B&B Friday Update 12/18/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 12/18/09


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Nick is delighted as he looks over numbers. Brooke stands at the door and Nick offers that she can look at them too. Nick puts the numbers down and asks Brooke what is going on. Brooke wants to know if he has talked to their surrogate. He tells Brooke that Whip was at her place and they are cousins. Brooke wants to know what the story is with her. Nick gives her an abbreviated version; booze and whatever else at a party, she woke up alone. Brooke finishes his sentence by saying “she had been sexually assaulted.” Sandy suddenly appears at the door, looking unhappy and accusing “you told her?”

Steffy strolls happily into Ridge’s office. Katie comes to the doorway and asks if Ridge has the designs ready yet. Ridge says they are not ready yet and Katie replies to let her know when they are done. After Katie is out of sight, Steffy is enraged that Katie spoke to her father that way. Ridge jokes that it almost seems she treated him like she was the CEO. Steffy confides that Katie should not be running the company, Ridge should. Ridge tells her it will not be too much longer. With this statement, Steffy’s curiosity is peaked.

Sandy is livid that Nick told Brooke, who is Bridget’s mother. Nick tells Sandy he thinks she needs help with the situation and he has not told Bridget. Sandy tells Brooke it is none of her business and it is a personal matter. Brooke asks to speak to Sandy alone. Nick softly says to Sandy that he is sorry if he betrayed her confidence but Brooke has been through the exact same thing. He adds that Sandy is carrying his baby inside of her and he wants to help. Nick leaves the room. Sandy asks Brooke “you too?” Brooke nods that she is correct. Sandy then rants that she does not want to hear whatever Brooke tells her. She does not want a therapist, she wants to be left alone.

Ridge tells Steffy her grandfather is coming back to work. Steffy wonders what they are up to. Ridge says he and her grandfather are going to be designing clothes. Steffy asks how this will get the company back. Ridge holds up a sketch with a very ruffled and short red dress and asks Steffy to tell him what she thinks of their new line.

Stephanie says that Bridget must be overwhelmed but it is all her fault since she designed such wonderful clothes. Bridget goes to leave the room and sees the work Stephanie has to do. She says that Stephanie can not do all of that work alone and wonders where Pam is. Stephanie chides that is not an idea of help, and that she is fine. Nick comes in and Bridget tells him Stephanie needs an assistant. Stephanie stands from her desk and says she does not have time to train a new assistant. Nick says he has the perfect person in mind. Bridget is shocked when Nick suggests Sandy. He says he has a feeling about it and it would mean a lot to him.

Brooke asks Sandy if she blames herself. Sandy says she does not, she was abused. Sandy says it will never happen again. Brooke says the only way to do that is to shut everyone else out. Brooke adds that she knows Nick and Bridget now. She says Nick is not so bad, but Sandy says Nick is a man. Brooke concludes “guilt by association.” Sandy says Brooke really must know what she is talking about. Brooke says she has been there. Sandy asks how she is married now. Brooke tells her a lot of women have been through it and she realized she was wrong. Brooke says not all men are the same. They are not all monsters like how Sandy is picturing them now.

Sandy wonders how Brooke could let another man touch her after that. Brooke says it was not easy. Sandy says she is so…and Brooke completes “afraid.” Sandy says she has a very great memory. Brooke says it will get easier but she needs time. Sandy sits down, crying, saying it has been five years. Brooke sits beside her and tells her it has been five years of Sandy shutting everyone out and she needs to let the light in. Brooke tells her she should let it out. Sandy remembers the man and cries a little harder as she walks to dry her eyes. Brooke follows and says the man is trash. Sandy can not let him control anymore of her life. Brooke tells her she is on her way to recovery. Sandy turns to Brooke, with tears on her cheeks as Brooke points out she is pregnant and they are lucky to know her. Sandy instinctually hugs Brooke when Nick opens the door. The two women break away and Bridget and Stephanie follow. Sandy says she was about to leave. Bridget begs her not to, after all they were looking for her. Stephanie says she would like to offer Sandy a job. Sandy is shocked when Stephanie says that Bridget and Nick thought she would be perfect for the position. Stephanie reaches out her hand and introduces herself. Sandy says she has seen so many photos and seems genuinely happy to meet her. Bridget admits the job was Nick’s idea, he thought it would be a good idea for her to get out of the house. Nick says that they are all misfits but they have a lot of laughs. Bridget then adds that it would give them extra time together. Sandy looks admiringly at Nick as she smiles and says “okay.” Bridget squeals as the two hug.

Ridge tells Steffy this will be the last line he creates for Spencer. Steffy notes that it is a terrible one. Ridge explains after they release the hideous line Bill will have to answer to the Board which will give them a window of opportunity for a takeover. Steffy looks at the sketch she holds in her hands and says the more she looks at the design the more she likes it. Brooke enters the room and asks what is going on. She takes the sketch from Steffy. Brooke exclaims “Good Lord, what is that?” Ridge tells Brooke it is the first design in their new line. Ridge tells Brooke they are taking the company back. Brooke stands with her mouth open, disbelieving her ears.

Ridge says he told her he had a plan. Brooke asks if he will fight her sister for control of the company. Ridge says Katie will go down with Bill. Brooke is torn after Ridge explains the plan. Brooke does not know how she can support something that will ruin Katie’s career. Ridge says Katie does not have a career. She never earned CEO. This company is his family’s and Brooke’s. Brooke asks what she can do. Ridge says she has to convince Katie this is the line to go with. Brooke says Forrester has always been known as classy. Ridge states that Forrester is not Forrester anymore, it is Spencer’s. Katie comes into the room and asks if she can see the first sketch. Ridge gives her the sketch and she leaves the room. Ridge tells Brooke that it is for their children’s children. Brooke says she does not think she can lie to her sister. Ridge pleads that he needs her to right a wrong; he needs his wife. He needs her his wife. Brooke says Katie did get a fast ride to the top and the plummet to the bottom would be just as rapid.

Katie looks over the design in her office and purses her lips. She calls Ridge’s office and Brooke answers. She says she needs to see her.

Sandy tells Nick she was wrong to be so angry earlier. She says Brooke helped her. Sandy says she thinks Nick is a wonderful man, which she never thought she would say those words since he is a man but he is a man, and she trusts him.

Brooke comes into Katie’s office. Katie wonders about the designs and after a moment Brooke tells her there are whispers in Paris that fashion will be over the top. She says this is the future. “Trust me Katie, this is the bomb.”

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