B&B Tuesday Update 12/29/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 12/29/09


Written By Kaylee
Pictures By Juanita

Sandy tells Nick she has never known anyone like him. She says the baby she is carrying is one lucky kid. Nick says that he really wants to help her and asks if she will go to the Police Station with him. Sandy finally agrees and smiles. Nick asks if she still has the police report. Sandy says she does and he tells her they should go get it. Nick goes to walk out the door and Sandy calls “Nick” he turns and she thanks him.

Thomas feels bad for the person who actually buys the garment. Eric says they have to do it in order to get the company back and they can rebuild thereafter. Eric emphasizes the importance of no one seeing the designs.

Donna defends that their husbands are working on the line Bill is pushing so hard for. Katie asks them both if they are lying; she wants to know if something else is going on.

Ridge explains that if the press sees the designs they will pan them which will send Bill on alert. He stresses the importance again of the designs not being seen. Ridge turns to Steffy and says she is close to Bill. Steffy quickly retorts she is not and Ridge and Eric both agree this has to be kept under lock and key.

Katie says she hopes they are not working behind her back. Brooke says that thanks to Bill the company’s atmosphere has changed. Katie chides that they would all be looking for jobs if it weren’t for Bill. Brooke says that is false; Eric and Ridge would have never let anyone take the company away. Katie says they will have to agree to disagree. She firmly looks at Brooke and Donna and states “I want to see the line.”

Sandy and Nick go back to Sandy’s apartment and Sandy asks if Nick wants to sit down. She fidgets with her keys as she tells him she knows where the report is. Sandy goes to the bottom drawe and pulls out a metal box. She places it on the coffee table and begins to cry. Nick comes over to her and says she will get justice. He promises she will.

Steffy and Thomas whisper in the corner of the office. Ridge comes over and asks what is going on. Steffy and Thomas are concerned about the Logan sisters loyalty. Thomas notes how close they all are. Eric tries to calm them by saying that Donna and Brooke are close to Katie but they will not cave on this.

Brooke says the collection is a surprise and she can not see it because the Bill will want to see it. Donna comes over to help out and says that Bill owns a magazine and people will ask him about it. Katie says the more they deny her the more suspicious she becomes. She tells them Bill will be back in town in the afternoon and she would like him to be present when they both get to see the line. “Case closed.” Katie sits as Donna and Brooke look at one another.

Sandy opens a box of momentos. A tablecloth, pictures are all in the box. Nick tells her to get the police report. Sandy pulls out a brown envelope. She hands it to Nick and sits beside him on the couch. She says she was a tough kid and worked at a bar. She had taken self defense and knew she could handle it. She says if her attacker had hit her she would have had a chance but since he was a coward and he drugged her she did not. She wanted him put away and no vengeance ever came. She waited for a call from the cops that never came. After months of going to the police station and hearing they had no news she retreated. She did not go outside nor leave the house out of fear. Nick says “Sandy, we’re going to get him.”

Nick comes in and with Sandy and a man tells the Lieteneut they are there. They have a seat and Nick asks how she is doing. Sandy says she has not been there in a while but she will be fine.

Bill walks in and sits on Katie’s desk. She asks how his meeting went and he tells her there were lots of discussions about Eric and possibly him doing a cover. Katie says she is concerned and Bill agrees he is as well. Katie says they have seen very little of the collection and she wants to see more. She informs Bill her sisters were against it and he asks if she feels out of the loop. Katie says she has set up a viewing for the afternoon and she wants the both of them to take a very objective look at it.

Eric is furious that Donna and Brooke could not secure a no-look policy for the line. He says they will have Donna, Brooke and Steffy model the gowns, no models and they will sell that it is the work of two geniuses. Brooke asks if he really thinks it will work. Eric says it has to in order to get the company back.

Sandy fidgets with her nails as they wait. Nick asks if she wants water. Sandy asks what could be taking so long. Sandy says it reminds her of the night she was there for hours. Nick places his hand over hers and Sandy looks comforted.

Donna, Brooke and Steffy try to figure out how this will possibly work. They agree they have to sell it because they have no choice.

Eric and Ridge come into Katie’s office and announce they do not have time for a preview. Bill instructs them to “make time.” Eric says they don’t have a fitting, hair nor makeup. Ridge asks what the problem is. Katie says there is no problem but as CEO she wants to see the line. Ridge and Eric agree that they have put so many lines out that Katie has seen before. Bill stands and says their CEO wants to see the line and so does their Owner. “Set it up now.”

Nick asks if Sandy wants to get some air. She says she is okay but she sees everyone in the Station and remembers the night it happened. Flashbacks of getting examined send her into shock and she sits on the floor. Nick asks if she is okay and seats her in a chair. Nick barges into the office and says he has a friend who cannot wait anymore. Sandy comes into the room with the report and says she has been waiting; she adds “I want some answers and I want them now.”

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