B&B Wednesday Update 12/9/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 12/9/09


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Steffy can not believe Katie is firing her. Katie says Steffy has no respect for her authority or her marriage. Katie wishes it could be different but it is not. Steffy is fuming as Katie calls Human Resources.

Bill says goodbye to a waiter who has set up an elegant dinner in the house.

Taylor sits down with Whip as she remarks she can not believe he is her online date. Taylor picks on Whip about saying he did not need a computer to get a date.

Whip justifies that he has plenty of dates but none of them have much going on upstairs. Whip wonders what Steffy would say if she knew who they were matched with. Whip comments that Katie is so lucky to have Steffy as the head of PR.

Steffy sits on the couch when Thomas comes in asking her to sign off on something for the Hollywood Campaign. Steffy says she can not do it because she has been fired. Thomas does not believe her but Steffy urges that she has been fired.

Kati comes in and asks what “all this” is. Bill has music going and is lighting candles. He asks how it went but Katie says all she wants to do is kiss him.

Whip says if he would have known Taylor was “on the same path” he would have asked her out. Taylor asks if he is saying she is intimidating to him. He says she is. He says she smart and beautiful. Taylor commends the same thing could be said about Whip. He tells her he wanted to wait for the right one and she has not come along. He explains that once upon a time he thought he had one. Taylor will not stop until Whip confesses who the woman was. He finally admits that it was Jackie.

Thomas can not believe that Katie fired Steffy. He says it does not make any sense. Thomas says he will talk to their dad because this can not happen. Steffy tells him he can not. He asks what she did and she blurts “I kissed Bill.”

Bill and Katie are kissing on the couch when Bill asks if she is hungry. She says she is and he reveals the food before spooning her a bite. Katie asks what this is for. He says that this because his wife is incredible. He goes on to tell Katie all of the things he loves about her. He says to top it off she loves him. Katie tells him he is not that hard to love before the passionate kissing commences once more.

Taylor can not believe Whip fell for Jackie. Whip says Jackie and Owen are rock solid. Taylor can not believe Whip goes for the cougar type. He says he did but now he likes Taylor. He can not believe someone has not snatched her up yet. He says he is thankful for that. Taylor smiles the entire time he speaks and is caught off guard by the flirting.

Thomas asks if Bill made a move on her and Steffy admits it was all her doing. Thomas says “Spencer is a world class jerk and is the reason our family does not have a company anymore.” He can not believe it. Steffy says Katie thought it was about revenge and it was exactly right. She says Katie took something away from them and she wanted her to hurt like they hurt.

Katie and Bill lay on the couch under a blanket as they recall their honeymoon on the beach and frolicking around naked. Bill says Katie seems naked but he can fix it. Bill pulls out a box with a necklace with diamonds encrusted; Katie says she will have to wear it with a gown and Bill says he likes it better with what she is not wearing. Katie lays on his chest and tells him that she had explained to Steffy what she did was wrong. Bill says she is young and they can put it behind them. Bill stops cold as Katie says “oh she will not be working for us any longer.”

Bill drinks wine by the fire as Katie comes back into the room wearing a robe and her necklace. Bill asks if she thinks her decision was rash. Bill asks if Katie really needed to fire Steffy. Katie explains she thought Steffy was trying to get to Katie through Bill and she crossed the line. Katie cheerfully asks if he would like more wine.

Steffy plays off that she walked by Katie’s office and saw her grandfather’s desk and knew it was wrong that their father is not there. She says the company was to be their legacy and the Logans are running it. Steffy says she does not have to hold back anymore since she has been fired. Steffy says Katie wants revenge and she will get it. Thomas points out when Ridge finds out everything will “blow sky high.” Steffy says it should and they need to get Forrester Creations back.

Whip stares as Taylor sips her coffee. He asks about how many dates she has been set up on. She explains about the first. Whip asks if she is going back to it. Taylor says she is done with internet dating. Taylor asks the same of Whip and he says there is one more woman he would not mind dating. He says she is brunette, has blue eyes, stunning, intellectual and intimidating. He adds she is a doctor, a psychiatrist. Taylor says she knows her. Whip asks if she would say yes to a date. Whip asks her to dinner and she says yes. Whip tells her he never thought he would have the chance to date her. He adds that he has watched her from afar and knows she was Mrs. Forrester but he thinks she is an exceptional woman. She thanks him for saying that, she likes hearing those things. Whip says he likes saying those things. The two cheers to Taylor.

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