B&B Tuesday Update 12/22/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 12/22/09


Written By Kaylee
Pictures By Juanita

Brooke looks at the desk as Ridge comes over and asks if she is okay with the plan. Brooke hates breaking the “sister code.” Ridge says they broke the honor code and this is about justice.

Katie sits at her desk with the fireplace lit as Bill sits getting a manicure. He tells the manicurist it is wonderful. Katie asks if putting Eric in the basement is punishment. Bill says it is not but Eric took it well. Katie says Eric did take it better than she expected; she would like to think it is everyone getting along.

Steffy and Rick bring Eric a DVD for the Dare Campaign. They say the DVD makes the campaign look like the wave of the future. Rick asks if Eric really thinks that Bill will buy it. Ridge suddenly enters the room and says Bill sells magazines. He may know about the publishing world but he does not actually know about fashion. He says the lack of fashion sense is his Achilles heel. The cutting room employees come in and welcome Eric back. They say it is cold to see Eric sharing an office. Eric tells him he does not mind since it will most likely be temporary. Eric goes on to ask them about their families.

Bill ushers the manicurist out and says he will see her next week. Katie strolls over to him and says they should talk about Christmas. Bill says he does not think her family wants to sit around a tree and sing Christmas Carols with him. Katie says Christmas is a perfect time to mend fences. Bill says her family sees him as Scrooge. Katie retorts “bah humbug,” adds that she loves him and merrily prances out of the room. After the door closes Bill walks to the desk and calls Eric. He says he would like to see what they have. Eric says they have a DVD for him. Bill says it better blow him out of his seat. Eric tells him it will be like nothing he has ever seen. Bill instructs him to bring his team. Eric hangs up and says in order to get their company back they have to destroy it.

Donna and Brooke are talking about the plan. They justify that they have to do this and that Katie has fallen into Bill’s trap. Brooke knows Katie has fallen in love with Bill and hopes that he does not end the marriage over this. Brooke and Donna begin to discuss the added stress this will bring to Christmas. Donna says they had planned on having the family over but Bill Spencer would come into her home over her dead body. Katie comes into the room and is elated with thoughts of family Christmas. She announces that “Christmas will be so fun this year” and proceeds to hug Donna.

Eric tells everyone they have to sell the campaign. Rick says they know what they have to do and they will sell it. Eric instructs Steffy to come up after them and tells her to wear a dress in the garment bag. She unzips it, then looks at Eric and asks if he is serious. He says he is and Rick, Ridge and Eric leave the office.

Katie explains how excited she is for Eric to be back. Katie tells them both she saw them all talking and she is sure they were giving Eric a pep talk. Katie says she knows it is so hard for them and wonders what they can bring for Christmas. Brooke begins to say they need to be realistic about everything. They say they have supported her but can not entertain the idea of their husbands having Bill around on Christmas. Katie asks if she is not invited to Christmas and the two sisters tell her she is invite but Bill is not.

Ridge hands the sketches to Bill. Bill asks if they are putting the Logan sisters in them. Eric says the Logan sisters will sit this one out. He adds that this is different and something so different you have to try it.

Katie repeats what they have said; she can not believe they have invited her but not Bill. She tells them she thought things are back to normal now that Eric is back. Donna tries to explain that it was so hard for Eric to throw the wedding reception at their home and he can not do it again. Donna says they can not open their door to someone who has taken the company. Brooke says she can not tell Ridge Bill is coming to Christmas. It will affect their husbands as well as their children. Brooke adds that she must give this day to her husband.

Bill tells Eric talk is cheap. He plays the DVD and a black and white film of Rick, Steffy, Ridge and Eric describing why their buyer should “dare to stand out; dare to be different,” The DVD ends and Eric opens the door for Steffy. “I give you dare.” Steffy comes into the office in a completely covered sequined and beaded very green dress. Steffy turns to different angles pretending that she feels sexy in it.

Katie wipes tears away and says they are being unfair but if she has to choose she will choose her husband. Brooke adds that when the dust settles it may be different. Katie receives a call and says he needs her and her sisters immediately.

Bill looks over the dress and says it is “eighties revisited.” He says they should call it scare. Eric, Ridge and Steffy try to say that they are challenging people’s opinions of trends. Katie walks in and asks Bill what it is. Eric, Donna and Steffy defend that Eric knows art and Bill knows fashion. Eric says that Jackie M. won the competition he had a wake up call. He says they should dare and give the women what they want. Katie asks her sisters if they are really behind this. Brooke says that she is behind this. Katie sighs and says that if this is what Eric and Ridge are passionate about she will support them. Bill says the line is definitely out there and people will talk. Bill tells Eric “dare better make me a lot of money.” The Forresters leave and Bill says he did not expect what was presented to them. Katie admits she did not expect it either. Bill says they will throw support behind it but he will watch them very closely.

Eric comes into his office and he, Donna, Ridge, Brooke, Steffy and Rick all agree that they have to act fast before it gets out what they are doing. They say they will not be a division of Spencer Publications for long.

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