B&B Monday Update 1/4/10

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 1/4/10


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Nick scolds Lieutenant Baker for answers as to why all of the bins filled with rape kits have not been opened. He says the Lieutenant has been there long enough and knows how this all works. He wants to know why there are so many kits; why they are inadmissible now. The Lieutenant pleads that he is as shocked as they are. Nick retorts that the Lab Technician does not look shocked. He says he looks like he wants to tell them what is really happening. Sandy emotionally asks why all of the kits are unopened.

Brooke walks into Nick’s office and sees Whip behind the desk looking for something. Whip sees Brooke and begs her not to tell Nick he was looking through his desk; he is looking for something. Brooke laughs and comments that Whip has not changed a bit. Whip defends that he knows what people think of him. Brooke says he seems to have changed into a pretty good person. Whip says he knows what she thinks of him. Brooke tells him it is water under the bridge. Whip asks if there is a message he should leave for Nick. Brooke informs Whip she is actually looking for him. Whip is shocked and asks what he did. Brooke says he should tell her what he did. She then says he should tell her about Sandy or Agnes.

Stephanie meets Bridget on the patio at a restaurant and asks where everyone is. Bridget says it was not really a meeting but more of a lunch for the two of them. Stephanie asks if Pam has gotten on everyone’s nerves. Bridget assures her she has not heard of anyone having any issues with Pam. Stephanie then asks if Bridget plans on leaving the company once the baby is born. Bridget tells her that she is not leaving the company. Stephanie is pleased to hear this.

Brooke says she and Nick talk. Whip quips that Nick has been talking too much. Brooke explains she and Sandy are good. Brooke asks how much Whip’s cousin knew about his life. Whip asks what Brooke is wanting to know and she asks if Sandy knew about Whip’s life with the Forresters. Brooke finds it odd that Whip comes back into their lives and then months later his cousin comes into town and is her daughter’s surrogate.

Nick has placed his jacket on Sandy to comfort her as she takes everything in that is going on. The Lieutenant tries to justify that maybe the D.A. did not need the kits. Sandy argues that this is not her case. Sandy wants to know why she was never contacted. Her investigator never said they had to go to court and then he retired. The Lab Technician jumps in and says he knows why the kits were not opened and so does the Lieutenant.

Bridget recalls how awkward she was as a child; how she felt that the responsibility to keep the peace with all of her moms. Bridget says some of the things she had to do made her feel odd. Stephanie calms her fears saying that she was not odd and that a lot of younger children bare the burden of keeping the peace in divided families. Bridget points out her mother finally is with Ridge. She asks is Stephanie has come to terms with it. Stephanie laughs as she is caught off guard by the question.

The Lieutenant tries to explain that sometimes priority takes precedent and things fall through the cracks. The Technician asks if they do not get why the Lieutenant can not answer their questions. Sandy says she does not get it. The Technician, Zev says that anything the Lieutenant says could be used against the Department in a lawsuit. Nick is appalled that the Lieutenant will not answer their questions because of accountability. Nick does not understand what this has to do with Sandy’s case which was processed years ago. The Lieutenant begrudgingly tells them all that Sandy has waited long enough for answers and she will get an answer today from him.

Stephanie tells Bridget she will not even battle Brooke over Ridge anymore. Bridget tries to explain that Ridge will always love Stephanie, and so will all of the family members in their own way. Bridget asked Stephanie to lunch to tell her how much she admires her. She has always respected her and she would like it if her child could think of Stephanie as a grandmother. Stephanie asks how many grandmothers this child will have. She says this child will have Jackie and Bridget’s mother. Bridget says she would not be a good mother if she did not share the most significant people in her life with her child. Stephanie is awe struck and says “wow.”

Lieutenant Baker tries to explain that attacks and children’s cases come before everyone else. He picks up a plastic bag and says that it holds about a thousand dollars worth of testing in it. He picks up another kit with more samples and explains it would run more money. He says they can not test anything without the D.A. thinking there is a solid case. Nick wants to know how they can tell if there is a solid case without testing the DNA. Sandy points out these kits should have been tested immediately; that the women have all been waiting. Lieutenant Baker says this is a national problem. Sandy says it is unacceptable. Nick backs Sandy up and says they can understand why Sandy is shocked. The Lieutenant says they are working through the back log and it is not as though they are just doing nothing. He adds that some women have been waiting years which evokes outrage from Sandy. Nick then begins to ask if that means Sandy’s kit is in the room. Sandy is in disbelief and can not believe this is about money. She walks to the Lieutenant and with tears flowing down her cheeks she implores that some things are more valuable than money. She clearly paints a picture of a woman waiting for news that will never come as she picks up a kit. She looks at the number and sees that it has been eight years. Sandy points out that the statue of limitations is ten. She hands the kit to the Lieutenant and says he has to do hers. She turns to Nick and says she will pay him back but they have to have them tested. Sandy pulls another kit which visibly had the attackers hair in it. She insists they do that kit as well. Nick concludes they need to find Sandy’s case number to find her kit. Sandy selflessly says she is no more important than any of the women who have been waiting for years for a call that has not been made. She wants to know where the courageous person goes when they have done everything they could have and in the end the police tell them “we’ve done nothing for you.” The Lieutenant says he wants everyone they have to comb the room and find Sandy’s kit.

Whip can not believe Brooke is insinuating it is a set up. He says Stephanie offered him a job and he was supposed to help her get Brooke away from Ridge. Brooke laughs and says Stephanie would rather her sleep with a Labrador then her son. Whip laughs and thanks her for the compliment. He claims coincidence and says Sandy looks like a person who has lost everything and needs a new start. Brooke asks why he says this and he asks if Brooke has seen where Sandy lives. He says it represents someone who has lost everything.

The group in the room of kits are all getting tired. The Lieutenant asks if Sandy remembers what she was wearing. She says it was sleeveless and looked like silk but wasn’t. She adds that it was blue. The Lieutenant barks out orders to get more men in the room to find it when all of a sudden Sandy sees a kit on the bottom shelf with blue satin facing her.

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