B&B Monday Update 12/28/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 12/28/09


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Brooke sits in Nick’s office and sips coffee as she comments that she has heard great things about his party. Nick tells Brooke they were able to get Sandy there and it was a great time. Brooke tells Nick she thinks that is definite progress.

Stephanie dictates that she needs a list of ‘Green’ charities. Sandy writes rapidly and Stephanie asks if she is going too fast. Sandy takes note that she should look up Free Trade Charities as well. Stephanie is delighted that Sandy is on top of things. Whip comes into the office and Sandy calls him Mr. Jones. Whip taps her on the back and says they are all practically family there. He hands Stephanie the numbers and gossips that he has heard Forrester Collection has a top secret line coming out.

In Eric and Thorne’s office Thomas, Thorne, Donna and Steffy say the new line is so bad that it is good. They joke that Bill will never know the difference.

Justin walks into Katie’s office. He has just returned from New York but came as soon as he could. Katie would like his opinion on the new line. She says she would like a different eye to look at them.

Justin notes the designs are different than normal. Justin says Bill did tell Eric to push the line. Katie says she knows. Justin tells Katie she is asking a person with a closet full of white shirts. He asks why she does not ask her sisters and Katie confesses she does not know if they are on the same team anymore.

Ridge notes that Katie almost did not buy their sale and they will have to a better job at convincing her. Donna says Katie chose Bill over her family so she is all in. Eric says it is like the “Emperor’s New Clothes” – they must convince Bill their worst clothes are fit for their best Customer.

Whip and Stephanie converse about Forrester when suddenly Whip asks Sandy how she likes the job. Stephanie reminds Whip he should not interview Sandy since she already had the position. Sandy says it is a “fresh start” and Whip antagonizes that whenever someone says that he wonders what they are running from in the past.

Nick shows Brooke a brochure he got at a clinic for women who have been abused. He says he went and scoped the place out before asking her to go. Brooke says she thinks it is the right step. Nick says she is giving them a child and he would like to give her a place to feel safe.

Justin says he knows business and he knows if they fail they will cut the company loose. Katie says they can not afford to fail and she will do her own research.

Eric says they have to create buzz without letting anyone seeing the designs. They note Katie can not find out.

Stephanie tells Whip to back off and they are all misfits. Whip pushes for information on Sandy’s past while Stephanie defends her. Sandy asks if she should take the figures to Nick. Stephanie says that is a great idea. After Sandy leave Stephanie tells Whip he was as subtle as a gorilla.

Sandy walks in on Brooke and Nick talking about her. She hands him the figures and says Brooke must be thinking of her as the victim again. Brooke tells her she thinks she is a beautiful woman carrying her grandchild. Brooke then excuses herself and Sandy comments that she can not believe how Brooke got past what happened to her. Nick says she may know the feeling sooner than she thinks. She asks what he means and he says he needs her to do him a favor.

Stephanie tells Whip if he can remember the worst days of his life when having the best days and how he gravitated towards Jackie M. She says Jackie M has given them all a second shot. Whip says he hopes whatever problems Sandy has had can stay in her past.

Whop shows the pamphlets from the Rape Treatment Center. Sandy says she does not want to talk about it. Sandy would prefer amnesia. Nick say she is running and Sandy notes it is not a Hallmark moment she wants to remember. Nick says he sees hope when she laughs at Stephanie and Bridget. He sees the life and he wants to help. Sandy says she is in recovery. Nick says he sees all the changes for the baby and he would like to understand why her life can not be as important as the baby’s.

Ridge hands the new sketches to Eric, Thomas and Steffy. He tells them not to look directly at them. Eric tells the kids he does not like for them to lie and does not want them to do it again. Thomas says if anyone asks about the designs he will say they are top secret; which is not a total embellishment. Steffy asks where Donna is and Eric informs them Katie wanted to see her sisters in her office. This concerns him since Katie knows when her sisters are lying.

Donna and Brooke walk into Katie’s office. Katie says she knows she asked what they thought of the designs but since Eric is not there she wants to ask what they really think of the line. Donna defends her support of Eric. Brooke says the designs serve their purpose. Katie asks what their purpose is again and watches as Brooke is stunned and looks at Donna.

Thorne puts down the phone and says they are in luck since Bill is out of town. Eric says Thorne needs to call and make sure everyone is working on the Dare line; that way they can give their buyers no choice. Ridge notes that Katie is going to be the real challenge.

Katie asks the Logan sisters point blank if the designs are viable. Donna contends that Katie is just mad because they did not invite Bill to Christmas. Brooke says she does not like what Katie is implying. Katie says maybe she should just ask; “are your husbands planning mutiny?” Brooke looks shell shocked as Katie glares at both of them.

Nick says he just wants Sandy to know the help is there if she wants it. Sandy recalls going to the police station after it happened with all of the people she did not relate to and having a to answer questions but there were no countered answers for her. Sandy apologizes and then asks if the information is for her. Nick says she can read it or not. Sandy says she waited five years for the police to call her and they never did. Nick says maybe they should find out. Nick calls the Lieutenant and he says he has time for them. Nick says they should go to the station and not leave until they have answers. Nick says she will not be alone this time, but if she wants help she has to say yes.

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