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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 12/30/09


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Sandy does not understand how the Police can have all of the information they have and know nothing. The Lieutenant says he knows how traumatic it must be and asks what the status of Sandy’s case is. Sandy says she does not know. She tells him it has been five years with no phone call. The Lieutenant makes a chagrinned face as he looks shocked at the news.

Justin and Bill are in the hall waiting on Ridge and Eric to show them the line. The two converse as Bill punches at his Blackberry. Bill says it concerns him that Eric is suddenly a team player; but he does recognize Eric is a responsible man. Justin points out that losing the Catwalk Challenge could have had something to do with Eric coming around. Bill says that may be true but he has a lot riding on this professionally. He notes the Board was not for the Forrester takeover and he has to prove it was the right decision. Katie walks up and wonders what is taking so long. She says she has been downstairs and wants to see the line. Bill points out to Justin that Katie was taken aback by the new designs but he did tell Eric and Ridge to come up with something new. Bill says he is glad Katie insisted on seeing the line.

Eric tells Donna she can go first. Thomas chimes that Donna’s dress is the least “outlandish.” Ridge says they told the truth about why they are not using models; no one should see the line. Thorne confirms he made the sewer sign a confidentiality agreement. Again Donna and Eric point out the importance of selling the line to Bill and Katie.

Steffy says she is not sure she can do this; her stomach is turning because of being nervous. Thomas jokes she should aim for Bill. Eric and Ridge agree they have to sell this to Bill as dollar signs. Eric adds that it will be the “biggest performance of their lives.”

Sandy chips at her nail polish as she recounts waiting for news that never came from the Police. Nick says he knows this is not in the Lieutenant’s jurisdiction but it would mean a lot to have some answers. The Lieutenant says if the attacker was not in the database or convicted it could have caused a problem. Sandy asks about them running DNA and shouldn’t she have heard one way or the other? The Lieutenant holds the report, notes the name change and says they “will get to the bottom of this.”

Bill walks into Katie’s office where Ridge, Eric, Thorne and Thomas await. He announces he has meetings and they need to get this over with. Katie says she is excited to see what they have. Eric notes that they are sorry for the delay but they sprang this on them without notice. Music plays as Donna comes in wearing a tiered black skirt, long red velvet belt and a black and gold damasked, shoulder padded top. She twirls as Katie looks appalled.

Sandy wonders if they can talk to the person in charge of processing kits. The Lieutenant says he will make some calls and caller her. Nick is infuriated. He tells the Lieutenant that he has a wife and daughter; how would he feel if this were them. He emphasizing Sandy has waited for five years on a call. The Lieutenant acknowledges that Nick is right and no woman should have to wait like this. He picks up the phone to call his Lab Tech. Nick sits back in his chair as Sandy looks thankfully on.

The music stops and Eric says they should keep in mind it is a sample and it gets better. Katie retorts she hopes so. Bill asks what the inspiration was. Ridge says that economic times do not allow for the woman to go buy couture and this allows them market this as price friendly. He hands Bill a paper and says he can see that it is profitable. Bill chides he does not need an economics lesson but wants to know what their creative inspiration is. Bill says it is unlike anything they have designed. Eric says they have to push the envelope. Eric goes on to say they need “more bling.” Bill asks Donna how she feels in the dress. Donna is shocked but says she feels “gorgeous.” Katie snaps and asks “where are on earth would you wear that dress?” Donna grabs Eric’s arm and says she would wear it to dinner with her “honeybear.” She also says she could wear it with girlfriends. “Blending in is so last year.” Katie yells “next” and Steffy comes in with a green and black sequined 80’s looking dress, fanny pack type chain belt with a dark blue/black suede caplet. Bill asks if sunglasses come with the dress. Ridge says accessories are optional. Bill retorts he was talking about for himself.

A Lab Tech comes into the office and explains that the Manager is working with CSI on another case so he was sent instead. He says they were understaffed and is rambling. The Lieutenant explains that the young lady had been waiting for five years. The Tech grabs the paper and starts looking at the computer. He says “oh boy” as he searches. He explains the department went through many changes before he came there. Nick notes they are not looking to blame the Department but they want answers. The Tech turns and says he is not able to help her. Sandy looks at him as she says “you can help me and you will.”

Nick stands and wants to know why he can’t help. The Tech stands and says the person before him was fired and that he does not even have the kit. He says they would have to go to the Municipal Building and get it. The Lieutenant asks what is in the room he wants them to go to and the Tech pushes that the Lieutenant should go but they do not “like” civilians to come along. Sandy stands with Nick as he announces they are coming along. The Lieutenant says if anyone has a problem with them being there they will have to answer to him.

Eric says you will be noticed in the dress. Katie says there is a LOT of sequins. Justin looks confused and asks how anyone can not be noticed in that dress. Katie smiles as she looks at Justin. Thomas asks how Steffy feels in the dress and she says she feels “Sexy” and like she is “on the move.” Steffy says no offense but sometimes the lines are a little too boring. “This is the best line you’ve ever done.” Steffy says the fabric and bling is futuristic. “It is way hot.” Katie laughs and tells Brooke she knows she is hiding so she should come out. Brooke comes out in a beaded yellow pageant gown that has a red flower on the hip and shoulder pads from 1982. They call her the showstopper and Katie says she could stop traffic in “that thing.” Ridge says she can stop traffic any time. Justin jokes she could give Tom Brady a run for his money with “those shoulders.” Eric notes big shoulders are in for Spring. Brooke smiles as Donna says it makes her look “tiny, teeney.” Eric says that is all they have. Katie is shocked there is not more. Eric says there was not enough time. Thorne says they sewing room was backed up but he can have someone move things around. Bill says it will not be necessary; “my eyes are full. I have seen enough.”

The Lieutenant, Lab Tech, Nick and Sandy walk down the stairs to a room that the Lieutenant had to get the key to. They walk into a dark room with light feeding from the hall.

Bill stands and asks if they think Dare is a money maker. Bill walks around them and says that if they cannot sell margins do not mean “squat.” Bill commends them for going to new heights and expanding their line. Katie says they have always had a reputation for class. Bill says they may have to break the old to break into the new. Bill announces that he does not know Wrestling or Cooking but he publishes the magazines. He says if they think this is what will work he will trust it. The three exit the room and the excitement has to be muffled as to how they pulled it off. Ridge notes it will not be long before they can take back the company.

In the hall Katie, Justin and Bill converse about what they saw. Katie cannot believe Bill likes the line and says her sisters say this will take “Forrester in a new direction” but she is not sure she can share that vision. She notes that even though she does not believe it, she will have to trust them.

A light is turned on as bins of rape kits line the wall. They are all unopened. Nick finally asks “Lieutenant, what the hell is all of this?”

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