B&B Tuesday Update 12/8/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 12/8/09


Written By Kaylee
Pictures By Juanita

Katie tells Steffy she knows she kissed Bill and she wants to know why she kissed her husband.

Bill is looking at the beach when Justin walks on the deck. He wants to know how Bill is doing.

Nick walks into the office when Bridget walks in. She asks how it went. She asks if they have cleared the air. Nick dodges eye contact and says that Sandy is committed to having their baby.

Taylor is in Stephanie’s office trying on a cocktail dress in the mirror. She tells Stephanie she can lie to her date if it bombs and say she has to go to a cocktail party. Stephanie asks if she nervous about going out with someone from the internet but then she takes the question back and says she is happy to be able to help. Whip comes in and sees Taylor. He tells her she looks great and adds that if she waits the new line will be out. Stephanie says Taylor’s date is tonight. Taylor says she wants to show her date another side of herself. Whip asks if it is a blind date and Taylor says it is an internet date. Whip asks if it is a service or a chat room, which Taylor responds to by asking him if he is looking to join. Whip nervously laughs as he asks if they think he needs the internet to get a date. He answers his own question and says “no, no, no, not the Whipster.”

Bridget says she hopes Sandy is committed to carrying their child. She wants to know what else Sandy said to him. Nick says she admitted that she does not trust men in general but she loves Bridget. Nick confides Bridget may be her only friend. Bridget says she is lonely and they will spend time with her and try to fill the void.

Justin sense something is going on with Katie. Bill says he told Katie something and it threw her. Justin asks if it is another woman. Bill tells him someone wanted to thank him for the job and she kissed him a couple of times. Justin figures out it was Steffy and acts as though he does not believe Bill when he says it was innocent. Bill walks into the house and Justin follows. Bill says he and Katie are okay. Justin asks if he is sure and Bill says he is sure but he would not be surprised if Katie was “chewing a piece off of Steffy’s rear end right about now.”

Steffy tells Katie she is so sorry. Katie asks if she is sorry. She notes Steffy is embarrassed. She toils with the idea that Steffy did not expect Bill to tell her. She says that she thought it was a lapse in judgment but she wants her to tell her, “woman to woman” if it is more than that.

Justin says if Katie is talking to Steffy she would not want to be in Steffy’s shoes. Justin says Steffy is “tempting” but she is Ridge’s daughter. Bill says he knows who she is and he is committed to his wife. He reiterates nothing happened and Justin snickers. Bill says he will “pop him one” and that nothing happened.

Steffy says she should not have asked Bill to meet her at the cabin. Katie says she should not have, and that Bill should not have met her up there. Steffy says she wanted to talk about what had happened and it happened again. Steffy says she did not mean for it to happen but Katie knows her. Katie gets out of her chair and walks to Steffy as she says she thinks she knows what is going on.

Taylor tells Whip it was her daughter’s idea. Whip asks where she is meeting the guy. Taylor asks why he is asking and says he will make a joke about it. Whip says he did not plan on it; he hands paperwork to Stephanie and walks out. Taylor is about to leave when Bridget and Nick come in. Taylor thanks Bridget for the compliments on the dress and the actual dress. Taylor says she is about to leave when Nick and Bridget add that they are as well. The couple wanted to make sure Stephanie knew the good news. Stephanie says she does and that Jackie must be very happy. Taylor asks if it is not a secret that their surrogate is pregnant. Bridget says everyone knows except for Jack.

Justin states “so Katie is protecting her turf.” Bill says no one is as close to him as Katie and he will not do anything to jeopardize their relationship.

Katie says her husband is sexy and powerful. Steffy says that he is those things but that is not what was on her mind. Katie stands with her arms crossed as Steffy sits down while claiming Katie must be disappointed after Katie built up her career. Katie says she thinks she knows exactly what she is thinking and feeling.

Bridget says they wanted to make sure things are great with the pregnancy before they told Jack. Taylor says siblings are so important and that they will learn there is a bond between them. Taylor says she has to go. Bridget asks where and Taylor says it is a first date. Taylor leaves as Bridget puts her head on Nick’s shoulder and notes that Taylor looked gorgeous.

Bridget notes how weird the situation with Taylor is. Nick says he did not realize it but it must be hard for her. Bridget says Taylor is now going on a date and he will be nice. Nick asks if women want the nice guy. Bridget says that they want nice with a little bit of dangerous; just like Nick.

Taylor waits for her date. Whip walks over and she asks him to leave before her date shows up. Whip says her date is supposed to drink Americano as he holds his cup and then says he will be reading and holds the paper in the other hand. Taylor concludes he is her date and says she must stop this. She says she has tried what Steffy wanted her to but everywhere she turns she runs into people she knows. Taylor goes to leave and Whip asks her to stay for coffee. He says she should and that she needs to admit it is a funny match. Taylor says she is sure all of the Jackie M. employees will think so. Whip’s face goes blank as he begs her to not say a word. Taylor promises not to as long as he never calls himself the ‘Whipster’ again.

Bill sits at his fireplace reviewing papers and then paces about the living area before seeing his wedding picture.

Steffy says Katie should not worry about her. Katie says something is going on with her and something drove her to do what she did. Steffy says it will not keep happening and that she is not into Bill. Katie says that the night before her wedding she lured her husband to the cabin. Katie speculates Steffy says this has nothing to do with Bill, that this is revenge on Bill for taking the company. Katie says Steffy tried to use Bill to hurt her. Katie says that she knows what happened and she has to know she can trust her employees and they are working for the same goal. Katie says this is not the case with Steffy and she has given her no choice. “You’re fired.” Steffy makes several facial expressions as if to say the words she heard were unbelievable.

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