B&B Thursday Update 12/24/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 12/24/09


Written by Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Brooke and Ridge sit in front of their fireplace while drinking eggnog. They both admit that this is the Christmas of their dreams. Brooke says every day with Ridge is like having Christmas every day. The two kiss.

Nick and Bridget kiss under the mistletoe as Whip tells them it is a G Rated party. Bridget says she is sorry but Nick chides he is not. Jackie tells them to kiss all they want. Nick picks up a random child and announces to the crowd that it is all about food and them being together. He says it will be a great Christmas.

Brooke tells Ridge to savor the precious moment before the kids get there. Thorne rings the doorbell and says he needs to come in. Thorne says he should have called but their mother is at Jackie M. and there is no way she is happy there.

Nick plays the guitar as he, the children, Sandy and Whip sing “Jingle Bells.” Whip smiles as he realizes Sandy is singing. Stephanie takes Pam to the side and says it is great to see so many smiling faces. Pam confides that she is missing their mother. Stephanie notices Pam is wearing a bracelet that belonged to their mother. She jokingly wonders what other jewelry Pam has. Stephanie says she misses the Christmas cards she used to get from Sally Spectra. She holds her drink and toasts to Sally. Bridget walks up behind Sandy and thanks her for coming. The two embrace.

Ridge says he called his mother to tell her they would pick her up but Stephanie says she had plans. Ridge points out it will be different this year. Thorne notes all of the bad things that happened to Stephanie over the year and says they have to do something about it tonight.

At the party Stephanie hands candy to the children. Owen pulls Jackie into her office and gives her a palm tree necklace. He says their love began on a beach surrounded by palm trees. The two kiss.

Brooke says they can make their own new traditions. Thorne says it will not be the same and he is going to cheer his mother up at Jackie M.

Jackie tells Stephanie she is so happy she came. Stephanie says there is no where else she would rather be. Sandy receives a gift certificate for a day of pampering from Bridget and Nick. Sandy thanks them and Bridget says it is the least they could do for the woman carrying their child. Thorne watches from the doorway as his mother helps a little girl with her toy. He is delighted to see her smiling. Nick announces that it is time to eat and Thorne watches as everyone goes towards the table. Stephanie sees him and while wearing her reindeer antlers goes to hug him. Thorne admits he thought she would be lonely but he sees she is doing great. Stephanie says Christmas is a state of mind and it is what you make of it. Thorne notes she chooses to make it there. Stephanie says her family comes first but she has found a place she fits in. Thorne admits he did not understand it first but he does now. He says he loves her and Stephanie returns the sentiment before hugging him.

Thorne goes back to Ridge and Brooke and says that his mother is having fun with the kids. He says the kids are caroling and Stephanie was in the middle of it. Ridge asks if he is sure it was not an act. Thorne says he knows it was not an act. Their mother truly belongs at Jackie M.

Whip comes up to Sandy and says he is happy they convinced her to come. Whip is appreciative for the time he gets to spend with her. Sandy smiles as he says this. He goes on to say “Merry Christmas, Cous” Sandy pokes him in the chest and mouths “you too.”

Jackie makes a speech about how fortunate she is to work with everyone in the room. She thanks Nick for coming up with the idea of the gathering. Stephanie also thanks Nick. She says he gave her a push when she needed it most and made her believe in herself again. She thanks him for his friendship and all of the love in the room. She says the love they all feel is what the Season is about. Stephanie says they should say a prayer for peace and that they should extend good will toward men. Sandy is moved by the speech as she nods in agreement.

Brooke looks at a gifted ornament from Ridge. She thanks him for not giving up on her before she went to Paris. She really believes that their love story will never end. She is so happy they found each other again. She says their love will always bring them back to one another. She emotionally says they are there together “for all time.” Ridge kisses her by the fire.

Jackie asks this kids if they want to see Santa. Jackie opens the door to Nick dressed as Santa with Bridget dressed as Mrs. Claus. Nick reads “’Twas the Night Before Christmas” to the children. Everyone watches with adoration including Sandy. Stephanie says she thinks they will all remember the night because they got to spend the night with each other. She explains that the birth of Jesus brought hope to the world. The children beginning singing “Joy to the World.”

The episode ends with the Cast and Crew of Bold and the Beautiful wishing everyone a Merry Christmas!

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