy has always idolized Stephanie and they know the rest. Brooke says it is about impulse control and Steffy lacks it.

Steffy ponders if she should take Bill away from Katie. Her negatives on the list include that Bill is married and while she does not respect Katie she respects marriage. She also claims Bill is old and she needs someone to be as cool as she is. Katie knows her father hates Bill. She says she never will be a Logan; she will never fall for Bill but she needs to figure out a different way to get the company back.

Bill confides that Katie walking out reminded him of his father not wanting him. He says she can throw things at him, call him names and the like but she can not walk out on him again. Katie comes closer to Bill and promises never to do it again. Bill admits he is sorry for everything that happened last night. Katie emotionally says she is sorry and she vows to never let anything come in between them again. She repeatedly tells Bill she loves him and as he hugs her he tells her he loves her too; “so much.” Katie briefly kisses Bill before holding onto him once again.

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