B&B Wednesday Update 1/6/10

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 1/6/10


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Katie can see Brooke is shocked by her questioning her loyalty but she explains to Brooke she must know is she is walking into a trap. Brooke says nothing as Katie asks her if they are setting her up to fail with the Dare line.

Eric thought he made it clear that no one was to see the designs. Ridge explains that Katie demanded to see them and then demanded to see Brooke. Eric concludes that Katie is onto them. Ridge pensively concurs that Katie must suspect something.

Steffy calls after her PR meeting to find out Brooke is still in the meeting with Katie. She is not pleased with the news and deducts that it can not be a good thing. Bill sees Katie while he is getting something to eat. He tells Steffy he is going back to the office to see the line. Steffy offers to show it to him and save him a trip. Bill says he will look over it with his CEO. Steffy goes on the immediate defense and says Bill and Katie are paranoid and they need to chill. Bill coolly asks if Steffy still has a crush on him. Steffy acts appalled that Bill thinks so highly of himself. She says she kissed him because she hated him; not because she liked him. Steffy goes on to say she does not like how he moved his wife into her grandfather’s office and that just because she works for him does not mean she has to like him.

Eric, Ridge and Donna agree Katie has been suspicious from the start. Eric asks if Brooke had a strategy when she left. Donna asks how anyone could have a strategy when there is a rack of clothes with each dress being more outlandish than the one before it. Eric thinks they are busted. Donna says if Brooke lies she has to look Katie in the eyes and what they have done could now be considered treacherous.

Brooke tries to defend that they tried to buy the company back several times and Bill would not sell it back. She explains once more that Ridge could not be inspired in these “conditions.” Katie then looks at her and asks “so they designed these?” Katie cuts to the chase and wants to know if the awful designs need to be a success or a failure. Brooke sighs and admits they are supposed to be a failure. Katie is flabbergasted as she announces that her own sister set her up.

Bill jokes he and Steffy can go on disliking each other. Steffy can’t help but smile and Bill calls her out on it. He asks how the meeting went and she said it was great and that she is taking Forrester in a whole new direction. Bill’s food is ready and he tells her to be a good little girl. Steffy quickly retorts she is not a girl; she is a woman.

Eric apologizes for hurting Katie and Donna chides Bill would have hurt her anyway. Eric and Donna both agree that they should have known Katie was too smart to fall for this.

Brooke pleads with Katie the Forresters felt they had no choice. Katie is furious as she tells Brooke she never would have done this to her. Brooke claims she was trying to protect her as she has always done and begs Katie not to tell Bill. Brooke asks Katie to realize what Bill will do with the information and how he will come down on all of them. Brooke cries as she begs Katie to forgive her one day. Both women continue to cry as they are they are visibly shaken by the confrontation.

Steffy comes in and tells Donna, Eric and Ridge the PR meetings went well and that things should be great with the Dare Campaign. Donna says it may never get that far. Eric and Ridge wonder how to keep Bill from finding out about the farce if Katie does know. Steffy tells everyone Bill is on his way to the office and then point out the obvious: Bill is Katie’s husband and she will tell him what she knows.

Bill comes into Katie’s office and sees she is closed off and is reluctant to tell him why. Katie asks him to let her be the CEO and intermarry between the Forresters and him. Bill notes the seriousness and after some pressing Katie says the Forresters want the company. Bill says this is not news and he knows they will try. Katie explains they have already done something and that the new line is a farce.

Ridge and Eric begin to wonder if they should go help Brooke out. Donna says it is risky and they should let Brooke handle it. Brooke comes in looking visibly upset and announces they know everything.

Bill laughs at what they have done. Amusement quickly turns to fury and Katie says he should blame her since she knew something was going on. Bill realizes Katie’s family has betrayed her and demands everyone to come to the office. Katie asks him to let her handle it but Bill does not waiver. Katie calls a receptionist and tells everyone to come to her office.

Brooke says she couldn’t lie anymore and that Katie was on to them. Eric and Ridge are upset and Brooke tells Donna Katie feels betrayed. She claims she did her best to not get Katie to tell Bill. Madison the receptionist comes into the office and says Katie wants to see them all. Eric knows then that Bill knows everything.

Bill is livid as Katie tells him they are going to be there any minute. Bill is still reeling at the idea that they betrayed her. Katie asks him to let her handle it. The Forresters come in and Katie has something she wants to say to them. Donna asks if she is speaking to them as the CEO because if she is Bill needs to leave. Bill informs everyone he will not leave and he has something to tell them. Ridge says they know what he will say. Bill says they have no clue what he is about to do or say to them.

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