B&B Wednesday Update 12/16/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 12/16/09


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Justin preps everyone for the show as Steffy makes sure Donna knows exactly what to say. Thomas calms them, saying the video “speaks for itself.” Steffy and Thomas run into Katie who asks if everything is ready. Steffy says it is and hurries away saying in passing that she has to talk to Justin.

Katie walks up to Brooke and Bridget. No one comments on Bridget’s hair but Katie warns Brooke not to tell secrets. Brooke says they are talking about the baby. Katie congratulates her and then leaves. Bridget says she has to go home and watch on TV. She tells her mother she is too nervous.

Whip is getting his makeup done and he tells Owen and Jackie they will win. He sees the Glamour campaign and sees black and white photos of people smoking. He sees their campaign and sees Owen naked. He knows which one people will click on.

Donna begs Pam not to do the Catwalk dance at the end of the show. Pam asks why and claims it a hit. Donna says it is Pam acting like a ham on her show. Serge reminds Donna it is her show. Pam says if Donna has complaints she should talk to her agent. Stephanie walks up and wishes Steffy luck. The two watch as Justin and Donna discuss that it is a big show and Donna wishes Eric were there to support her.

Eric arrives at the office and instinctually heads towards Katie’s office. He goes to see Ridge who says Bill turned their offer down flat.

Steffy is asking questions when Justin interrupts and points out Whip and his mother are talking. Steffy rushes over as Whip chides that Taylor has said she has been up all night studying. Steffy wants to seat her mom, and as Taylor walks away she wishes Whip good luck, “don’t let my daughter trounce on you.”

The show begins as everyone watches Donna welcomes everyone to the taping. Pam announces Whip to the stage and Steffy is introduced by Donna. When the two walk out they playfully give the other thumbs down.

Ridge and Eric agree Bill is all about money and this would have been profitable. Ridge says he thought Bill would have considered it. Eric does not understand how Ridge can come into the office. Ridge says that he is there for Thomas and Steffy. Ridge confides he has been up all night and has been up all night thinking of ways to outsmart Bill. Eric asks if he has and Ridge says he is close.

Pam is in the audience and takes a question from Serge directed to Whip about Owen and his body. The crowd loves it. Donna and Pam close the show encouraging viewers to vote for Jackie M or Forrester.

Ridge tells Eric Steffy believes in her work and his designs do not live up to Steffy’s concept because he feels the pressure from Bill. Eric asks if Bill and Katie are coming down on him and Ridge says Katie and Bill do not even know when it is bad. Eric asks about Ridge’s plans. Ridge holds his fists on his heart and says the answer “is in here.”

On the Catwalk, the Forrester video is shown to the audience. Graphics follow models as Steffy says every woman can live the dream and be a star. At the end she says that Forrester Creations is part of Spencer Publications. Bill and Katie clap with the rest of the audience. Taylor looks at Steffy proudly and Steffy smiles as she applauds the campaign.

Bridget sits on Nick’s lap as she says it was “wow.” Bridget doubts herself for a bit as Nick tells her that they are doing something good. Bridget says she is proud of their efforts and how they are trying not to leave a footprint on the earth. Bridget says she could not be any prouder. She then adds “unless we win.”

On the show Steffy starts to tell the audience how every woman can feel like a movie star. Pam interrupts and says she never wanted to be a movie star. She asks what about her. Whip chimes in that Jackie M. is doing something good. The Glamour campaign may be great for someone who wears a dress 3 times and then discards it. Jackie M. says no more. They want sustainability without pesticides. Pam announces the tape. Whip narrates on film about the purity of their clothing and how it helps the environment. Models are in a garden and even children showcasing the designs. Afterwards everyone in the crowd cheers loudly. Stephanie, Jackie, Whip look pleased while Steffy and Donna look a little worried.

Ridge paces as he notes he wants Steffy to succeed but not having to answer to Bill. He says Bill does not care about fashion and that is why Ridge needs his plan. Ridge shows Eric a magazine and says designers are making trash and have no idea what they are doing. Eric says they would never put out those bad designs. Ridge says they should design a line so bad that the company is no longer an asset. Ridge says he has sat idly by and now he says no more. They should outsmart him starting today. They should take him down together. Eric smiles as Ridge is very serious that they will take Bill Spencer down.

Donna concludes the show and the competition. Pam tells everyone to go online and vote. 9,000 votes were counted and when the board was refreshed there were more than 24,000. Justin tells Donne everyone has two minutes to vote. Pam says it is so exciting; someone will win. Pam then does the cat noise and everyone applauds.

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