B&B Friday Update 12/11/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 12/11/09


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Nick brings Brooke a cup of coffee as she says the next step is to set up a committee meeting. Nick sighs as Brooke notes that is the last thing on Nick’s mind. Brooke offers that maybe there is a good reason for her doing what she is doing. Nick says Bridget is getting close to her and he has to find out everything he can about Sandy or Agnes.

Briget and Sandy go back to her office and as they unpack Bridget says Sandy is way too hip and cool. It is unreal and she is happy she was brought into her life.

Taylor sits at her desk and tells the computer screen she does not wish to say why she is deleting her account. She closes the laptop and says no more online dating for her. Taylor’s secretary says her new patient is in the waiting room. Whip comes in and says he hopes he is not late. She asks why he is there and he notes he has an appointment. She looks at the name and he says he may have fibbed. Taylor tells him she thought they agreed not to pursue anything. Whip says Taylor decided that and she can not turn away a man in need of dire help.

Ridge works on sketches in his bedroom when Brooke enters. He says he and Thorne took the kids to Macy’s and they saw Santa. Ridge says Macy’s will give a dollar to Make a Wish for every letter given this year. Brooke kisses him. Ridge asks what that as for and she says even after all this time he makes her heart skip a beat. Ridge hugs her and she says she hopes Nick and Bridget are this lucky and they have a great pregnancy with no surprises.

Taylor tells Whip he has to go. Whip says he has to stay he has issues. Taylor says he is confident. Whip says he asked a beautiful woman out and she turned him down so his ego has been bruised. He asks if he should lay down. Then he smiles. He says she should sit down, they could be there for a while.

Brooke pulls a sweater dress from the Macy’s bag as Ridge announces it is for Steffy. Brooke says she is sorry she missed Macy’s but he knows how to dress women. Brooke offers to wrap it and put it under the tree. Brooke says Bridget may not be the one carrying but she is the one glowing. Ridge asks about the surrogate and Brooke says she is a mystery and hard to explain. Ridge offers that she should try.

Bridget and Sandy sit at her desk eating while Bridget notes normally Sandy is not available. Bridget asks if Sandy has a boyfriend. Sandy says no and Bridget says she was so pretty she figured she was “fighting men off.” Nick comes in and Sandy offers for him to take her place. Nick and Bridget ask if something is wrong and Sandy sits back down. She wrestles with a water bottle as Nick says they can get a chance to know one another.

Taylor asks Whip if he wants her professional opinion. She says no one has died from being turned down. Whip says he has issues when someone says no to him. He says they had a great time but they had started to have a connection. Taylor asks why he can’t let it go. Whip tells her he can not let anything get between him and what could be the best second date.

Brooke tries to explain to Ridge that sometimes people are a mystery. Sometimes people get so lost in their secrets. Ridge says he will never let Brooke go that far; he would bring her back. Ridge notices she is worried about the surrogare.

Sandy shows Bridget a book that someone gave her. Bridget says there is a chapter on men’s involvement. Sandy says that if men would give birth that would solve the stretch mark problem. Sandy asks what she should do at 1am when the donuts are being made. Bridget tells her to call her 24/7. She tells them they will think of it like a buddy system. Sandy asks if she can call Bridget her friend. Bridget tells her she will be in their lives for a while and she better call her a friend. Nick is sitting on the couch and asks how Sandy sees him. She uncomfortably admits he is a friend. He commends that is good; he wants her to feel as though she can tell him anything.

Ridge brings wine to Brooke and says Brooke has a look that says she is worried. Brooke tries to explain Sandy is so guarded. Ridge says it is a business arrangement and maybe distance is good. Brooke notes that Bridget’s life and Sandy’s lives are entwined. Ridge says Bridget will be fine because she has the best mother in the world and so will her grandchild will be lucky too.

Sandy is packing up and Nick asks if she has to go somewhere. Sandy says it gets dark early so she wants to get home before dark. Bridget hangs up the phone and says Jack is running a fever. She asks Nick to please take Sandy home. Sandy offers that she can take a cab but Bridget insists that friends would do this. Sandy agrees and then thanks Bridget for the day. She says she is used to being a loner and it was nice.

Taylor looks at her phone and Whip says everything is going much better. He says they should continue over drinks. Taylor notes they can not socialize since he is her patient. Whip asks about the internet and Taylor says she has cancelled the account. Whip walks over to her as Taylor announces she is not going to date; it was not long ago she was supposed to get married. Whip says he needs to thank Ridge. Whip is inches away from Taylor’s face as he says if she had been with him he could never…”what do you think?” Whip asks this and Taylor grins as she tells him if he wants to stand that close he needs a new psychiatrist. Whip says he feels better. He leaves her eyes as he says he will call her. Whip walks out of Taylor’s office while Taylor watches him leave.

In the car Nick asks if they need music. Sandy says she is fine. She thanks him for the ride and for not saying anything to Bridget. Nick says he does not know why he is covering and asks if Sandy wants to tell him anything. Nick jokes his son thinks he is a great listener. He adds that Jack also thinks he can fly like a superhero. Sandy laughs and Nick asks one more time if she would like to get anything off of her chest. Sandy says she was wrong and would like music. She reaches over and turns on the radio.

With candlelight aglow, Brooke and Ridge are in bed drinking wine. Brooke remembers how much pain Bridget was in when she lost Nicole. Ridge tells her to relax. Brooke says she loves her family and does not want anything to change. Ridge tells her that when she is a great grandmother he will be beside her. Brooke says she will tell him how much she loves him even louder how much she loves him. Ridge says he will always see her as the woman he married several times. He says he got it right.

Nick pulls up to Sandy’s and says he has questions. Sandy says she owes him nothing and that all she has to do is hand him a baby at the end of nine months. She gets out of the car and Nick says “that went well.” Sandy walks to her door and sees that it is open. She goes to turn on a light and then goes and grabs a bat. A man’s shadow appears on the wall and she has the bat in hand, screaming “who’s there?”

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