B&B Thursday Update 12/10/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 12/10/09


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Bridget is with Brooke waiting on Nick in his office. They discuss that Nick is late for his appointment with Brooke to discuss College Grant applications. Nick comes into the office surprised, clearly forgetting that he had a meeting to select the recipient. Nick tries to protests that anyone from their companies could select the winner. Nick proposes that Brooke and Stephanie select the person and Brooke shuns the idea. Nick looks at Bridget who says she has to be at yoga. Nick jokes that she should have graduated by now. Bridget is looking at the computer when Brooke reads she is on a Surrogacy support website. Bridget announces she is going to yoga with Sandy. Nick reminds her that they do not want Sandy to rely on them too much. He says she is not their friend. Bridget says that Sandy could be. She then asks Nick if he does not like Sandy now. Nick says it is not that and compares letting the internet tell her who her friends should be is like learning to drive by mail. Bridget chides that Nick’s driving is comparative to his driving on the ocean. As Bridget is leaving she runs into Pam who has a mountain of applications for Nick to go through. At first Nick can not believe that there are so many applicants and then concedes that this will take a while.

Whip disguises his voice when Sandy asks who is at the door. Sandy does not think it is funny and Whip can not understand why she is freaking out. He asks if she has joined Witness Protection and that is why she has changed her name. Sandy wants to know what he wants since Bridget will be there soon and then finally opens a package Whip brought her. Inside she finds stretch mark oil and other baby products. Whip says he can take it back and she says she does need it. Whip asks if Nick was there and Sandy responds that he was. Whip asks if she admitted that they are cousins. Sandy retorts that she did not. Whip tells her to be careful because Nick is resourceful. He implies that Nick will find out.

Serge presents lemon biscotti to an excited Pam. She claims that no one has baked for her besides her mother before. The tender moment is interrupted by Taylor who is looking for Whip. Pam jokes that Taylor must be looking to have something publicized. Pam checks if Whip is there and Serge offers Taylor some biscotti.

Whip asks Nick and Brooke when they will be done. He says he is supposed to announce the winner by the end of the day. As the two are buried in applications Brooke asks when the end of day is. Whip responds that it is 6:00, but he will not stick around until they are done. He tells them to call him. After Whip leaves Nick says that it is odd timing for him to be with Brooke. He tells her his life is perfect, he would not want to hurt Bridget but he knows a secret. He thought he would ask Brooke. Nick adds that he just loves the Holidays.

Pam comes back and finds Taylor alone. She asks where Serge is and Taylor is not sure where he went. Pam sighs as Whip comes in asking Pam how he is supposed to come to her when he does not know where she is. He sees Taylor and says hi. Taylor responds “hi.” Whip makes up an obvious lie about Pam’s car blocking Serge’s. Pam catches on and leaves the two alone. Whip asks if Stephanie knows Taylor is there. He then surmises that Taylor came to see him. Whip nervously stands as Taylor asks if he thinks that is strange. Whip becomes tongue tied and says he knows the date went well but when she said she wanted another one, well he did not think she was serious. Taylor admits she meant it but has since changed her mind.

Nick confides in Brooke that Sandy is not who they thought she was. Brooke asks if she is wanting money. Nick says that Sandy literally is not who they thought she was and that she has changed her name. Brooke surmises that Sandy is hiding something. Brooke points out the obvious, that Sandy is carrying their child. Nick admits the whole profile was a lie and seemed like who Sandy “wished” she could be. Brooke can not believe they do not do background checks. Nick says they do but that Sandy’s are all blank. Brooke asks if Nick thinks she is unstable and Nick says he does not know what she is.

After yoga Sandy complains she is sore. She also admits that she had no clue that they had prenatal yoga. Sandy then goes on to admit that she had never been to a yoga class. Sandy then confides to Bridget that the profile listed who she wanted to be on a good day, but not necessarily her every day. Bridget apologizes for pressuring Sandy but says that she wanted to be her friend. Sandy says that is okay and that she used to have friends but then “life happened.” Sandy fears that she will disappoint Bridget.

