B&B Tuesday Update 1/5/10

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 1/5/10


Written By Kaylee
Pictures By Juanita

Brooke is shocked Ridge has finished another design so quickly. She holds the canvas in her hand as Steffy walks over. Ridge says Bill wanted more designs and he wants to give them to him. Steffy notes this could be a good indicator that their plan is working. Ridge points out that if they win they win big but if they lose it will be bad. Brooke says she is ready for the deception to be over. She and Donna both worry that this could permanently damage their relationship with their sister.

Katie has Jared in her office and she wants his opinion. Jared says he was feeling slighted since no one invited him to the preview. Katie points out no one was invited and says no one has seen the collection but that will change.

In Nick’s office Sandy is seated as Nick brings her a glass of water. She thinks about all of the other women who think that the police are out there doing everything they can and justice is not being done. Nick smiles and says Sandy will get her justice. He will see to it.

Nick says that it will take a few days to get the DNA back. Sandy stands up and takes Nick’s jacket off as she is aghast as to how our society can allow the back logs are sitting there with all of those cases. She says something has to be done.

Ridge comes up to Brooke and says they are in the right here. Brooke says her sisters have a relationship built on trust. She says even if they went to Katie now she would not trust them. Steffy accursedly asks if Brooke is planning to do that and Ridge then asks if Brooke is losing her resolve.

Katie tells Jared that while no one has seen the designs she wants his honest opinion. There is a knock at the door and an employee and Marcus bring in a rack with dresses covered by a blanket. Katie asks Marcus if anyone gave him any trouble and he begins to say something about Brooke but Katie interrupts that she will handle it. Jared looks under the blanket and says “oh my word,” he proceeds to ask “what have they done?”

Sandy tries to wrap her head around the fact that there is a room with evidence that no one knows about and many are still waiting on their results that will never come. She says the only reason she will find out is because of him. Nick protests but Sandy stops him and says it is all because of him and she has no idea how she could ever thank him.

Brooke says Marcus should have been there by now. Steffy asks if Marcus knows and Brooke explains Donna did not want him to know. Marcus comes in the room and Brooke asks where the samples are. Marcus explains Katie wanted them and then inquires if he has done something wrong. Brooke tells him he has not and as soon as Marcus leaves Steffy begins to panic. Ridge says Katie has his most outlandish design in her office.

Jared holds a peacock and sequined dress with his mouth agape. Katie asks his opinion and he says he is struggling with a diplomatic answer. Katie does not want diplomatic and asks if they are as bad as it seems. He says “no…they are worse.” He begins to say it is “almost as though” and Katie finishes his thought that the Forresters are sabotaging their collection. Jared says he has been wrong before and that must be the case. He says Eric would never compromise his reputation and Brooke and Donna would never deceive her, would they? Katie looks on with fury and absolve.

Katie stands alone in her office and turns towards the samples. She is alone and walks over to her desk and calls Brooke and says she is to drop whatever she is doing she needs to see her right away.

Ridge and Steffy ask if Katie is on to them how she will handle it.

Nick says he has been waiting for Sandy to show up and he feels that she is finally there. Sandy says she is now going to fight for all of those other women. Nick says he hopes the results will come back. Nick then tells Sandy he does not feel right keeping this from Bridget. He says he took an oath of honesty. Sandy pleads that he does not tell her yet. Bridget walks in and says hello and then asks what is going on.

Ridge says he should have gone with Brooke. He follows the statement with regret of asking anyone of them to do this. Steffy tells him to calm down. She reassures him this is a brilliant plan. Ridge says family is above everything else and if this splits the Logans up nothing will be worth it.

Katie looks at a picture of the three sisters. She tells Brooke to come in and close the door. Brooke says she wishes they would have waited. Katie asks why should she have waited, so everyone could spin how great the designs were? Brooke says she understands Katie is not “feeling” the collection. Katie says she is feeling naïve. She tells Brooke Christmas Eve she asked her husband to give back the company to the Forresters because family was more important to her than the business. She walks to Brooke and says over the holidays she knew the rift was more apparent than ever between them. She says they both know why that is.

Bridget comes over to Nick and says he and Sandy seemed intense and then she left in a hurry. Nick says she is responsible for her job. Bridget worries Stephanie may work her too hard. Nick says she should stop worry. Bridget says she wants a written guarantee. Nick finds a blank of piece of paper and reads an invisible letter stating Bridget and Nick deserve to be happy and live happily ever after. Bridget smiles and the two kiss. Bridget breaks the kiss and walks over to the couch. She says she heard a rumor that the new Forrester line was not as classy and was not as good. She wonders if her dad has lost his inspiration. Nick says he does not know but he has not lost his; his inspiration is sitting right there. Nick begins to kiss Bridget passionately on the couch.

Steffy says tries to reassure Ridge that Brooke will not say more than she should.

Brooke says it has been a difficult time. Katie says she felt good about what was happening and then Bill was not allowed to Christmas. Katie defends that Bill bought the company at top dollar and they may not want to admit it but that is how it happened. She says excluding her from Christmas and treating her husband like piranha was a knife in her side. Brooke walks over to Katie who faces her and says Brooke always meant more to her than anything. She went to her for advice and she has always known Brooke would not lie to her. She says whether Brooke wants to hurt her or not she tells her the truth. Katie demands once more that Brooke tell her if this is sabotage. Katie emotionally states that she is trying to hard to think Brooke is not betraying her but she looks at the dresses and she wonders if it is a joke with Katie as the punch line. “I need you to answer me, tell me the truth!” Brooke and Katie glare at one another as Katie awaits her answer.

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