B&B Monday Update 12/14/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 12/14/09


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Sandy puts down the bat when she sees that Whip is there. She is frantic and wants to know how he got in. He tells her to take it easy, that it was a joke and she pulls away from him, shouting “don’t touch me.”

Katie wears her necklace in her office as Bill wants to talk about Steffy being fired. He says if she follows through with this tabloids will be camped out and then asks how she will deal with Ridge when he finds out.

Ridge tells Donna and Brooke that Steffy was hired as a coupe. Eric adds that the designs were less than stellar. Donna hold onto Eric’s arms as she asks if that means Jackie M will beat them in the Catwalk showdown with their Adam and Eve concept. Eric looks at Ridge for an answer.

Nick sits in his car and turns the engine off. He glances at Sandy’s open door and then down.

Bill tells Katie not to let her personal life get involved with her business life. He tells her she is acting like a jealous wife. There is a knock at the office door and Steffy is there. Katie looks around and says “great.”

Ridge says the designs do not have Eric’s signature touch. Donna says Eric should put his signature touch on it then. Eric says he has had other things on his plate. Both Donna and Brooke stand to ask what he has been doing.

Sandy is very upset as Whip apologizes for scaring her. Whip says he wanted to check in on her. He says she left her door unlocked. Whip says the lights are out and the door was unlocked. Sandy agrees that he was doing something nice and thanks him. Whip tells her he wishes she would not shut him out but he is going to fix her lights since it was so dark. Whip leaves the room and Nick comes in. Nick says he was about to leave when he noticed the lights would not come on. The lights come on and Whip comes in the room. Sandy says Whip was just leaving and Whip leaves quickly without explaining. Nick asks what Whip was doing there.

Sandy says Whip was there to fix the lights. Nick asks what the deal is because she said she and Whip barely knew one another. Sandy tells Nick Whip is her cousin. She tells him she had no idea Whip worked for them until after the procedure. Nick sits down and says it is lie upon lie. He sits down and announces he will not leave until he knows everything about her.

Brooke and Donna did not know Eric and Ridge were working on something. Ridge says that he could not focus on his designs knowing that he was going to make money for Bill. Eric tells them they have friends with money and Bill has enemies. He says they are very close to getting enough money to offer 10% more than what Bill paid for it. Brooke asks why Bill would sell. Eric says Bill is publications, not fashion. Eric asks how they would feel about Katie being replaced as CEO.

Katie asks Steffy if Bill had not told her what had happened what would happen next.

Steffy says she has self respect and after Bill turned her down she would not go back to him. She asks if Katie is that threatened. Steffy and Katie glare at one another as Bill gets up to stand behind Katie. Steffy asks what she thinks her father will say. Steffy points out that it will not be good. Katie walks to her desk and in passing says “fine you can stay.” Like a child that got a new toy Steffy can not believe Katie is giving her another chance. She thanks her for the opportunity. Katie firmly tells Steffy to unpack her things and she wants an update on the campaign in the morning. Steffy leaves and Bill says he is proud of her. Katie tells Bill it was a bad idea…and that is not her being a jealous wife.

Brooke defends that Katie has done a good job. Eric says she has surprised him as Ridge adds that Katie has done a good job. Donna says Eric is Forrester Creations. Brooke agrees that it means so much to Ridge as well. Brooke then adds that they will handle Katie.

Nick says he is not the big bad wolf and closes the door. He tells Sandy whatever she is harboring is hurting the baby. He gets close to her and asks what happened to her. Sandy explains she worked at a bar and Whip would bring in the fashion kind. She thought she could break into fashion and one night Whip introduced her to a photographer. She went to the photographers apartment for some head shots. She stayed for the party and she recalls after shots of tequila and she did this one shot which was the last thing she remembered. She woke up the next day in a strange apartment and had been totally violated. She cries and says that is the day everything changed for her. She went to the hospital and the police questioning was humiliating. Nick asks if anything came of it and she says no but she wanted to forget about it. She says she never told anyone, including Whip. Sandy says she would die if Bridget found out.

Sandy tells Whip she has had all kinds of test and she is clean. She says she knows Bridget would worry and she knows even though she is clean Bridget would worry. Sandy begs him not to tell Sandy. She says Bridget is the best thing that happened to her since that night. Nick says he will not tell her. Nick stands and asks if Sandy will be okay. She says she feels that a huge weight has been lifted and she is glad she told him. He grabs her hands and says he is glad she told him as well. Nick leaves Sandy alone to her thoughts.

Katie says time will tell about it being a good idea and she will keep an eye on her. Bill stands behind her and says she is questioning her trust in him. He says that she feels that she has to protect her turf a few weeks into their marriage. He turns her towards him and says he will not betray her trust. He says he has never needed a woman or have a connection with anyone. He says he does not fall in love. He goes on to say she has thawed the walls around his heart and that is why he loves her and why he will never stop. Katie has tears running down her cheeks as Bill hugs her.

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