B&B Tuesday Update 12/15/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 12/15/09


Written By Kaylee
Pictures By Juanita

As Steffy unpacks a bag, Brooke walks in and sees Steffy. She asks if she is going somewhere. Steffy says she is not fired. She tells her Katie gave her a stern talking to but then gave her the job back. Steffy hopes Brooke is not mad or think badly of her for “messing up with Bill.” Brooke says she had a hand in raising Steffy and she knows Steffy has a good heart. She tells her she loves her and she knows she lost her way, it is behind them. The two women hug.

Ridge is in an elevator and is on the phone. He tells his dad he emailed Bill the offer and they should take control now.

Katie is in her office. Bill says he loves the energy in the air. Katie says she can feel it. Katie concludes they are going to do well in the faceoff on Catwalk and says as CEO it was a good idea not to fire Steffy. She confides that she does not know that it was a good idea as his wife. Bill walks over to her and says he has eyes for one woman, the one he married. Passionate kissing follows.

Whip walks into Jackie’s office and says the campaign is going to be a hit. Stephanie, Bridget and Jackie comment on the wonderful reasons the campaign will be friendly to the earth. Stephanie tells Whip he has positioned them to do something wonderful with their campaign. Nick walks in and Whip utters under his breath they need to talk about Sandy. Nick tells him not tonight.

Ridge is followed by Brooke and Donna as he walks into his office. He asks why Brooke and Donna look so happy and they say they are there to wish Steffy luck. Steffy beams as Thomas walks in with his laptop in hand. He says he is wrapping up on a video for he competition. Brooke says Steffy’s concept has inspired them all. Steffy stands as Ridge tells Steffy he is proud of her but he but they were not his best designs. Steffy says she knows how hard it is for him to work for Katie. Ridge tells Steffy he will never get used to it.

Stephanie says they lost to Forrester and they can not lose. Jackie agrees and Whip asks how they could lose. He says they have it in their “eco-friendly bag.” He asks what the Foresters have, to which Stephanie answers they have the Logan girls dressed in glamour. Whip laughs and retorts “next.”

Thomas asks who wants a sneak peek at the video and Brooke says she does. Taylor walks in and quietly says Steffy has not been herself and her radar is not wrong. Steffy says she has been going through something. Taylor asks if it has something to do with a man, Steffy tells her it is over, “totally and completely.”

Katie tells Bill the ratings will be great tomorrow. Bill says Katie is his best bet if he has any secret weapons. Bill says just her. He tells her it is a family run company but this time it is their family and the one they will create. Katie tells him she likes the sound of it.

Nick reads Whip’s press release and says it is great. Jackie says she remembers when eco meant wearing a potato sack. Bridget looks at the computer and finds another blog giving them “props.” Whip says it is free press. Stephanie says the sales are through the roof. Owen says they are spending money. Jackie thinks it is the fact that Owen wore the fig leaf. Nick says it may be time to come up with a new victory cheer.

Everyone gathers around Thomas and the computer. He says he just needs to add music. Donna says everything is coming together. Brooke says they all have a reason to celebrate.

Bill looks over sketches and says it feels good when things fall into place. Katie says Bill has charmed more people than just her. Katie says Eric will come around. Bill sits at Katie’s desk looking at his laptop. He says he has an email from Ridge with a document attached. He wonders what it is and sits back as he opens it.

Thomas says she loves Steffy’s campaign. Brooke says she does not know how they can compare fig leaves to the campaign. Ridge says they have not won yet.

Taylor walks into Jackie’s office with her eyes closed. She swears she is not there to spy but to wish them good luck. Stephanie hugs her and asks for the good gossip. Jackie says they will win since they are the wave of the future. Whip walks over to Taylor and Taylor says he has a big smile on his face. Whip says they are going to win and his professional life is going really well. Taylor smiles as she tells him he forced her to go out with him after he disrupted her office. She warns he will be taking her to a very expensive restaurant as pay back. Whip smiles and says she is worth it. Whip says it was sweet of her to come see him. Taylor tells him Stephanie is her friend. Whip asks if she is trying to say she did not come to see him and Taylor says maybe a little bit of it was to see him.

Bill prints out the email that offers to buy the company from Eric. Katie says Eric still has rich friends. Bill can not believe they thought he was home “licking his wounds.” Katie wonders if her sisters knew, if all this time they had been plotting behind her back.

Taylor says she will let everyone get back to work. Stephanie says it meant so much. Taylor says she thinks they are all amazing and they are special to her as well. She says she cares about all of them.

Steffy tells Thomas to hold a graphic a little longer on the laptop when he sees an invite from Whip to have a video chat. Steffy says to bring it on. Whip is on the video and he says good luck tomorrow. Steffy says she will win. Whip says she does not have a chance. Whip says they will have to see who winds. Steffy says they will win. Steffy tells Thomas she will be there. Bill stood up for her and she has a job again. She says she has no feelings for him but she enjoys torturing Katie. Thomas begs her to not let their dad know. Steffy says she does not even want to look at him unless it makes Katie sweat.

Brooke says Ridge is sweating and wants to know why. Ridge says he has always enjoyed this but this is all wrong. He says he is hanging around for Steffy’s sake. He says Bill has robbed the family. He says he resents having to listen to Katie. He says he has been in the business his while life. He says he will never be happy with things are. Brooke tells him she never knew how much it hurt him. Bill barges in the door. He says he got the email and the company is his for as long as he wants it. Bill says Ridge signed a contract and he works for him. Ridge claims he signed the contract under distress. Bill says any distress was a situation he and his father got into on their own and he needs to cry him a river. Ridge implies the kinder Bill is gone. Bill says to not confuse his kindness to his family with business. Bill says Ridge will do his job until Bill releases him. Bill adds “you work for me” before leaving the room. Ridge tells Brooke he can not go on like this. Brooke is sorry Bill was not more “receptive” to the offer. Ridge says all Bill cares about is dollars and he is going to bring him down. Ridge says you can tell from Bill’s style he knows nothing about fashion. Brooke points out that Bill still owns the company. Ridge says he knows more about fashion and that is how he will bring Bill down. Ridge says it must hit him from left field and it will have to do with the designs. He says it has to do with the pages of designs.

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