B&B Thursday Update 12/17/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 12/17/09


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

On the Catwalk Pam announces that the votes are in. Donna wonders who will in and they say they will know after the commercial break.

Bridget sits on Nick’s lap and says she does not know if she can handle another commercial break. Nick kisses her and wonders how long the commercial break will be.

Eric notes that the Catwalk should almost be over. He asks if Ridge wants to watch and Ridge answers that they have to think about their strategy. Eric toys with the idea of sabotaging the company.

Pam says everyone is nervous and the camera shows everyone from Jackie M and Forrester that are there. Pam says they should not keep the people waiting; they need to turn one of the PR Reps into a “Catwalk Maven.”

Ridge says the plan has to be top secret. Eric must come back to the company and be subservient. Eric says it will be Ridge’s job to convince Bill the “trash” they produce is quality. Eric agrees that they have to try it.

Katie tells Bill they have the win…she can feel it. The crowd applauds as Pam jokes “I have not felt this much tension in a room since your wedding.” Donna grabs the envelope to announce the winner but Pam grabs it from hrt hands and announces Jackie M. as the winner. Jackie M. associates jump up and go on stage while Steffy looks disappointed while applauding with the rest of the audience.

Pam exclaims that America they made the right choice. Jarred is in the stands and dictates that Jackie M. won and everyone is happy. He pauses and says “almost everyone.”

Nick throws his hands in the air and kisses Bridget with jubilation with the win.

Ridge and Eric plot that the highest bidder will be them when the company falls. Eric says Katie may not know but Brooke and Donna will notice. Ridge states they will have to tell them but not tell Katie. Ridge says it is time someone got the better of Bill and he thinks it should be them.

Jackie speaks to Jarred about her delight with the win. Whip begins to say Steffy’s campaign was inspired, and then sees Taylor waiting on the sidelines. He changes the tone of voice and says the voters voted for the change for the environment.

Brooke and Donna tell Katie Steffy can handle the questions from the press. Katie adds that Bill will be really mad because they all did not do their best. Donna is confused as Katie goes on to say Ridge has not been completely supportive. Bill watches Steffy from afar as she speaks with the press.

Eric and Ridge list ways to get Forrester as Eric adds that Bill does not know anything about fashion.

Katie comes up behind Bill and says she is sorry. Bill explains he hates to lose. He says he does not produce the Catwalk so Jackie M can outshine Forrester. Bill thinks that if Ridge had concentrated more on the designs they would not have lost. Katie hugs him.

Donna says that the win has not affected the sales. Pam and Serge imply that the numbers will take a fall and when they do it will be “lights out for the Glamour Campaign.” The two make a ‘cry-baby’ face and then walk away.

Justin walks up to Donna as she says that they lost. Justin corrects that Forrester lost, but Donna was incredible.

Stephanie walks into the office to find Nick kissing Bridget while she is on the desk. Stephanie tells them not to mind her, they have reason to celebrate. She opens the champagne as Nick and Bridget continue engulfed in one another.

Whip tells reporters that the designs are the driving force when he sees Taylor walking away. Whip excuses himself and runs after Taylor. He asks if she is leaving without congratulating him. Taylor chides that she would be another voice in the chorus. Whip tells her she would not as Taylor notes that he lives for this kind of thing.

Thomas approaches Steffy, who does not seem as upset as he would have thought. Steffy explains she does not care that they lost; she does not care about the company. She points out they lost when Bill and Katie took over the company.

In their office, Eric sketches a dress and practices what he will say to Bill. He notes condescending tones as he says he will be committed to Spencer Publications. After he is done with the design Ridge sees it and says it is exactly what they need. He tells him they will have to sell it to Katie and Bill; the designs are what their customers want.

Nick notes he could not have sold this without Stephanie and Whip. Nick tells Stephanie that Whip has some crazy ideas but they are not as crazy as they would think.

Whip continues to flirt with Taylor. He tells her Steffy gave him a run for his money. He says that he knows Taylor is there for Steffy but it means a lot to him to have her share his moment as well. Taylor says it means a lot to her as well. Whip closes the gap between their bodies, tucks the hair behind her ear and lightly kisses her.

Ridge guides Eric to the door of Katie’s office and says it is Eric’s office, “interlopers are in there.” Ridge knocks on the door as Katie says they do not want to talk to the press right now. Ridge opens the door and allows Eric room to come in. Katie is surprised to see Eric. Bill tells Eric if he wanted to support the company he should have been at the studio. Eric says he is sorry that he has been absent but would like to be a team player. Bill asks why now and Katie places her hand on his shoulder. She says she believes Eric may be sincere. Eric elaborates that he has a contract to fulfill. Eric offers his hand for Bill to shake and asks if he is back on the team. Bill offers his as well and says “I am all about retribution.” Eric goes on to call Bill his “boss” and says he will give Bill a line he will never forget.

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