B&B Friday Update 1/8/10

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 1/8/10


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

As lightning and thunder sounds in the background an emotional Katie stands at the door. Bill tells her not to leave. Katie tries to explain that she needs to cool off and so does he. Bill tells her she will be forced one day to choose between her sisters and him. Katie doesn’t want to believe he would make her choose. Bill says he would not; but her sisters will require it one day. Katie says she can’t be there any longer.

Brooke and Donna understand Bill’s anger but Donna says she does not grasp why Steffy would be so angry. Brooke says it is a good thing Katie went home with Bill. Donna is encouraged that they may have not lost their Katie after all.

Nick sees Sandy and asks her if she would like a ride home since it is dark and thundering. Sandy says she feels strong enough to call a cab and she can only thank Nick for that.

Nick points out Sandy went to the police station and was strong. Sandy is still in shock about all of the rape kits unopened. Nick calms her and tells her Baker is in charge and she will soon have her life back.

The thunder rolls and lightning crashes when a drenched Katie shows up on Brooke’s doorstep. Donna and Brooke put a blanket on her and ask what has happened. Katie explains she went on a drive and that she walked out on Bill because of them. Katie goes on to say she defended them like they should have defended her. She tells them she defended the “indefendable.” The thunder continues to roll and Katie continues to cry.

Steffy shows up at Bill’s house and chides him about drinking alone. Bill asks what she is doing there and Steffy avoids the question by saying he will need to be drunk after she is done with him.

Sandy admits she has played and replayed the moment where she will come to face to face with her attacker. They agree he is a coward and a strong yet emotional Sandy says she will put her attacker away for the rest of his life.

Katie is still crying as her sisters act shocked she fought with Bill. Katie takes offense and tells them she defended them even though they lied to her and planned to sabotage her career for their husbands bruised egos. Katie says she loves them more than anyone. Donna pleads that they did not want to lie to her. Katie insists she needs to go back home to Bill. Brooke says Bill would not want her to drive in this weather while she is upset. Brooke insists that Katie must stay there for the time being.

Steffy sarcastically insinuates it must have been difficult for Katie to have walked out on Bill. Steffy then sees Katie is at Brooke’s and state to Bill “Katie is at Brooke’s. What does that tell you?”

Lieutenant Baker shows up and claims the DNA from her attacker is not in their system. Sandy turns to Nick and asks if that is all they will do for her. Lieutenant Baker promises his men are on this and they are determined to find her attacker.

Brooke hands Katie a drink and says it should help. Donna pleads that they did not mean to hurt her. Katie admits after arguing the validity of her anger that she has no clue who she can trust.

Steffy tells Bill he should give the company back; it is screwing up his marriage and he has proven his point. Steffy then guesses that this is his way to break away from the Logans. Bill repeatedly tells Steffy to go home. Steffy says Katie is not right for Bill. She says the Logans have always stuck together and Katie being at Brooke’s proves it. Steffy then claims Brooke wrecked her life. The storm worsens and Steffy points out Katie walked out on Bill.

Sandy sobs to Nick that the attacker got away with it again. Nick consoles that it is not over and he is not getting away with it. Sandy continues to be emotional as Nick pleads with her not to go back to the dark place she was at. He tells her one day she will open her heart again. Sandy repeats “one day.”

Brooke insists again Katie stay there. She claims she never wanted Bill to hurt her. Katie stops crying momentarily and says it is funny Brooke says that when she always thought Brooke would be there for her and have her back. Katie feels betrayed; like a knife has been stuck in her heart. Katie admits she has no clue how she can ever forgive or trust Brooke again. The thunder continues to roll as Katie continues to cry.

Bill demands Steffy leave. Steffy says she never would have walked out on him. Bill says Katie will be home any minute and he does not want her to be there. Bill reads his text that Katie is staying at Brooke’s. The lights flicker and Steffy kisses Bill; unlike weeks ago Bill kisses her back. Steffy leaves and says “it’s not right.”

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