Nick tells Brooke about Sandy’s profile of granola and then that she lives in a trailer with an unhealthy lifestyle. Brooke tells Nick he needs a lawyer. Nick does not know what good that would do when the woman has his child. Brooke asks if he thinks she is scamming them. Nick says he thinks she is a good person but something traumatic and bad must have happened to her. He says she is frightened. Brooke says those are the most dangerous kinds of people.

Bridget tells Sandy if she is referring to money it really does not make a difference. Sandy says Bridget has a life that works and hers does not. Bridget says Sandy most likely did five things she couldn’t today. Sandy says “well your life works.” Bridget retorts “well your uterus works.” Bridget goes on to say if her life were perfect her daughter would be alive. Sandy tells her she makes people think they are superior so they will like her. Bridget tells her she is loving her baby into existence and that is all they need. Sandy calms down when hearing this.

Whip wonders if Taylor has heard something about him. She asks if there are that many rumors. Whip jokes, making them both smile as he rambles on about rumors dealing with his huge ego and that he is vain. He adds there is one about him being dishonest. Taylor stops him and asks if he is dishonest. Whip defends that he is only dishonest when he says he is not good looking anymore. Taylor stammers and stumbles upon the words to try and tell Whip she does not want to persue a relationship with him. Whip tries to blow it off, saying that if he did not hear the rejection it did not happen. He proposes they go to dinner and he can tell her what he learned about her afterwards, and vice versa. Taylor smiles but then says she is serious. She says it must be over and that her instincts tells her she does not feel safe.

Taylor tells Whip he works with her ex. Whip defends that Bridget and Nick are so happy Taylor could date anyone and he would not notice. Taylor then tells him that he is competition for her family at Jackie M. Whip shoots the argument down, stating it is a friendly rivalry. Taylor then admits the most important reason is he was married to Brooke. Whip says it was brief. Taylor contends all of her marriages are brief. Whip says it was a mistake. Taylor says they all say that as well. Whip says Brooke does not even like him. Taylor jokes that she loves everyone. Whip tells her she is reaching and they laugh. Whip knows he must really scare her. Taylor tries to explain it was Steffy’s idea and she thought it would be good to meet other people but it is all too serious and she should not want things so soon. Taylor says she is sorry and leaves the room.

Nick tries to change the subject saying they are supposed to be reading the essays but then Nick says Sandy wants the experience of childbirth but is scared of men. Sandy and Bridget are walking in as Sandy says she used to go twice a week. Both of the women are startled when they see Nick and Brooke still there. Nick jokes he wanted to pick on but Brooke thinks the person that wins should actually deserve it. Bridget is a little uncomfortable as she introduces her mother to Sandy. Brooke says it is nice to meet her and Bridget says she is just there to pick something up. Nick says he overheard them talking about somewhere Sandy used to go twice a week. Sandy stutters “yeah” before Bridget interrupts and says they were talking about salsa dancing. Bridget adds that she thought it was something Nick would never try. Nick jokes that he would love to watch her do it. Bridget has Sandy feeling a yoga mat and then says they should all carry on. When they leave Sandy thanks her for the mat and says she has such a good time. Bridget asks if she has to go home. She says she is pushing but Nick will be a while so she wants to get something to eat. Sandy says Bridget is great with Nick. Bridget says Nick is intimidating to some but she trusts him. Sandy says that is great and then adds she is hungry. They leave to go get dinner.

Back in the office Brooke says Sandy was definitely scared of Nick. Nick explains Bridget knows nothing about anything because he promised Sandy. Brooke says the safety of the baby is important so maybe he should keep it to himself. She suggests Nick get Sandy’s trust. Nick says he must know what he is dealing with. He says he will be sunshine and summer for Sandy Sommers but will find out everything he can about Agnes Jones.

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