B&B Wednesday Update 12/23/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 12/23/09


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Brooke comes into the office and sees Ridge and Eric working. She tells them they should ďput the pencils downĒ but the two men protest stating that they have three more designs before the end of the day. Brooke says they have to celebrate Christmas Eve. Ridge raises his cup and says they have started already with his dadís eggnog.

Bill comments that he is getting so much work done today and that he will have even more done tomorrow when everyone is gone. Katie protests that he can not work on Christmas. Bill points out that he has never not had a reason to not work on the Holiday. He proceeds to ask what Katie will want for Christmas. He says there must be some jewelry she wants. Katie begins to cry and apologizes for being disappointed. She then asks if he will give the company back to the Forresters. Bill looks at her and then walks away.

Pam tells Bridget she was supposed to bring appetizers and that she had baked everything for the party. Bridget informs her she has the appetizers in the car but she just baked a few brownies. Bridget walks over to Nick and says that he has not seen Sandy. Bridget worries that she will not show up.

Sandy opens the door to laugh at Whip who has on a Christmas sweater his mother sent. Whip asks if she is ready to go and she says she does not know. Whip does not know what happened to her but he hopes she will go.

Whip insists that Sandy should go for Nick and Bridget. He says if she is not there it is as though their baby is not there. Sandy says she just canít go.

Brooke asks if Donna is excited for everyone to come over. She asks if there is anything they can do and Eric tells her they can keep Bill Spencer away. Brooke informs him they have taken care of that. Brooke says she wishes she did not have to keep Katie away as well.

Bill repeats request and she says they hate him so much she is not invited to Christmas dinner. Katie says she has loved being CEO but nothing is worth it if she canít go to have Christmas. She tells him to give it all back, she wants her family back.

Whip shows up at the party and tells Nick and Bridget he just saw Sandy and he does not think she is coming to the party. Bridget says they must go see Sandy because she can not be alone on Christmas.

Katie tells Bill to imagine showing up and giving the company back to Eric as a Christmas present.

Bridget says that she and Nick have to go see Sandy. Bridget insists that she can not be alone on Christmas Eve.

Katie continues to dream of showing up on Ericís door with the papers for the company. Bill says they have already given the Forresters their Christmas gift by salvaging the company. Katie knows she canít do it but she wrestles with the idea of saving the day. Bill asks if she is ready for their big meeting with a board member and Katie says she is.

Ridge and Eric debate who will be the one to take the drawings to Bill. Ridge offers that they should email the drawings. Eric says that is a great idea. Ridge goes to scan the sketches while Brooke has an eggnog with Eric. She asks if he really thinks the plan will work. Eric tells her it has to.

Nick and Bridget surprise Sandy at her home. At first she thinks it is Whip there to be persistent. Sandy finally confides that she does not want to go to the party where she knows no one while other people have their families. Nick explains to Sandy that not all of his employees get to see their families this year and they will be alone. He says they are creating something for Jackie M. employees and they are to think of the Christmas Eve gathering as a tradition. He calls the employees there family and says that he hopes Sandy will be apart of that family.

Jackie and Owen joke around about their elf and reindeer headgear until Jackie admits that she had hoped Bridget and Nick would be back by now. Owen says the fact that they are there could mean she let them in. Whip says just because she let them in does not mean they have gotten through to her.

Sandy asks Bridget if she knows what Nick is doing. Bridget admits she knows nothing; that Nick said he had something to get from the car. Nick comes in and plays a song on his guitar begging Sandy to come with them. Bridget and Sandy laugh as finally Nick asks if she is going with them. Sandy is still reluctant and Nick threatens to play another song.

Bill meets with the board member who says the board did a great job standing behind him and believing in Billís ambition. He says the numbers are up and they hope Bill can continue to make a profit. Bill says that is the plan.

Ridge asks Eric why he is smiling. Eric says he is thinking about the company becoming Ridge. Ridge promises this time he will see to it.

Bridget and Nick show up at the party without Sandy. As they are explaining that they had no luck Sandy comes into view. Nick jokes that she should admit it was his singing that did it. Everyone is surprised while teasing about Nick singing. Sandy says she finally realizes that they care about her. Bridget says that they do. Sandy responds that she cares about everyone. Love and gifts are dispersed throughout the party and Sandy admits this may be the first Christmas she has enjoyed in a long time.

Katie looks at the designs over email. Bill comes over to check them out. They see the outlandish sketches and Bill says Ridge and Eric are the best in the business and he has faith in them.

Bill calls Eric and Ridge on speaker phone. He says he knows it is Christmas but he would like three more designs by Monday. Eric and Ridge agree. They say they are now inspired.

Katie wonders why they are going to mess with the success of past designs. Bill says the past designs almost destroyed the company. He says they are going to win big with the Dare campaign.

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