B&B Thursday Update 1/7/10

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 1/7/10


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Bill sits behind the desk and the Forresters stand untied as he tells them they do not know what he plans to say or do to them. He calls them con-artists and Ridge claims that they did what they had to do. Bill jokes that “poor little Ridge Forrester getting paid millions of dollars to design pretty dresses” would not get an sympathy from the real people of today. Eric says Bill was not raised in the fashion environment and he has no idea what he is talking about. Bill says he owns Forrester and they work for him. Eric says he built the company and Bill rebukes the argument by saying Cesar built an empire and they see how that worked out. Katie tries to interrupt but a stern Bill says that they will collect their checks as he and Katie remain in charge. He says designers are a dime a dozen and he hears the mall may be hiring. He tells them to try this again “I DARE you.”

Bridget is setting a table in Nick’s office for dinner as Nick pours water. Owen and Jackie come in and are surprised by the family dinner. Nick says the family dinner is “complete with surprise.”

Owen begins eating his salad and asks about the surprise. Nick says they never had the opportunity to thank Owen for the research that led to this. Owen says he is so happy that they have Sandy. He says he wanted a child but he led to them getting one and he feels like the research meant something. Owen takes a bite of a carrot as he notes he will be a “grandpa.” Nick says it is funny he mentions that.

Bill says the hoax would have done nothing but embarrassed them. Ridge says the Board would have forced him to sell. Bill laughs and says he is really stupid if he thinks that. Bill notes his own power in the publishing world and says they would be embarrassed. Bill says once again he would be saving them. Donna smirks “what, do you want us to thank you?” Her smile quickly dissipates as a very serious Bill tells her he does not like her tone. He then says Eric has a reason to want the company since he built it. He asks what she ever did work wise there. Katie walks over to him and tells him to stop but he ignores the request. Bill’s face is red as he implies the only thing Brooke and Donna did was sleep with every man who worked there. Bill stands and says Katie’s sisters being paragons of virtue and their pride went out the window. He says their sister Katie wanted to get married in their neighborhood because she wanted him to see what family meant to her. The two stand beside each other as he continues to lay into them. He says they paraded around like movie stars but the one moment Katie had something they wanted to take it away. He then follows up by telling them they are not sisters but “jealous little tramps.”

Bridget and Nick bring a gift bag to the table. Nick says he has not always made him feel like he was apart of the family and he wants to change that. Bridget pulls out a pipe, slippers, hearing aides and a ‘World’s Best Grandpa’ shirt.

Eric says Bill needs to watch his mouth. Ridge says he can’t talk to them. Katie begs him to stop. Brooke says they would do anything to get Forrester back. Bill says she must not have wanted it badly since she didn’t take her clothes off. Ridge acts like he will hit him but Eric holds him back. Katie tells him not to talk about them like that. They say he should fire them and Bill says he will not. He will not void the non compete clause by firing them. He says he will talk to them how he wants. Donna says he is a sick and twisted man. Bill says he is a businessman and he owns them. Bill then leaves the room and says “Katie.” Katie follows him out of the room, leaving the Forresters alone in the office.

Eric says Bill is just like his father. Ridge says there has to be another way. Ridge thinks they should pretend they will quit. Donna says they are the best in the business. Brooke thinks it is good it is out in the open. She says Katie stood up for them when she could have come down just as hard. Donna notes that she saw the old Katie too. Steffy explodes in a tirade about how Katie is not some sweet girl who idolizes them. She practically screams that Katie is a backstabbing egomaniac. Everyone in the room stares at Steffy in disbelief.

Katie walks into their home and throws her keys on the desk. Katie asks if he is going to ignore her. Bill says he is not ignoring her. Katie begins to yell at him; he crossed a line and said things he could not take back. Bill says if his sister ever did anything to her like they had done he would make sure she paid for it. He tells Katie he does not want to take anything he said back. He also says that outside of work he wants nothing to do with them and her defending them is like a knife in his back. He then turns red as he tells her to shut up and listen.

Owen puts his tee shirt on over his work attire. Jackie says Owen is the sexiest grandpa. Owen can’t believe they are laughing and eating dinner. Owen remembers Nick wanting to stab him with a fork. Jackie puts a hearing aide to her ear and asks “what?” Nick says things have changed and the gifts represent that his kids can trust him; they may even call him “Grandpa Six Pack.” Jackie corrects that it should be ‘Grandpa Eight-Pack.”

Ridge says Steffy should not say that. Steffy says her dad knows it and thinks it. Steffy says she is too comfortable in the position and she squealed on them. Brooke says Katie is married to Bill and is the CEO; they can not blame her. Steffy says she is so sick of the Logan sisters presence at the company. She says all they did was seduce their way to the top. Brooke walks over and says she is not sure what bed time stories her grandmother told her but she worked. Ridge walks over and says Steffy doesn’t know what she is talking about. Steffy retorts “the hell I don’t.” She says Brooke may have earned her position but all Donna has done has poured honey on her grandfather. She turns to her and informs her it is gross. Eric tries to calm her down and Steffy says she is sick of the Logan sisters. Ridge says Steffy is taking it out on the wrong people and she needs to stop. Steffy says she knows what she is doing and Bill Spencer is not to blame. She claims that when they kicked her grandmother to the curb they lost their moral center and the Logans made the company available for the taking. Eric and Ridge tell Steffy she is wrong. Brooke says she will not dignify that with an answer. Eric says Steffy needs to respect them. Brooke says a Logan may be saving the company. Steffy laughs and asks what Katie is telling Bill to give them back the company or she will leave him? Steffy then hits home when she says a Logan will not walk out and leave their rich husbands. It is not in their handbook. Brooke glares in disbelief.

Lightning strikes and Katie yells that he tells his wife to “shut up.” She asks if she is an employee now. Katie says they are her sisters and it is not all black and white. Katie begins to cry as Bill is furiously red and raising his voice. He says they love her when it is convenient for them and only then. He points out they were willing to embarrass and throw her to the wolves for their husbands. He says he does not understand how she can be so loyal to them when they almost destroyed her husband. He tells her they are not loyal to her and she needs to open her eyes. Katie grabs her keys and says she needs to go for a drive. The door opens and lightning flashes in the background. Katie stops and turns as Bill shouts “do not walk out on me.”

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